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David, UK

Amazing Nord

I have just returned from the Nord, after my second knee replacement with them within 3 months. Like many others I was misled by the NHS Scotland with regard to the expected waiting time , and had been following the Nord on the internet. I started the process by email with Emilija, who has been outstanding throughout, replying within a matter of hours. From arrival at the airport to your return flight one is supported through every stage of the process. The surgeon Prof S Tarasevicius is thorough in his pre op chat and post op advice. I then decided to do my rehab of 10days for the first knee and 7 days for the second with Prof Laimonas Siupsinskas and his assistant Juste. I cannot praise these two individuals enough, they start you on a journey of full recovery with care and constant guidance and have all the equipment to have you walking confidently without sticks within a week, furthermore Laimonas has an extensive medical input, changing dressings if needed, also if one has any questions regarding side effects of the bruising or unexpected discomfort, he will patiently explain what is happening to you. The whole experience with Nord has been amazing and after three years of not being able to walk for more than 100 yards, and possibly having to wait another 18months, I am now only a few weeks away from having a full and active life again. If you have any doubt about travelling to another country for surgery, please do not worry, these people are amazing in every regard.

Mark, UK

I work in orthopaedic and sports medicine in the UK. After I had a MRI scan (self-funded), it was inevitable that I required a total hip replacement. I decided to research having this done abroad due to the long waiting times, the prohibitive costs of private surgery at home and the complete lack of rehabilitation irrespective of which route you took.
Deciding on having surgery abroad is very daunting, particularly in a country which most Brits would struggle to find on a map. However, the reviews and testimonials were overwhelmingly positive from the hundreds of people from the UK who have had surgery at Nordorthopaedic.
Every aspect of my journey demonstrated amazing levels of professionalism and empathy. Exactly 2 weeks after a total hip replacement I walked up the stairs to the aircraft without the need for crutches. 2.5 weeks after the surgery I walked both limp-free and pain-free for 2 miles in the woods. Everyday I continue with my strengthening exercises and I would advise anyone considering this process to stay for at least 7-10 days post op to make the most of the expert rehabilitation in both the UPA clinic and the Nordorthopaedic clinic to ensure the best outcome. I will certainly be recommending this process to my own patients, the care from the surgeon Mr Tarasevicius, the rehab team led by Professor Siupsinskas, my admin coordinator Neringa and all of the drivers was superb. Everyone speaks excellent English, all questions are answered which reduces any anxiety and culminates in a fantastic service. All this for approximately 50% of what you would pay back home, it is sad that this is something we now need to do (and obviously not everyone would be able to afford it) but if you can I would certainly not hesitate.

Jon, UK

I have just returned from Kaunas after having full hip replacement surgery . My point of contact throughout was Justina and she was amazing throughout organising every detail before my arrival , during and contacting myself on arrival home . The WhatsApp group covered all bases from logistics, accommodation, physio . I geuninely can’t speak highly enough of the nurses and staff throughout . Prof Tarasevicius clearly talked me through the procedure and post op care with all medication and reports to return home with . Physio with Prof Limonas sipsunikas was exceptional and was the main factor in my rehabilitation and a week post op my movement has astounded my family . I have recommended Nord to my friends and family and I’m due out again in the autumn for left hip replacement. I was sceptical before travelling but my friend Andrew recommended Nord and I’m grateful for that . I’ve seen first hand the treatment and physio my father had with his hip replacements in Wales and Nord orthopaedics is far superior with their care not to mention the money saved . Thanks to everyone at Nord.

Barbara, Canada

We traveled from Alberta, Canada, in October 2022 to have my husband’s right hip replaced. The clinic made the process from start to finish easy and they were so helpful the whole time. They were quick to respond and took care of every detail. Our customer service representative answered every question quickly and thoroughly which made us feel comfortable and confident in our decision. The clinic lived up to everything it promised. Every person we were in contact with (surgeon, physiotherapists, nurses, drivers, customer service representatives, etc) were extremely professional and competent, and we always felt that mg husband was in the best care possible. The stellar reviews that you read about Nordorthopaedics may seem too good to be true, but from our experience they are completely accurate and honest. We are so happy with the experience that we will be returning for his second hip in the future.

Colleen, Canada

Excellent patient services, they coordinate & organize all the medical care you need for surgery and rehabilitation. All the medical professionals were amazing & highly skilled. My orthopedic surgeon & anaesthetist were awesome and continued to check in on me multiple times per day post-op. I came from Canada to have a TLHR done. It was less than 4 months from initial contact to my surgery date. I’ve been waiting for over 3 years for a second orthopedic surgery consult in Canada & it still hasn’t happened. I completed 2 weeks of rehabilitation post-op at UPA medical spa that was completely organized by Nordorthopedics & my recovery was much quicker than I expected! Nothing but positive things to say about Nordorthopedics – highly recommend if you need any type of joint replacement orthopedic surgery!

Spartaco, Colorado USA

I traveled from Denver Colorado USA to have my shoulder worked on. I had a torn rotator cuff and a bicep tear. From ever step of the process the clinic was very helpful and responded back quickly. Justina, the service rep that worked with me was amazing. She answered all of my questions and took care of setting up everything. Over email she made me feel comfortable and looking forward to making the trip to Lithuania. Right from the beginning of landing, Gerald was waiting there to pick me up and drop me off at the hotel. Really friendly and personable, he confirmed that my operation was to be the next day and would arrive and pick up me to drive me to the clinic. At the clinic, every single person I met was extremely professional and made me feel like I was in the best care. Truly made me feel at ease with the entire surgery and just felt so happy to be around loving people. The receptionist checked with everything and just really professional in her manner. Like all the other reviews, Nordorthopaedics really was and is a great medical facility. I am very happy that i made the decision to go there and have my operation done. Hopefully not, but if I need another operation of sorts, I will be returning. Thanks again to everyone at the clinic and specially my surgeon, Arnoldas Sipavicius! You were amazing and I am doing exactly as you stated :)Ciao.

Miguel, Canada

Writing this back home in Montreal almost four weeks post, right, complete, hip replacement surgery: I’m recovering very well and am 100% confident in providing a clear assessment of all services provided by NordoOthopaedics. They were unquestionably the most professional organization that I’ve ever dealt with. From the initial contact with Rūta Galvanauskaitė the Customer service representative that, courteously, expediently and expertly guided me through the whole process, to the very end with a driver taking me to the hotel airport in Vilnius; everything went flawlessly. Meeting the exceptionally skilled hip surgeon professor Sarunas Tarasevicius post surgery I was reassured that the surgery had gone well and was struck by how humble and down to earth he was. He took the time to answer all of my questions with a smile. As a testament to his skill, as detailed in the surgical report, precise measurements of the implant are taken, resulting in both my legs now being of equal length. Before surgery, owing, I surmise, to a complete loss of articular cartilage my right leg had become noticeably shorter than my left leg. Speaking of the implant: I was provided with traceability stickers detailing all of the Swiss made implanted parts (Manufacturer, Description, Catalogue number, Lot batch numbers, etc…) which is most impressive and makes me feel like a bionic man (Steve Austin, eat your heart out!) During the hospital stay, the nursing staff were attentive and kind. Following my scheduled hospital discharge, over the course of seven days, physiotherapist Laimonas Siupsinskas provided me with the exercises and guidance to get me back on track. As an added bonus Kaunas is a safe, architecturally beautiful and a very interesting city to visit. If you’re reading this you most probably are in the same desperate state that I found myself in. Living in a so called rich nation with a broken public health care system, without a family doctor, on an interminable surgical waiting list and suffering in perpetuity. Put and end to your suffering book with NordoOrthopaedics, and don’t worry, you’ll be in exceptional hands.

Chris, UK

There are many compelling testimonials and recommendations in the posts on FB & Google, detailing the terrific services offered by the Team at Nord. Having returned last week from Kaunas, with a new hip, I wholly endorse all these reports. But what stands out for me about Nord – having been fortunate to have benefitted from company medical insurance for most of my life – (involving many private consultations & surgical procedures) is the EFFICIENCY of the whole process.

From the first email or phone call to enquire or to ask a question – and the subsequent journey to discharge – every aspect is so open, clear & well managed. Phone calls are returned immediately, and emails answered with 2 hours (so much more efficient than my experience with the NHS or UK private providers). As another example, all the pre-op tests (Blood, X-Ray and ECG etc) are concluded in 45mins and completed within a couple of hours of the start of the procedure itself (UK private hospitals seem to extend these tests over days/weeks – requiring separate visits etc).

But of course, the key question that any potential patient is likely to ask,How good are the surgeons and the overall medical care’. Again, I maintain that it does not get any better than at Nord. I was fortunate to be operated on by the vastly experienced Professor Tarasevicius – who uses all the latest implants and techniques (ceramic femoral heads & no cutting of muscle, for instance).

The nursery staff in the Clinic are led by the wonderful Ausra – all so compassionate & understanding. As another example, when having the staples removed yesterday, the nurse in my local hospital could not believe the small size of my scar (saying that those returning from the NHS invariably have longer scars).

After 2 nights recovery in the clinic – Nord then offer the services of the UPA spa/health clinic (about 90 mins drive from Kaunas). Again, everything here is so well ‘joined up’, starting with a doctor’s consultation to discuss your individual physio/health programme. Thereafter, every day you receive physio, light, heat & cold therapies (all designed to speed up recovery), as well as a daily massage (lots of other treatments are available too).

And all these activities and movements are coordinated via a network of terrific logistic providers/drivers (never once late and always cheerful). Mazena was my point of contact throughout – and she too was fantastic.

This was my second trip to Nord – and I suspect it will not be my last (as a knee now needs attention). So – for me – the whole Nord experience was exemplary – and I cannot recommend it highly enough. So, if you are suffering, pick up the phone (and ring their freephone numbers) and start your journey towards a pain free (joints anyway!) life.

Vincent, UK

My wife Jane and I developed separate arthiritis problems at about the same time in our lives. At first we trudged on in grim determination, keeping a stiff upper lip and trying to forget the pain, but as very active persons it eventually got to the point where enough was enough. Thinking that we would get fairly prompt assistance in the UK or be able to talk with some-one who had the time to answer important questions or put a plan together was perhaps rather optimistic to say the least. Like a lot of others on this site we felt dreadfully let down and decided to take matters into our own hands. To cut a long story short after we exhausted the NHS and private route in the UK we decided to look further afield. After a lot of research we came across Nord. Initial communications with the lovely and very helpful Emilija put our mind at rest and answered all our questions. In view of this I accompanied my wife to Kaunas in September of last year, where she had a TKR with the hugely respected surgeon Sarunas Tarasevicius. The surgery was very successful and whilst she underwent an intense physio programme with Laimonas Siupsinskas, who is second to none, I had x rays and an MRI on my left ankle, after which I met with Dr Vytautas Kimtys for a full consultation. I am a former police officer and have been a private detective for the last 37 years so I think it goes without saying that I like to read people. As soon as I sat down I was totally at ease with Dr Kimtys because it was quite obvious that I was dealing with a true professional, who is at the top of his game. I was given the full facts and after discussion I decided that ankle fusion in my case was the right choice. It sounds quite drastic and I suppose it is, but the more I learn about the whole process and progress down the road I have to say that it is not as bad as I thought it would be. As I was leaving his room Dr Kimtys said “I will do my best to manage your expectations”. He said this with a slight smile that did it’s best to disguise a good sense of humour that he obviously has. It was at that point that I made the decision that he was the surgeon for me and that I would definitely return.
I brought my wife back to the UK and after I was satisfied that she was making good progress and did not need me I returned to Kaunas in November. Like with my wife the whole process worked like clockwork and every-one I met and dealt with was totally professional and respectful. Surgery held no fears for me because I had absolute faith in Dr Kimtys. I think I was wheeled into the surgery room with a smile on my face, but that might have had something to do with the sedative which is referred to as “champagne” over there. After surgery I was returned to my room, where various people came in at intervals to check and assist. Dr Kimtys was at my bedside first thing the next morning to check on my condition and after I was discharged later that day I was taken to the Radisson. I couldn’t do any physio with Laimonas as it is imperative to keep the ankle joint immobile for a period of 8 weeks plus whilst bone fusion starts to take place. I did however have an enjoyable weeks stay at the Radisson where the food was very good and the staff couldn’t do enough to help. Once I got the all clear to fly by Dr Kimtys I returned to the UK. I obviously experienced the same problems as others getting x rays or doctors appointments, but was absolutely adamant that I would give myself the best chance of recovery by following surgeon’s instructions to the letter. I would be lying if I said it has been easy. It certainly has not. With all the initial non weight bearing, then partial weight bearing and the problems associated with having to sit in a chair and not be able to do anything then creates other problems if you are used to being active. There are days when it is two steps forward, one step back and then one step forward and two back. False horizons, which can trick you into thinking that you are lucky and special and can accelerate the process. Forget it – you cannot. I have been kept grounded by the advice of Dr Kimtys and it has been important for me to finally take on board that we all heal at different rates, depending on so many factors, but including how good you are with following your physio programme, eating well and taking your vitamins. I am now in week 16 post operation and I am feeling very confident about the future.
You will always get friends, who will tell you that you are mad or should be frightened about going to Lithuania for surgery. Sadly this is because they just do not know. Don’t even try and change their mind, smile and get on the plane and know that you have made the best decision of your life and that you are giving yourself the best chance to reclaim your independence and mobility, things that can only be cherished when they are taken away from you.