Susanne Englabris, Sweden
Susanne Englabris, Sweden
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Att låta Nordorthopaedics utföra min vänstra höft operation var enormt positivt. Allt från planering ,info, utförande samt rehab. Bytte min högra höft för 4 år sedan i Sverige . Att jämföra dessa upplevelser är som natt o dag. Rehaben var otroligt bra och återhämtningen så mycket snabbare än förra operationen
Henrik Strandberg, Sweden
Henrik Strandberg, Sweden
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Det är 14 dagar sedan jag opererade höften. Jag valde att vara kvar i Kaunas efter operationen och dagligen göra rehab med fysioterapeut. Idag är jag nästintill smärtfri och går korta sträckor utan krycka. Det var ett stort steg för mig att som 45 åring byta ut min höft och dessutom göra det i ett främmande land. Jag är mycket nöjd med resultatet samt med allt runtomkring. Önskar att svensk sjukvård tog lärdom av kliniken. Om min andra höft behöver opereras i framtiden, kommer jag inte vänta lika länge utan vända mig till Nord direkt. Tack alla!
Sten Magnus
Sten Magnus
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Jag har nyligen genomgått en knäledsoperation på Nordorthopaedics. Allt var otroligt professionellt organiserat. Alla frågor före resan besvarades av en kontaktperson som jag kommunicerade med på svenska. Valde jag att åka till UPA rehabiliteringscenter. Där fick jag förstklassig rehabilitering. Allt var inkluderat. Jag kan verkligen rekommendera Nordorthopaedics. Om det blir aktuellt för mitt andra knä kommer det att åtgärdas på den kliniken!
Johan Wessel
Johan Wessel
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För bara 16 dagar sedan gjorde jag en höftledsoperation och efter tre dagar på kliniken i Kaunas och ytterligare 11 dagars rehabilitering på UPA i Druskininkai var jag tillräckligt redo att köra hem igen. Hela upplevelsen var fantastisk när jag jämför den med min tidigare höftledsoperation i mitt hemland för fyra år sedan. Båda ställen var extremt välorganiserade och servicenivå är värd ett fyrstjärnigt+ hotell. Jag kan rekommendera alla som behöver en höftledsoperation att göra det här.
Justin, Northern Ireland
Justin, Northern Ireland
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My mother was experiencing problems with some level of pain and a lack of mobility in one hip. Locally she was advised that she could not have the appropriate treatment for 22 months . At eighty years of age that was a poor option. We were advised to contact Nordorthapaedics. The clinic was comparable to any private facility in the UK. Everything about the experience at Nordorthapaedics was positive. Everything from our first contact to our journey home was professionally managed by a team of courteous individuals. I would thoroughly recommend this service.
Annette, Wales
Annette, Wales
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The whole experience was excellent from making travel arrangements, all the pre-operation checks, making the payment. The clinic was so well run beautifully clean and the staff were marvellous. I would highly recommend taking a few days at the rehabilitation center as the post-op treatment received was outstanding and a great aide to recovery. I received every day physio, massage, hot and cold treatment, things that you wouldn’t get on the NHS. I can highly recommend having the operation in Lithuania it truly was a memorable experience.
Ronnie, Northern Ireland
Ronnie, Northern Ireland
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Hi, I'm Ronnie Kelly from Randalstown, Northern Ireland. From my initial inquiry Jurate at Nordorthopaedics was fantastic answering all my question almost immediately. I booked the flights, gave her the dates and the rest was plain sailing. Everything was organised with professional precision. From being met at the airport, to surgery, to recovery at rehabilitation center and back to the airport every detail was covered with constant emails and messages. I couldn't recommend this Clinic and Rehabilitation Centre any higher for its total professionalism and after care.
Karen, Alberta, Canada
Karen, Alberta, Canada
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Th clinic looked almost too good to be true but everything they claim is accurate. The care I received from the physician and nursing staff was very caring and excellent. Also there is the option for aftercare at a rehab facility that I highly recommend. It gives you time to recover from the surgery before the long flight home. The customer service representative Jurate is very efficient and will promptly answer any questions you have. Canada may seem like a long way from Lithuania but I feel it was totally worth the trip and I am planning to go back and have the other hip replaced.
John, Ireland
John, Ireland
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This is very simple because I recommend everything about nordorthopaedics. Firstly the administration staff are very professional and helpful with any problems you may have,and I would especially mention Aurelija along with her colleague Jurate for their attention to detail. Travelling to a different country can be daunting but the trip is carefully planned with collection from airport, transport to hotel and clinics. The clinics and rehabilitation center are of the highest quality and all the staff, nurses and doctors are really caring and helpful.
Julie, Northern Ireland
Julie, Northern Ireland
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Everything from airport to being picked up , hotel , hospital , loved it all it was the best decision I ever made , I tell everyone here in Ireland about it , I had the whole thing organised with Agnes help in four weeks , staff at hospital fabulous , care fabulous , doctor and anethnetist fabulous , honestly have nothing but good to say . If I need another hip I’ll be there in a heartbeat I’d never wait years here at home never . Thank you all
Ray, Spain, UK expat
Ray, Spain, UK expat
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My experience from beginning to end was one of the utmost pleasure. Not just my own surgery, rotator cuff repair but that of a fellow patient who was up and walking within hours after knee surgery. All made possible by the administration staff, nursing staff and the highly qualified surgeons. Nordorthapaedic deserve a gold medal for their obvious high standards. I award them one as such. After searching the web for a suitable clinic it was an obvious choice to select this clinic. And how happy am I that I did. The high standards of cleanliness and professional care shine out.
David, England
David, England
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Having been rejected by the NHS I chose to look abroad for my options. My friends all thought I was mad to consider Lithuania, nothing could be further from the truth. From my initial contact phone call I have experienced the highest standards of professionalism and service throughout . I must declare that I am quite a tough person to satisfy as I have had a career as a Quality Management Consultant and auditing suppliers. The clinic is first class. It is equal to any private hospital in the uk. I would wholeheartedly recommend the clinic to anyone in a similar position.
Michael, West Midlands, UK
Michael, West Midlands, UK
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I recently had a total hip replacement at Nordorthopedics. The whole experience from the initial contact through to the rehabilitation treatment was flawless, Dr Saraunas Tarasevicius and all at the hospital were unbelievably open and efficient, putting any doubts at rest. I was up and walking with crutches the day after surgery. At the rehabilitation centre the aftercare resulted in being able to walk 2 miles with 1 crutch by the time I left for home 9 days after surgery. Jurate deserves a special mention for organising almost every aspect, nothing seemed to be much trouble. I cannot recommend Nordorthopaedics enough.
Peter, Wales

I had been looking up options for surgery on my hip for a long time. I was in exceptional pain and was struggling to perform basic tasks. Throughout the entire process I was treated in a friendly and professional manner.

This continued when I arrived, the clinic was extremely well equipped and the staff were as good as I’ve experienced anywhere else. I would like to thank everyone involved in getting my surgery done so smoothly.


Gerry, N.Ireland

I was on the NHS waiting list for a hip operation for nearly two years and was told I may have to wait for another two, when I decided to look at private surgery. I spoke to a number of people who had used Nordorthopaedics in Lithuania and they confirmed the surgeries professional and caring approach. I have just got a new hip myself with Nordorthopaedics and would recommend the place to anyone. Professional, organised, and helpful, with great caring staff. The operation was great value for money and you would be surprised at how much it costs. Give them a phone and have a chat.


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Christina, Northern Ireland

I would highly recommend this clinic for hip replacement surgery.  It is so well organised – Jurate answered all enquiries within minutes and details of charges and procedures given at outset.  The surgery and aftercare were first class.  I have recovered much faster from this surgery than my previous on which was five years ago on the NHS.  The surgeon and anaestist were easy to talk to as were all the staff.  It runs like a well oiled machine with a human face.  I would not hesitate to use this clinic and am so glad I chose it.


Jeff, Northern Ireland

I first heard about Nordorthopaedics when my next door neighbour (who is a retired doctor) rushed into our house on the afternoon of 26 January this year shouting “Jeff, I’ve got good news for you. You can go to Lithuania for a hip replacement, paid for by the Health Service, and here’s the phone number of a fellow doctor who has been there and recommends it highly”. After all the excitement died down I researched the matter thoroughly, and to cut a long story short, I had my operation on 26 March, exactly two months later!  Having already waited 6 months for a referral to a local consultant, only to be told that it would take a further year at least before I could have the operation, the choice was a “no brainer”.

Am I happy that I did so? The answer to that question is a resounding “yes”, and although there were a few dark days following the operation when my system felt the full impact of the ordeal (this is not a minor operation), I have no regrets whatsoever in doing what I did. I am still only 10 days removed from the operation, but already I can see light at the end of the tunnel and from now on, by God’s grace it’s “onwards and upwards”.

From my first contact with Jurate I have to say that her efficiency was exemplary. The surgeon was very personable and an expert at his job, and as for the physio treatment, it’s doubtful if I would have received anything like it from my local Health Service. All the staff I encountered at both the hospital and rehab centre were very professional and willing to help. If you are contemplating going to Lithuania, I would suggest that you go ahead, although I would also say that it would have been much more difficult if I didn’t have Sheena, my wonderful wife, by my side. Don’t underestimate your need of emotional and practical support if you go on this venture!

If you want to contact me Jurate will provide you with my details.  I flew from Belfast to Vilnius on a Saturday night and returned Wednesday week on an early morning flight, so it’s no big deal to travel from N Ireland. Incidentally, I have already been promised funding from my local Health Service, which will cover everything apart from my physio treatment, my wife’s air fare and her hotel stay. It looks like the trip won’t cost me any more than £1000, at worst. I can’t honestly say that I enjoyed the experience because I was in Lithuania for an operation, not a holiday, but looking back it was exactly the right thing to do and I would recommend others to follow in my footsteps.


Kate Glover, Northern Ireland

I had been on the waiting list for knee replacement surgery for 30 months, during this time I was getting less mobile and the pain was excruciating, so when I observed a TV report about a lady from the UK having been to Lithuania for surgery, I decided to investigate this route for myself.

I contacted my local health board in Belfast and requested an application form for EU Directive, this emailed to me immediately, all I needed was proof that I was already on the waiting list for surgery at home. I filled in the form and included the necessary information & returned it by post the next day, 1 week later I got approval, so I then contacted Jurate at the Lithuania clinic.

The same afternoon Jurate gave me 3 dates to choose from, I decided on the 20th March, she booked my pre- op, surgery, rehabilitation centre, hotel in Kaunas and all transport needed in Lithuania.

I had a pre-op tests done on Monday and met the consultant, Tuesday at 11am I had my knee replacement surgery, later that afternoon I was up walking with an aide, I started exercises next morning and walking with crutches, consultant came to check on me 3 times daily. I had a private room and 24/7 nursing care plus all painkillers needed. After 4days I was transferred to UPA rehabilitation centre, again I was checked by a doctor and had 24/7 on call nurses.

I would advise anyone considering orthopaedic surgery to look into this option as I can honestly say I received 5*plus care in every department, from booking with Jurate at the end off February until I returned-home on the 29th March. First class service.

Anyone wishing to contact me for any more information feel free to email me at [email protected]


Jill Thompson, Sunderland, UK

I was on the NHS waiting list for a hip replacement. I was phoning the surgeons secretary but she was unable to give me a month for surgery never mind a date. As I was in considerable pain and am in my early 50 s and work full time I was struggling to go to work.

I looked into private in the U.K. but the cost was too high so I looked into going abroad. I came across Nordorthopaedics and it seemed too good to be true.

I sent Jurate many emails with various questions and she was amazing so professional and helpful. I also spoke to a previous patient who recommended I go to Lithuania.

I was apprehensive as it’s s big step to take going abroad for surgery. Jurate sent me some available dates and all I had to do was book my flights and Jurate arranged everything.

I had my operation on 26 March 2018 and would highly recommend. Everything from me arriving in Lithuania to going home was all taken care of to a very high standard. I felt like I was on holiday but had surgery at the same time.

Professor Tarasevicius is a brilliant surgeon. He will answer any questions you have. The whole of the medical team was fantastic.

Then onto Rehab for 7 nights with treatments that you would never get in the U.K.

If anyone is thinking of going to Lithuania for surgery and is unsure then go for it as it’s the best thing I ever done . No regrets whatsoever.

I made a claim after surgery to NHS England and have just had confirmation that I am entitled to funding so can claim my money back.

If anyone wants to ask me any questions . Please contact me and I will be happy to help.


Edward Murray, London, UK

I would like to recommend Nordorthopaedics for their excellent care throughout my Hip Replacement last month. This is a very well organised clinic and their administrative skills aligned with their skilled surgeons makes them an excellent choice for this type of treatment.

My Hip Replacement was arranged for mid-March in London but due to NHS cuts I received notice that I would have to wait until Nov 18th at the earliest.  I was not prepared to hobble around any longer and set about researching treatment overseas.  I heard reports about Lithuania as a destination for this type of surgery and soon found the website and all the relevant information to help me decide.

I studied the testimonials on the site and took advantage of those who were prepared to release their contact details to discuss the whole procedure. I would recommend anyone considering surgery to do this. My findings were very positive indeed and were instrumental in making the final decision to opt for Nordorthopaedics.

My first direct contact was with a lady called Jurate who advised me throughout the entire treatment and arranged every aspect of the contract including – Costs, Logistics, Rehabilitation etc. She coordinated everything and when unable to deal personally with an issue she briefed her co-workers thoroughly so that matters were dealt with in a seamless manner in her absence. If only we had such a service here in London.

The Surgeon who carried out the procedure was Surgeon Sarunas Tarasevicius who, with his very relaxed and calming attitude, put me totally at ease. He discussed the operation beforehand and again afterwards to assure me that everything went well. He has performed over 1500 hip replacements and his expertise and professionalism was very evident.

I decided to stay on for an extra week at the Spa to take advantage of the rehabilitation package and I would also recommend this as it does set you up on the correct aftercare route. It is a lovely peaceful centre and you will feel relaxed and ready to get back to normal life after your stay there.  Jurate will provide you with the costs involved once you have decided on the period of your stay.

Finally, I would like to thank all the staff of Nordorthopaedics who were very professional and helpful in every way. You are in safe hands.


Henry, Wales

I am pleased to comment the work of Nordorthopaedics. The care and treatment which I received for a total hip replacement was second to none. The sheer professionalism, skill and dedication of the staff was evident from the lead surgeon Dr Tarasevicius right through to the nursing and administrative personnel. I found the whole enterprise imbued with integrity, commitment and a very high standard of patient care. I have no hesitation in recommending the clinic to others who are in need of surgery.


Ann Elisa, Worcester, UK

We had an extremely positive experience with Nord Orthopaedics. My mother in law’s hip was replaced by Dr Tarasevicius, and she has gone from being in terrible, crippling pain before the operation to being completely pain-free.

We knew that we couldn’t wait any longer for a hip replacement on the NHS, and so we started to explore other options for private treatment. After a lot of research, we decided to come to Lithuania, a place neither of us had been before. We knew no one who had done this, and many people expressed surprise at our decision, but I felt very confident in what I had found out about Nord Orthpaedics, and within a couple of weeks of contacting Jurate, the extremely friendly and helpful patient liaison of the clinic, we were booked in for a date the following month.

Jurate made everything so easy for us, from booking our hotel rooms in Kaunas to booking time in the rehabilitation clinic after the operation and everything in between, including transport for us from and back to the airports. The only thing we had to do was arrange our flights. She also answered all our questions very promptly, usually within a few hours, and was able to relay answers from the surgeon to put our minds at ease.

The care my mother in law received was outstanding. The hospital was quiet, clean, and comfortable, with lovely nurses and physiotherapists. Pain management after the operation was excellent, and we can honestly say that my mother in law experienced no serious discomfort after the surgery – something which is still true today. She now has no hip pain at all, and the pain that had developed in her knee and back have also gone.

We stayed for eight days of rehabilitation in Drusininkai, two hours away. This again was arranged by Jurate for us. It was very good to be somewhere where my mother in law could concentrate solely on rehabilitation and rest. And it was good for me to be able to stay in the same place with her. The centre was very new, modern, and extremely comfortable. My only suggestion here is to make sure you bring things to do: books, or work, or other projects that you can do, because apart from some museums in Drusininkai (which are lovely) there is not a lot to do, if like us you are there in winter. I did take some lovely walks when the weather permitted, however. I also caught up on work, so it was productive for me as well as my mother in law.

We have since told many of our friends about our experience, and it’s likely that some of them may travel to Kaunas themselves very soon as a result.


Jeannie Frayne, West Sussex, UK

I have just returned from having a total hip replacement at the Nordorthopaedic Clinic in Lithuania. I live in the UK.

This was my experience.
I had been in a lot of pain for about a year and on a lot of pain medication. I had seen a specialist and on the NHS and the wait for surgery would have been anything from 9 months upward.

I researched on the Internet surgery abroad and top of the list with fabulous reviews was the Nordorthopaedic clinic in Lithuania.

I emailed the clinic and received an immediate reply from the coordinating manager Jurate. All my queries were answered and in all approx 12 emails took place with immediate replies. I was put on the Nordorthopaedic private Forum by Jurate where I spoke with at least 12 people who had had recent surgery at the clinic.

The professor and the anaesthetist had questions for me and I was asked for my x-rays. These I collected free from my local NHS hospital and sent to Lithuania via email.

I was informed of the type of joint that was recommended by the professor, a brilliant very low dislocation risk joint by Biomet which is a dual mobility joint and doesn’t have the restrictions associated with the old type joints. It has no height, movement etc difficulties and is used a lot for sports people.

When everything was agreed and arranged I flew out to Lithuania with my husband and was met by a lovely driver and taken to our Hotel (€49 per night for 2).

From the moment I walked in to the clinic to the moment I left on the 5th day my treatment and care was amazing, from receptionist to nursing/medical physiotherapy staff.
I met the anaesthetist and his suggestion was I had my operation with a spinal block and sedation. I  remember nothing.
I had very little pain and what little pain I experienced was due to muscles getting used to my exercises. I walked with a frame for 1 day then 2 crutches for 3 days.
Almost everyone at the clinic spoke fluent English.

On the 5th day I had chosen to go to Rehab. This was a great decision. The rehab is a spa in the country so you can take someone with you and they can use the swimming pool and gym. Meals are 3 times a day with delicious healthy food.

I had physiotherapy daily, with back massages and a Biotron light treatment to my wound. A nurse applied the compression stockings and removes them at night.

The electric hospital beds are comfortable and there is a bell to call the nurse. They come within minutes when you need them day or night.

The Dr is there daily if you have a problem and will liase with Professor at the clinic if required.

The command of English in the spa is mixed but if there is anything not understood an interpreter will be sought within minutes. Reception and the physiotherapist spoke very good English.

By the 2nd day I was using one crutch and as I have 3 floors at home was practising climbing stairs with physiotherapist.

I travelled home almost pain free and have been home 4 days. I am walking without my crutch indoors.

My experience was amazing from Jurate making every arrangement for me answering all questions to the care of the nursing and medical team. My husband came with me. My daughter flew out to the rehab for the last week and Jurate arranged that as well.

I am overjoyed with the experience, my new hip and I am almost pain free from my muscles and totally pain free from the hip14 days later.


Paul, Ireland

I had a shoulder injury that required surgery. I looked at the options for getting surgery in Ireland but due to the long waiting lists and high cost involved I started to look abroad. I came across Nordorthopaedics online and I was very impressed by the testimonials. I contacted the clinic and was immediately impressed with the prompt reply I received. The clinic clearly outlined what information I needed to send in order to assess my injury. I was given the option of a number of dates for surgery.

When I arrived in Kaunas the clinic had a car waiting to bring me to my hotel. The following morning I was brought to the clinic for assessment and surgery. On arrival at the clinic I was shown to my private room which had excellent facilities. The surgeon met with me and in great detail outlined what was involved in my surgery and what to expect post surgery. Within an hour I was brought to for surgery. I had an overnight stay in the clinic and the following morning I received physio before being brought back to my hotel. The clinic provided excellent post surgery care. I have no hesitation in recommending Nordorthopaedics.


Alison, Ireland

At aged 35 I found out I needed a hip replacement, I was in a lot of pain and knew I needed it done ASAP and knew I couldn’t wait to get it done in Ireland because of the long waitlists. I came across Nordorthopaedics online and was really impressed with their professionalism. I got a date less than 2 weeks after contacting them and the process was hassle free as the package they put together is excellent and I literally just had to turn up. The hospital stay was excellent and the doctor and nurses all had perfect English. It’s been 3 months now and I’ve had a great recovery. There’s also a follow up after you return home by sending on X-rays which is great. I would recommend them to anyone.


Jack Pym, Spain

I’ve known for a long time that I needed two new knees, when the Nordorthopaedics In  Lithuania was recommended to me, I was very wary. A country I have never been to.a language problem. I was dubious. I found out that it could take three years to get two knee replacements on the National Health., and at 75 years old.I could not wait that long.

From the moment I contacted the clinic. I knew it was going to be fine.  When I e.Mailed Jurate with questions. My emails were answered very quickly.
The information I received was invaluable.  Everything went really smoothly. From the moment I arrived at Kaunas airport. Till the time I left.

The surgeon was fantastic.  Everything about knee replacement, was explained  to me.. including what to expect after surgery. I was driven to and from the clinic. Everyone was so kind , professional. And helpful.

I was expecting the worst, after surgery.  After a few hours I was on my feet. And No Pain.  I am a week out of surgery at the moment. And my home physio can’t believe how well I am doing.   Yes,I have some swelling, and bruising. That’s normal. For the first time in years,I am walking. Without a cane.

I shall be counting the months, when I can go back to have the other knee done. What a Brilliant Surgeon. What a wonderful clinic.


Leslie Elliott, Oman & Canada

I’ve known for a long time that both of my knees need to be replaced. As a non-resident Canadian living in the Middle East I am not eligible for the provincial Alberta Health Care program in Canada so knew I would have to have my surgery somewhere else. As I researched various countries in the EU the Nordorthopaedic Clinic in Lithuania kept coming up so I finally decided to take a look at it. I was impressed with what their website proclaimed.

My research criteria was:
>Experience and qualification of the Surgeon
>Success rate of the Surgeon
>Quality of hardware
>Post operative care in hospital
>Rehabilitation program
>Ability to communicate in English
>Price of course was of interest but was not going to be the deciding factor

After thoroughly reviewing the website, taking in not only what Nordorthopaedic had to say about themselves but also the many testimonials I decided to call the clinic directly. That is when I spoke to Jurate for the first time. Immediately it was obvious that she had a vast knowledge on the subject matter of joint replacement and the many attributes that Nordorthopaedic has to offer. Her friendly and outgoing nature quickly put my mind at ease. I was asked to fill out a questionnaire and return it along with my X-rays. In the past, I have had some issues with general anaesthetics so was quite happy when after the team had reviewed my answers the Anesthesiologist came back with further questions. Right from the start, I truly felt that I was getting the best possible care.

Once I had made the decision to have my surgery at Nordorthopaedic it was simply a matter of me choosing a date that best suited my family. From that point, Jurate and her colleagues looked after everything. Surgery was booked, hotels reserved, rehabilitation center confirmed, and all transportation was pre-arranged. From the moment we arrived at the airport in Lithuania the service my husband and I received was excellent.

Having your knee replaced isn’t the easiest of surgeries so it was wonderful that the doctors, nurses and other staff at the clinic were all so very caring and professional. They had me up on my feet the same afternoon as my surgery and were still able to keep my pain under control. Three days post-op I transferred to the rehabilitation centre for a week where my daily routine consisted of my physiotherapist coaching me through a regime of exercises, my incision was treated to a polarized light to increase the healing properties and a lovely therapeutic back massage. This accessibility to the rehabilitation centre was a big selling point for me. I am a firm believer that starting and maintaining proper physiotherapy as soon as possible after surgery is key to success further down the road and I can confirm I am now reaping the benefits. My doctor back in Oman is very pleased with my mobility and also with how the wound is healing. I continue to do physio on my own two times a day because I don’t want to loose the momentum I have gained towards having one fully functioning pain free knee.

I am now three weeks post-op and consider my surgery to be a complete success. Yes, there is still more physio to be done and probably even a little bit of pain ahead of me but to date, I am very pleased with the outcome. Possibly the best testimonial I can provide is to let people know that I will be booking my second complete knee replacement with Nordorthopaedic for mid-April 2018.


Robert Phillips, Wales

I would like to thank you all for making my stay with you such so stress free.

Why would people choose your clinic?

1) Super efficient in all aspects – transport on time, information clear and concise, language no problem, first class surgery and after care brilliant – what more could you ask for as a 73 year old who was a little bit worried about going abroad for surgery on a hip?

2) Also nice to meet people from all over the world all saying the same thing how pleased they were with every aspect of their treatment.

3) My second hip will be done by you and this time no worries at all thank you again see you in 6 months.


Ian Clark, Middlesex, UK

Like so many others, I always thought the NHS would take care of me until the end of my life, but as I get older and my demands on that service increase, then the signs of a creaking and groaning organisation unable to cope with the demands placed on it become ever more real.

Two years ago, I had some pain in my right leg, literally sometimes in the calf, sometimes the thigh and sometimes the knee itself. My GP was helpful, but with at least ten days between appointments, and seemingly an ever increasing barrage of different tests, I was finally sent for an MRI scan of the knee, which showed torn meniscus, arthritic old age wear, damaged ligaments, and even a small fracture of the tibial plateau. Surgery was necessary; in this case an arthroscopy. But first I had to see the surgeon to confirm this, two months wait, and then wait for the surgery another 3 months wait, so finally some 8 months after the pain started I had an arthroscopy in the UK, and very good it was too. However, 8 months of pain and limping takes a toll on your hips, your other knee and in fact most of your body. I was very glad to be able to walk normally again.

October 2017, and now the left leg is showing the same symptoms as the right, pains in the calf, thigh and of course the knee. This time fortunately my GP agreed with me not to fuss and go straight for the MRI scan, although initially 8 weeks was the waiting time, I managed to get the MRI done in only four weeks. In the meantime, on an evening out I took a small step up, twisted my knee, and ended up in A & E for 7 hours in excruciating pain, having to take very strong drugs.
I have to say that at this point the thought of waiting another 6 – 8 months in pain waiting for another arthroscopy filled me with horror, I had not even had the MRI scan results, but I knew what was wrong. I started looking for alternatives. It was easy to get quotes from UK providers of private arthroscopies, they all said the same, subject to meeting their consultant (£350) it would be between £4,000 and £5,000 depending on the amount of work to be done.

I had to find a cheaper alternative, and there are many advertised on Google, Thailand, Bulgaria and of course Eastern Europe. So why Lithuania? Well because the reputation of the medical training, and doctors is immense. Why Nordorthopaedics? Well read about their doctors, past presidents of the Arthroscopy society, and many of the surgeons have UK medical council certification. So Nordorthopaedics in Lithuania was the decision, and I contacted them.

I have to say from the very first contact it was impressive, Jurate, my case worker could not do enough for me. I had to get copies of my MRI scans from the hospital and we then uploaded them to a Dropbox to share them with the surgeon in Lithuania. I filled in a comprehensive medical questionnaire, which to be honest made me feel even better that they wanted to get things right for me. They came back and said yes surgery could be done and quoted me 1300 Euros. They gave me some dates, and given that at this stage I was literally still waiting for an appointment with a surgeon in the UK let alone, on the waiting list for the operation, I decided to go and get it done immediately. So, with ten days notice, I book flights and start to liaise with Jurate for my trip and my surgery. They booked the hotel for me it seemed easier and slightly cheaper than I could get online.

So how was it? Well impressive, you are met at the airport and in my case taken to the clinic for an injection and then onto the hotel. Two days later, I am admitted to the clinic for my surgery. The professionalism of everyone from the drivers to the reception staff had been incredible.  Unlike in the UK, it’s not day surgery you stay overnight in the clinic, so first the anaesthetist came and introduced himself, and then my surgeon. He spoke perfect English, as did the nurses, and after a short delay I am taken down for surgery. Next thing I know is waking up with a bandage and a very caring nurse looking after me. A few hours later she unhooks me from the monitors, brings me some delicious food and I drift off to sleep. In the morning the surgeon come to check up on me, to ensure everything is OK. He explains exactly what happened in the operation and what he did, and we talk about recovery times and next steps. Then after breakfast along comes the physiotherapist, first to massage the leg and then to guide me through the exercises which will strengthen the knee in recovery (I’ve done this before so know how important this is) And then late morning, I am back in my hotel room feeling pretty good.

I have to say that the care shown was much more than I had got from the NHS previously, OK I am paying for it, but everyone involved from drivers to surgeons genuinely wanted the best for me, and the nursing care was outstanding. 3 more days in the hotel to recover, and then a final meeting with the surgeon to check everything is OK before I fly home. And at every stage Nordorthopaedics pick you up from the hotel, and keep you fully informed.

Home now, and recovering, do I regret any part of my decision? Certainly not, I have cut at least 5 months of pain out of my life, and had the operation much more quickly than I could have in the UK. I feel confident that the quality of the surgery is at least as good as the UK, and the nursing care much better than you could expect here.

Would I do it again, well I am getting old these knees will not last for ever perhaps, and if the time comes for them to be replaced, then I would go back there in an instant. I cannot recommend them highly enough, sure it’s a private operation, but they genuinely care about every patient, and that’s something not easy to find in today’s world.

Tips if you are thinking of going.

  • Hotels are boring if you are stuck in your room, take something to occupy yourself, books, films, a portable DVD player.
  • Chilling the joint after the operation really does help you heal quicker, and stops inflammation, take ice-gel pack with you.
  • Kaunas is clean and beautiful, and there is lots to see even in winter, try and get out and about, use the taxis they are quite cheap, and eat the local food. You certainly won’t be hungry after a cepelinai (try one).


Susan Copus, Devon, UK

I would like to thank the whole medical team and in particular, my consultant orthopaedic doctor for such a smooth transition from assessment through to operation and post operative care, all so peaceful and confident and a very friendly nursing team . What delighted me was that they gave help and support as necessary but also encouraged my independence: which is exactly what I needed. The clinic was very clean and the team totally professional. and the clinic small enough to offer very individual care.

The rehabilitation spa was a transforming experience, teaching me how to re-educate my muscles, which I think were in a poor state due to compensation for the pain in my hip which I was suffering for over two years – I would use the old fashioned word – turning me in to a ’Cripple’. Now I walk upright with one crutch after two weeks. I have been made very aware of safety in my movements to avoid dislocation, as my muscles get stronger. But I hope to be dancing by the summer. By the way, the food at the centre was varied, interesting and very healthy. Eating was a good experience. I travelled over on my own and it was easy to communicate, I did not feel lonely, my husband came over to bring me home. It was a wintry, snowy experience looking out on the forest and river. But always warm and comfortable inside, indeed we had to turn the heating down. I am quite nervous person, as a registered nurse, I am aware of the dangers of anaesthetic, operation and post operative care ( bleeding, infection, poor healing) but I can say I was completely confident in the staff, any questions were quickly answered and I healed well. All in all a really positive experience and an excellent outcome.


Peter Clement, Wales

I had been on an NHS waiting list for over 2 years. One evening I saw a report on my local TV station by someone from Wales about their experience in visiting Lithuania to have hip replacement surgery. Later that week I started making enquiries online. I was able to find out that I could reclaim nearly the full cost of surgery from the NHS by completing a prior assessment authorisation form. This was granted and I contacted Jurate (customer relations) at Nordorthopaedics for possible dates. Within 2 weeks I was in Lithuania at a very well run and absolutely spotless private hospital. The staff were very efficient and informative and made my stay very easy and comfortable. The implants fitted were of the highest quality and I was on my feet in a matter of hours. After 4 nights stay in the hospital I was transferred to a private spa resort for physiotherapy and rest. I stayed 4 nights there before traveling home to Wales. While at the spa I met a gentleman and his wife from Narbeth in West Wales and they too were of high praise for their treatment at Nordorthopaedics.

Why wait in pain for the NHS? I recommend you do your research and contact Jurate as soon as possible.

I need a new knee next and will have no hesitation in going back to Lithuania.


Barry, N.Ireland

Hi my name is Barry Murphy I live in Ireland, at first when I was enquiring online to go to Lithuania for my operation I was more interested in the cost of traveling, accommodation and other costs, I didn’t think it was going to be as simple as it was.

When I got talking to Nordorthopaedics clinic though email I just got more and more positive about going abroad for my operation, any questions I had asked were answered very quickly and professionally and was so easy to organise everything went smoothly when I had got over to Lithuania, all my lifts to and from the airport were on time and also to and from the clinic, the hospitality in the clinic was first class felt very comfortably the whole time while the nurses checked up on me every so often, I already got the same operation on my other knee here in Northern Ireland last year and as far as I can remember it was 2weeks before I had started to walk properly and swelling to go down, so far it’s been 6 days from my operation and my knee feels great nearly all swelling has went away so can’t wait to 4-6weeks until I get back to a little training to see how it feels, would recommend traveling abroad as the costs are a lot more affordable than getting it done at home and very simple and smooth procedure.


Eamonn Farrell, Ireland

I had been researching different clinics across Europe to have my knee replacement surgery.

I was recommended this clinic by a man who had a hip replacement done in this clinic, so I booked it!

I have to say that my time in Lithuania, and the treatment I received in the before, during ,and after the surgery was exceptional. The staff and the surgeons were fantastic!

I would highly recommend NORDORTHOPAEDICS to anyone thinking of going abroad for surgery.


Martin Boyle, Devon, UK

I really cannot praise this clinic highly enough, from 1st contact with Juarte to the knee replacement to the after care everything was above praise, went over in Oct had xrays done and met the surgeon Dr Belickas. What a lovely man and a brilliant surgeon, went back again end of Nov for surgery which went ever so well, really recommend a stay in the rehabilitation spa. I stayed for 5 days, a lovely modern comfortable place, great food, great massages, and excellent physio highly recommend Donata a brilliant physiotherapists and explains the exercises and why you need to do them. The nursing staff were also 1st class one press of the buzzer and a nurse was went you in literally seconds, the young ladies than done the transport were really kind as well. If anyone likes to have a chat about going for surgery, my email is [email protected] feel free to contact me.

3 years I was told I would have to wait to go on waiting list and the pain was unbearable. Left the hospital in a lot less pain than I arrived with, just cannot praise the whole procedure and Jurate is always available to answer questions. A big thanks to all involved.


Trefor Evans, Spain

I contacted the Nordorthopaedics clinic after being told by the NHS that they could not treat my ruptured meniscus problem for 4 to 6 months. My knee was very painful and I was struggling to walk so I made the call to the clinic and was amazed that they could offer me treatment within 2 weeks.

Once I had decided to go to the clinic everything was progressed smoothly and very professionally. Everyone from Jurate and her team to the surgeon and nursing staff were first class and all spoke very good English. Medical aftercare, hospital accommodation and food very very good.

I am delighted to say that 5 weeks on my knee has progressed well and I am pain free and fully mobile.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nordorthopaedics for a range of treatments.


Nigel, UK

My left leg gave way on me four weeks ago while walking round London. I knew I had a torn meniscus which was diagnosed five Years ago but decided to soldier on as long as I could. I knew this was bad and that the NHS had quite a waiting list, I am doing up an old farmhouse so I needed my leg sorted urgently. I decided to do a web search and Nordorthopaedics came up with quite a list of testimonials from Brits’ who had been there. So I got in touch with Jurate who handles the admin’ for clients and she quoted me for a replacement knee which worked out about half the cost of one privately in the UK. However after I sent my x- rays along (which incidentally the NHS will down load onto a cd rom for £10). Dr Belickas having viewed them decided that a knee replacement was not necessary and that an Athroscopic procedure would be sufficient to fix it.

My wife accompanied me and we flew out of Bristol three weeks later as Jurate told me they hold a couple of slots back for emergencies of which mine was! Everything went like clockwork with lifts to and from the Airport and Hotel. The attention of Staff and advice was exemplary Dr Belickas was very knowledgable and helpful and the private room a great blessing. My wife was very impressed with the food in the restaurants which is about half what you would pay in the UK. Though clothes seemed expensive on par I would say. I do need the other knee done and would not hesitate for a return visit.


Robert Samuel, Wales

I had been thinking about going abroad for surgery due to the excessive waiting lists and costs of private care in Wales. When I saw an article on local television recommending Nordorthopaedics I contacted them immediately. Jurate, our contact was very professional and answered all my questions quickly and efficiently.This gave me the confidence to proceed. She arranged everything for my wife and myself to travel. all I had to do was book our flights.

The surgeon Dr Belickas explained everything to me in words I could understand. The medical staff in the clinic and at the rehabilitation spa were excellent.

All in all a very positive experience.


Nigel, Spain

Once I had confirmation from 2 consultants that I needed a total knee replacement I started to do my homework not only on the surgeon but on the type of prosthesis that I wanted.

I had the opportunity to have it privately here in Spain but I couldn’t find a surgeon who worked with my insurance company who performed over 200 surgeries a year and worked with the prosthesis that I wanted, so I turned to google and Nord Orthopaedic came top of the page , and after reading all about them and the testimonials it was an easy decision. With the prosthesis I choose it meant I would have to go to Lithuania twice so on the first trip I had the opportunity to meet the surgeon Juozas Belickas who immediately put me at ease and was full of confidence as he had performed over 1,000 TKR’s. He examined me and having already received and reviewed X- Rays I had previously sent , he ordered more and literally within 10 mins I was back seeing the surgeon again with the X- Rays and he confirmed that I indeed required a TKR. We discussed the type of prosthesis and he knew I wanted the Signature Vanguard  Total Knee Replacement System which effectively means they take a 3D MRI which they did  the next day and send it to the USA who make a 3D mould of my knee and patient specific instrumentation for the surgeon to use.

A month later I came back and had the surgery and then spent 8 days at the rehab centre which is also a Spa which my wife thoroughly enjoyed.

In conclusion then I would have no hesitation in recommending Nord Orthopaedic because from start to finish everyone was totally professional and incredibly helpful. Nothing was too much trouble.


Owen, Wales

The following information could be helpful for people considering the use of your facilities in Lithuania:

– If you need a replacement hip and do not wish to wait for many months to receive an operation with the NHS in the UK, please consider using an excellent private clinic called Northopaedics in Lithuania which is an EU country.
– You will be invited to make contact with other patients who have used the facilities which was particularly helpful to me in making my decision.
– The surgeon Sarunas Tarasevicius, has completed in excess of 1500 hip operations with great success. He trained in Sweden and uses the latest technology and methods to ensure that the surgery has great results.
– The cost for private hip surgery in the UK is circa £10,000 with no help
– The cost in Lithuania is circa £6000 and a refund of circa £5000 can be obtained from the NHS under the EEA Scheme that is currently in place.
– The Northopaedics team are able to offer a considered choice of the hardware used and a suitable date for the procedure.
– The administration is superb and all travel and accommodation details are looked after in a professional and caring manner.
– The clinic is a modern high quality premises with good accommodation and great staff who provide a high level of care including excellent meals with a wide choice of menu.
– I flew to Lithuania on the 3rd of September 2017, I had my full pre-op checks on the 4th which included a meeting with the surgeon and anaesthetist.
– The operation was carried out on Tuesday the 5th of September.
– I was walking with crutches on Wednesday the 6th of September.
– I flew back to the UK on Sunday the 10th of September without crutches and I am making very good progress

I am very happy with my experience, I will have no hesitation in recommending these facilities to anyone needing hip replacement surgery.


Robert Peppett, West Sussex, UK

In October of 2017, I woke up with massive swelling and severe pain in my right knee, I couldn’t bend or straighten the leg and couldn’t put any weight on it. To obtain weekend medical help I was obliged to visit the Accident & Emergency department of my local NHS Hospital. X Rays were taken and the Hospital Doctor said my swelling and pain were caused through minor degenerative changes in the joint and ’what did I expect at my age’ (I’m 72). A few days later because the pain and swelling hadn’t diminished I visited my local GP who concurred with the opinion of the hospital, she prescribed pain killers and said she would refer the matter for a course of physiotherapy.

During the last ten years I’d developed numerous aches and pains associated with degenerative changes in many of my large joints caused through ageing, but as the current knee pain was worse than anything previously experienced I decided to look into the possibility of private treatment. Because private health care in UK is way beyond my financial resources I began looking elsewhere in Europe which is how I came across Nordorthopaedics in Lithuania. After making a simple enquiry with them the process went as follows. I sent X Rays and a description of my symptoms to the clinic, then a day or two later orthopaedic consultant (Dr Liudas Bazaras) replied that in his opinion my knee problem was most likely caused by a ligament tear and that arthroscopic surgery was the best way of dealing with it and that remedial surgery at his clinic would cost in the region of Euro 1300 – 1500. After further communications it was suggested I visit the clinic in Lithuania, have an MRI scan, followed up by a consultant analysis of the scan, all of which would cost Euro 250 !

I accepted the offer and made the arrangement to fly to Kaunas and stay for four nights. The Nordorthopaedics customer service representative Jurate Seskaite facilitated everything during my visit to Lithuania including transport between airport, hotel and clinic throughout my stay and treatment. The MRI scan revealed a radial tear to my medial meniscus III Degree, then after a discussion with Dr Bazaras I agreed to have an interim Arthroscopic intervention to assist with my pain. The surgery took place the following day and I was pleased to discover the standard of professionalism during the procedure was of a truly high standard, the private room was comfortable and modern, nursing staff were always on call and were polite and helpful, the surgical staff went to great lengths to fully explain the expected procedure.

Because I chose partial anaesthesia I was able to watch the surgeon and his arthroscopic instruments at work, there was no discomfort and I estimate the whole exercise took no more than half hour. The wounds were dressed and I was returned to my room, given a menu and told supper would be served when the anaesthetic wore off. The following morning Dr Bazaras visited my room to explain his findings and to encourage me to stand up and walk across the room, I was pleased to find I could walk quite readily. I was returned to my hotel, then the following day transported from hotel to Kaunas airport. Just a few days after returning home, the pain in my knee has considerably diminished and life has returned to normal. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Nordorthopaedics, its staff & facilities and consider the very reasonable Euro 1300 charged for their services was money well spent.


Shirley, Devon, UK

I have no hesitation in recommending your services. From our initial contact with you to your services on our arrival, everything was perfect.

We chose your company because you offered the best and quickest way for me to have surgery rather than wait for 16 weeks for the NHS in England. Your choice of hotels at the beginning before my transfer to the clinic was great. The clinic itself was superbly appointed and the staff and nurses could not have been better. The surgeon was most informative about the procedure and I can say that his work was superb. His aftercare also.

Finally the transfer back to Kaunus and the onward transfer to the airport for our trip home ran very smoothly.


Kevin, Essex

So I needed a new replacement knee and had done for about 4 years. But i lived on ever stronger pain killers about 2 months before it became impossible to carry on working. It was time to really get something done. My own doctor put me on the waiting list for a consultant appointment but this would be at least a wait of 13 weeks. So i paid privately to get a definitive diagnosis. The consultant told me the knee needed surgery as soon as possible.

My own doctor said yes, but i will probably have to wait anything between 18 months and 2 years. So I got some private quotes from the UK of 9-12000 Pounds, then I stumbled across the Nordorthopaedics Lithuania website and I asked for more information. After many emails discussing my various options from arthroscopy (cleaning up and repairing the knee joint), partial knee replacement, Dr Belickas recommended a complete knee joint replacement as my joint was so badly worn and I was happy to agree. The cost was much more affordable even with 7 days of rehab post op.

I flew from London to Kaunas airport (2hrs 40mins) and I was met by a lovely lady who took me to the clinic for a pre-op assessment, blood tests, ecg and x rays, and a consultation with Dr Belickas, who answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. Then to my hotel for the night and enough evening time to enjoy being a tourist in Kaunas.

I was collected from my hotel at lunchtime the next day and taken to the clinic to my own private room, very comfortable, TV, wifi. I had my op an hour later and everything went well. 4 more days in the clinic with full nursing and more food than I could wish for. I had taken the option of 7 days rehab at the spa resort, so once again the nice lady driver collected me and took me to the centre. Comfortable room again with TV, Wifi, fridge and ensuite, 3 meals a day (buffet style), 4 physio treatments a day and a most wonderful and calming environment. Everyone was very kind to me and although I was on my own I never really felt lonely. 24/7 nurse on call for a painkiller, a dressing change or a sleeping tablet and doctor if needed.

Once again when my time was finished I was collected and transferred back to Kaunas airport. I got home last night and now I must keep up with my physio regime to regain full movement again.

I had an absolutely positive time in Lithuania. 5 star all the way and without question I recommend this route for anyone who is in need of surgery and find the waiting time in the UK too long. Once again thanks to everyone involved with my procedure.


Clifford Brown, Wales

I live in North Wales, U.K. and have been on the NHS waiting list for total hip replacement many months.

I looked on the internet for private treatment and found Nordorthopaedics in Lithuania were offering this service.  After reading several testimonials from former patients I decided to go ahead with treatment.

From initial contact to returning home from surgery the whole experience has been nothing but very professional and courteous. If you have any concerns about going to Nordorthopaedics don’t!

The whole procedure was very good value for money, compared to the U.K. and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service to anyone.


David, Cheshire, UK

I was cautious about travelling to Lithuanian for knee surgery but finally made the decision in September 2017 when I couldn’t get NHS treatment in the UK (too old apparently) and was struggling to walk. All contact with the clinic was fully informative and professional. I cannot praise the clinic highly enough, I had arthroscopic surgery for a meniscus tear and a baker cyst. My surgery results are brilliant, I had no pain following the surgery just some stiffness which has improved week by week. Two months later I am back in the gym and I am so thankful that I chose Nordorthopaedics. I stayed in Lithuania for a week and would recommend taking a couple of good books to pass the time. The weekend market was a welcome distraction. I think 4-5 days is plenty of time for the surgery & enough recovery to travel home.


Paul, Tyne and Wear, UK

I was in a lot of pain with my hip and two knees so much so that I could see my mobility compromised within months and there was no prospect of any action from NHS. So I started to search the internet for possible alternatives. From several alternatives Nordorthopaedics seemed to stand out.

After my initial contact the date for operation was agreed speedily and I was able to book my flights to and from Kaunas.

I was met on arrival on Saturday and taken to a hotel. On Monday I was taken to the clinic for X-rays and other tests and met the surgeon who explained the operation. Following morning it was an early start, to the clinic, being prepped for operation. Next I was in my bed after the operation.

I was able to get out of the bed the following day, and walk around with a walking frame. I was then given crutches and could walk up and down corridors. After three days I was discharged and transferred to a rehab where physio and other treatments were administered.

After a week I flew back to UK to Edinburgh airport and had to drive back to Newcastle. It was only on my way back that I thought that it was a bit ambitious, but with an automatic car it was not a problem.

In the clinic all staff including the auxiliary staff spoke English, in the Rehab most of the staff including dining room staff could speak some English. The nurses in both the clinic and rehab were on call 24/7 and responded instantly day or night. I am fortunate that I do not have personal experiences with hospitals but this one was certainly a good one.

I am now waiting for the hip to fully heal before the knees can be sorted out.


Brian, Alberta, Canada

I asked to have the terminology that the radiologist was using when referring to my hip. The words rang clear, end stage osteoarthritis. I was 58 years old and my new reality was anti-inflammatory medication and pain control with steadily loss of mobility. The next reality was that in Canada and especially in our province of Alberta the waiting list was on average one year to see a surgeon for a consult then likely another year to receive a surgical date.  This was the beginning of our search for another solution; having the procedure out of country and out of pocket. My level of mobility was rapidly declining and the pain medication was pointless.

We checked clinics in India, Portugal, Turkey and the United States and all had their challenges and shortfalls when it came to the delivery of service and level of care. Lithuania, at this point had not entered into the mix then a stroke of luck connected us to Jurate and Nordorthopaedics.

From the very start we dealt exclusively with Jurate who is the main administrator, mainly dealing with the English speaking countries. Her command of English is excellent so there was no problem in communication. We initially asked for information about procedures etc. which was sent to me and when I actually decided to go ahead I found the whole experience unrivalled in overall excellence. Nothing was too much trouble for Jurate from booking hotels and every advice on the itinerary, including recommended advice on vital aspects such as rehabilitation.

From landing in Vilnius airport to departing 15 days later everything went like clockwork including being transported to hotels/airport/clinic for preoperative tests and rehabilitation centre. I spoke to Dr Tarasevicius prior to the operation and even discussed the state of my previous hip replacement, which was reassuring. I might also say that if I have any further problems with this hip replacement I would have no hesitation in dealing with Dr Tarasevicius again. All details of the type of hip replacement were already sent to me before leaving Canada. I spent 3 days in total in the clinic and Dr Tarasevicius visited me on the Friday with the postoperative x-ray to say he was satisfied with the operation. All the staff in the clinic was excellent and ensured sufficient pain relief monitoring was carried out. All food was provided by a local top class restaurant so no complaints there! The Canadian medical system could learn something. Basic physiotherapy was initially given before going to the rehabilitation centre. I left the clinic walking better 3 days post surgery than 8 years ago at 6 weeks following my previous implant.

The minimum stay in the rehabilitation centre is 4 days and is strongly recommended but my wife and I stayed 12 to ensure I was ready for the flight back to Canada.  My only concern was the level of English spoken by the various specialists and ancillary staff was not as good as the clinic but sufficient to get by. Some personal take always; my wife and I would recommend a translator on ones smart phone for those instances when the concierges who had an excellent command of the English language were not available and packing an umbrella as there was a lot of rain. It would also be highly advised that you pack light and take full advantage of the laundry service provided at the rehabilitation centre.

Within a couple of days upon arriving at the centre I was slowly doing laps, using one crutch, around the outside of the building.  On the fifth day I was walking without a crutch and going for short walks on the pathways around including down to the local supermarket ½ km away for a change of scenery and a treat.  Even before my stitches came out, my wife, Charmayne and I would catch the bus into Druskininkai for a walk around the park and have dinner out. Before leaving the Spa centre I was walking 2 km and also able to walk upstairs, very slowly. Now at 6 weeks post procedure I am at a level of mobility that I would have not dreamed possible.

I must express our personal gratitude to Jurate for accommodating all our requests; questions and ensuring everything went smoothly. All the English-speaking patients I met also echoed the same opinions of her, especially by providing all the necessary final documentation for reimbursement. She is an expert in this field and I cannot overstate the importance of this as it involves a considerable amount of money. I would be happy to recommend Nordorthopaedics.


Mary Gilligan, Ireland

My First encounter with Nordorthopedics was on July 25th 2017. My Brother had hip surgery on 16th October 2017.

From July to October I communicated with Jurate a total of 39 times by email with various questions, and on every occasion I received a prompt reply with a comprehensive answer.

My Brother has returned home and is doing extremely well. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nordorthopaedics.

A few points for a prospective patient to be aware of:

1 Please let your bank know that you are travelling and will be using your card to pay for surgery up front.
2 Please make sure Passport / ticket details are correct.

Speaking to my Brother about his experience he said:
that from the point of Arrival at the Airport to departure his treatment was exceptionally professional and caring from the Representative at the Airport, The Administration Staff, The Consultant, Nursing Staff, Catering Staff,  Front Desk, both at the Hospital and the Rehabilitation Centre.

He wishes to thank sincerely all those involved in his care.


Patrick, Ireland

I am very pleased to be able to contribute this testimonial in respect of Nordortopaedic Clinic in Lithuania where I had the pleasure of engaging their services recently. I can highly recommend them unequivocally for the stated reasons, especially in the area of hip replacement with Dr Tarasevicius, the consultant and surgeon. All relevant details are on their website which is very informative including an overall introduction by the consultant on hip replacements.

I had a hip replacement in the UK about 18 years ago which proved to be a total success and like a lot of patients this is my second one! I am now living in Ireland and when I first suspected I had the same symptoms about 18 months ago I set about exploring the idea of having the treatment abroad under the EU Cross Border Directive that anyone can research depending on where they live. After being seen by my GP I was put on the waiting list to see an Orthopaedic Consultant and after 2 cancellations I am still waiting 15 months for him to tell me what I already know.

After consultation you could be waiting another 2 years to eventually have the operation. Bear this in mind because it is a long time to be in severe pain. In my case it would also mean being on long term sickness benefit with a huge financial loss.

The HSE procedure in Ireland stipulates I must see a consultant to recommend and satisfy the HSE criteria before I can proceed with the operation of the chosen country. I made preliminary arrangements to have the operation on the basis I had enough time if the scheduled appointment with the consultant took place in Ireland but this was cancelled again thus putting a spanner in the works. However, I cleared it with the National Contact Point to go ahead with the operation under the assurance I would get reimbursed from the HSE. Also, bear in mind this clinic has had many dealings with the HSE as many patients from Ireland will testify.

From the very start I dealt exclusively with Jurate who is the main administrator, mainly dealing with the English speaking countries. Her command of the written English is excellent so there was no problem in communication. I initially asked for information about procedures etc. which was sent to me and when I actually decided to go ahead I found the whole experience most satisfactorily. I had to make some last minute changes because of my cancelled appointment in Ireland. Nothing was too much trouble for Jurate from booking recommended hotels and every advice on the itinerary, including recommended advice on vital aspects such as rehabilitation.

It should be stressed that with all this prior information and knowledge it`s comforting to say the least especially if one is travelling solo. From landing in Kaunas airport to departing 10 days later everything went like clockwork including being transported to hotels/airport, clinic for preoperative tests and rehabilitation centre. I spoke to Dr Tarasevicius prior to the operation and even discussed the state of my previous hip replacement which was reassuring. I might also say that if I have any further problems with this hip replacement I would have no hesitation in dealing with Dr Tarasevicius again. All details of the type of hip replacement was already sent to me before leaving Ireland. I spent 3 days in total in the clinic and Dr Tarasevicius visited me on the Saturday with the postoperative x-ray to say he was satisfied with the operation. All the staff in the clinic were excellent and ensured sufficient pain relief monitoring was carried out. All food was provided by a local top class restaurant so no complaints there! Basic physiotherapy was initially given before going to the rehabilitation centre.

The minimum stay in the rehabilitation centre is 4 days and is strongly recommended. My only concern was the level of English spoken by the various specialists and ancillary staff was not as good as the clinic but sufficient to get by. You take what you can out of it by using as much as the facilities as possible and carrying out the prescribed physiotherapy. There is also enough information provided by the clinic on what to do or NOT what to do on return home, so the emphasis is up to the patient to ensure a good recovery.

I must express my personal gratitude to Jurate for accommodating all my requests and ensuring everything went smoothly. All the English speaking patients I met also echoed the same opinions of her, especially by providing all the necessary final documentation for reimbursement. She is an expert in this field and I cannot overstate the importance of this as it involves a considerable amount of money.

To sum up on hindsight, what could be a daunting experience for the first time in a foreign country seeking medical treatment and bearing in mind most of the patients are elderly, it turned out to be hassle free and almost a pleasureable experience under the circumstances. I have no hesitation in recommending Northopaedics Clinic for any medical procedure and can assure any doubters it is all worth it. And the pain …………………….. well – happy days again!!!!!!


Barbara Ann Faulkner, N.Ireland

I required a hip replacement but the waiting list in the UK was too long and I was in constant pain.  I was told about the EU Directive whereas I could have the operation in another European country.

I started to investigate hospitals but became overwhelmed and nervous about travelling to another country to have the operation.  I had been in touch with hospitals in Poland, Latvia, Ireland and Germany but was unsure how to decide which one would be the best for my particular operation.  I spoke to a local woman who had been to Lithuania for a hip replacement and had nothing but high praise for the Nordorthopaedics Clinic and recommended that I contact them.

I approached the clinic for more information and quotes for the operation and I am very glad that I did.  From the first point of contact, they were very informative and very understanding of my situation.  The clinic provided me with details of the specialist care they provide, pre and post operation, and answered quickly and in-depth the questions that I had.

After deciding to go ahead with the operation, Jurate (Customer Services Representative) assisted us every step of the way in planning our trip from Northern Ireland to Lithuania – organising taxis, hotels etc.   The only thing we had to do was to book our flights – thankfully she took care of everything else and was on hand if we needed her assistance.

The hospital was very clean and had the latest technology and equipment.  The staff spoke excellent English as did the doctors and surgeons, I was never left without understanding what was said or what was going on and everything was explained in depth to me so I knew what was happening.

After the operation, I was up and out of bed within 2 hours – and the following day was walking small distances.  The hospital really seemed to care and the staff could not have done enough for me to make sure I was as comfortable as possible.  They even sent out for pizzas for me!

My rehabilitation regime was fantastic – I was provided with a list of appointments for the days I was in Lithuania to have my wound dressed, physiotherapy and massages.  All these appointments were wonderful experiences with very professional and kind staff and I found myself gaining strength after each session.

I returned back to the UK seven days after my operation and I am pleased to report that I have had no complications.  My own GP was delighted with my progress when I went to see him a week after the operation.  The hospital gave me x-rays to take to my doctor and a report so my own GP would be able to have the information on file.

The operation was a complete success and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Nordorthopaedics clinic to anyone in a similar situation to myself.  I am truly delighted with the service I received and it is wonderful to be pain free after all the years of suffering – all thanks to the wonderful surgeons and staff at Nordorthopaedics Clinic.


Anthony, London

I found the Clinic via the Internet, after making no progress in the UK NHS. I was in constant (knee) pain from a skiing injury, and was persuaded by the strong testimonials to make contact and find out more. As I was going Private the prices were important to me as well as the experience of this type of orthopaedic surgery. The responses to all my questions were timely and fully answered by Jurate. In my case the amount of surgery could not be determined until I was on site for assessment, so I did not have an exact cost nor recovery expectations. Potentially I could be walking the next day or on crutches for weeks.

Because I was able to fly directly to Kaunas, it made the process easier and cheaper. I arrived Sunday afternoon and was met at the airport and taken to the hotel in the city centre. I was kept informed, by text, of next steps all the time. On Monday afternoon I was taken to the Clinic for blood tests, Legal paperwork, surgery assessment and surgery itself, all within 2 hours of arrival to operating table. The Clinic has excellent facilities, more like a hotel with a la carte dining. After an overnight stay in a private room I was taken back to my hotel Tuesday afternoon. The Surgeon and Anaesthetist regularly checked my progress and answered my questions. I had a follow up assessment on Thursday with the Surgeon to check progress and taken to the airport Friday.

I am back home recovering now, a week after the surgery, but it will take a few weeks for the bruising and pain to subside, which is normal, but so far the operation looks to be successful, and the Surgeon did not see any reason not make a full recovery.

Accommodation in Kaunas is inexpensive and there are lots of places to visit as well as a variety of restaurants. Lots of Historic sites nearby as well as the Akropolis shopping centre. I stayed at the Kaunas City hotel, which is a great location and is very underrated as a 2* hotel. English is widely spoken.

With hindsight there are a few things I would have perhaps changed. It would have been better to somehow have been assessed before travelling (perhaps they can tie-up with a UK assessment surgeon ?) and also you have to pay before the surgery, when you are on-site. As I have a daily limit on my cards, I had to split the payment across cards, else potentially cancel the surgery.

I think, once travel is booked it would be better to pay in advance if you can, and if more surgery is needed, then adjust the bill accordingly / give a refund. I also thought I could pay in GBP on the day too, to minimise exchange costs, but was told it was in Euros. Perhaps because I paid my deposit in Euros.

I certainly have no hesitation to recommend the Clinic for Orthopaedic Surgery. We all hope we do not need it, but if we do it is a much better option than the time I wasted going through the NHS waiting for appointments ending  10 minute meetings and another appointment.  The Clinic prices were very reasonable and there is no VAT / additional charges to pay for medication / transportation. The price you are quoted seems to be the final price you pay. Just Flight and Hotels on top.


Gordon, Sheffield, UK

Already having had a knee replacement in the UK which I feel is not a success I decided to look overseas. I checked a number of countries, clinics, their procedures and aftercare. I inquired to three and found that Nordorthpaedics clinic came up with most inclusive information (a good website).

I made an appointment to go to Lithuania to see them, they pick you up and take you to the clinic and all other places your required to go to, book hotels, etc.

First I had an xray on my knee then saw the surgeon Dr Belickas who discussed the procedure, any questions I asked, he put me very much at ease.

I decided to go ahead with the operation. The operation went very well, I was put in a private room, the Doctor came to see me every day check my wellbeing. On the fourth day I was transferred to the rehabilitation clinic. I would recommend it.  I went for 14 days and was able to walk without any aid 17 days after my operation.


Jane, Scotland

From the time a first contact was sent to Jurate at Nordorthopaedics, we were provided with detailed information and courteous, timely assistance. By the time we took the flight out to Lithuania, we had a full itinerary for the whole time from landing in Kaunas until the time of take-off two weeks later for our return to Scotland. We also had full details of all costs to which we were committed. All transfers and stays had been organised for both the patient and her companion. All staff in each establishment were very attentive and caring. Food was delightful and accommodations were excellent.There were no delays – everything taking place as planned. The days spent at the rehabilitation centre after the clinic stay were very well worth-while: beautiful surroundings and accommodations plus three well-focused therapy sessions per day.

Some language difficulties do exist but most staff had some English and some individuals were very fluent in English.

It is worth mentioning that an NHS referral for hip replacement had been made in January of this year and we had recently been informed by the appropriate surgeon that it was unlikely that surgery could be arranged before next year!

The surgery by Dr. Tarasavicius resulted in no infection problems and only very slight bruising.

We would have no reservations about advising others to make use of this excellent service.


Diane, Spain

I chose Lithuania for three reasons – one I live in Spain and had operation there and the aftercare was appalling, secondly I would have to wait to long for England, thirdly a friend had hip replacement done in Lithuania and spoke very highly of you. After doing my homework on the hospital I chose to have my knee replacement done there I cannot speak highly enough of the surgeon and everybody I dealt with. The treatment and aftercare was excellent, and I highly recommend the rehabilitation centre afterwards. It was like a 5star spa and I had excellent treatment. I am doing great my Dr here in Spain was very impressed with the scar and how it has healed so well.


Mary Carr, Ireland

In December of 2016 my GP referred me to an orthopaedic consultant with severe hip pain, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and therefore required a full hip replacement, I was placed as an urgent case for which the waiting list was over a year. I then researched overseas treatment on line and found the Nordorthopaedic web site; I read several testimonials from Irish people who had different procedures and it looked very impressive.

I made contact with Jurate from the Nordorthopaedic clinic she was extremely helpful and answered every question. I decided to apply to the HSE for the cross border directive scheme, they sent the forms which were completed and after three weeks I got the go ahead.

I emailed Jurate and a surgery date was arranged for April 27th   which was to be carried out by a wonderful surgeon Dr.Tarasevicius.

Arrangements were made to fly on the Monday evening. I was collected from the airport and driven to my hotel; I was collected the next morning to have a consultation with Dr.Tarasevicius and to have an x-ray and blood tests carried out. The morning of the procedure I was collected and brought to the Clinic for my surgery and was met by the medical team, they were wonderful.  After the surgery I woke up and first thing I noticed was there was no more pain.

The nurses were fantastic and I was extremely well cared for, and It was very obvious that it was just more than a job to them. I was up on my feet on Friday and by Saturday I was walking without any aid, Dr.Tarasevicius checked on me every day while I was at the clinic.

I was collected on Monday morning the 1st of May and brought to the rehabilitation centre, I was met by the consultant and a program was designed for me. The staff were wonderful they made my stay relaxing and pleasant. I would highly recommend and that anyone going forward for hip replacement should have at least one week rehabilitation. On Monday the 8th of May when I was leaving I was collected and brought to the airport by the staff of Nordorthopaedics.

I would highly recommend Juarte and the staff of both Nordorthopaedics clinic and the staff of the rehabilitation centre for their professionalism, friendliness and experience that they provide. I would like to thank them all for everything in helping me to get back to my normal life again.

The rehabilitation centre is located at a SPA resort town called Druskininkai. It is equipped with modern facilities. The professionals there have years of experience working with people after various surgeries and injuries.

An individual rehabilitation program is prepared for each patient depending on the type of surgery, general patient‘s well-being, health status and other factors.
I hereby wish to give my permission for the clinic to release my telephone number to anyone who requests it.


Paul, Dublin

I had a rotator cuff injury which required surgery. After speaking to the consultant in Ireland I was told I could be waiting 2 years or pay double the price of Nordorthopaedics. Having researched the clinic online I made contact via email and was very impressed with quick response and the detail contained in the information I was given. I  was collected upon arrival in Kaunas Airport and brought straight to my hotel and told I would be collected for consultation the next morning. After this consultation I was give a time for my surgery that evening and again collected from my hotel. I had a private room and within an hour I was prepped and brought to theatre. The care I was give post op was outstanding. I would highly recommend  Nordorthopaedics. I would like to add that  all of the staff had excellent English making this process that bit easier. Since returning to Ireland the clinic have kept in touch to check on my progress.


John Ng, Ireland

In November of 2016 I found out that I needed a full hip replacement by my doctor, I requested that he refer me to an orthopedic consultant. When I got a letter from the orthopedic clinic that I would be waiting up to 16 weeks to see him, I went back to my doctor and asked if he could help in speeding things along to get a quicker appointment. I then heard about people going overseas to have hip replacements done I did a lot of research into it, each time I kept getting a recommended clinic of Nordorthopaedics. The website was very handy, easy to understand and direct.

When I rang Jurate she was very helpful and answered any questions that I had. Jurate mentioned had I contacted the HSE about the cross border directive scheme to get reimbursement on the cost for when I decided to go ahead with the procedure.I got a cancellation appointment to see the consultant he told me that it was urgent that I get  the hip replaced. I asked how long will I be on the waiting list I was told anywhere from 6 months to a year,I could not wait that long.

I decided to go to Nordorthopaedic and get my hip replacement. I rang Jurate and told her I would like to have the procedure done in Lithuania. Jurate asked me to send a copy of my x-ray and a letter stating that I was on a waiting list here in Ireland. Once Dr.Tarasevicius had seen the x-ray he arranged for the surgery for the 22nd of March 2017.

Jurate and the team from the clinic kept me updated by email and phone calls, all the details and price of the procedure were broken down which was very helpful.

I made the arrangements to fly on the Monday evening. I was collected from the airport and driven to my hotel, I was collected the next morning to see the doctor had an x-ray and blood test done. The next day I was brought to the Clinic for my surgery and was met the team who were going to do the procedure, they were very friendly. After the surgery was done I woke up and first thing I noticed was there was no more pain in my hip or knee and I was up eating dinner straight after it. The nursing staff were brilliant and caring they made sure I was well looked after, they even found time during their buy schedule to chat to me. I was up and about on the Thursday and by Friday I was on crutches, Dr.Tarasevicius came to see me on Friday afternoon and told me just to use one crutch which I was amazed at but got on with it

I was collected on Saturday morning and brought to the rehabilitation centre to start my rehab, I was met by the consultant and a program was designed to suit my needs. This contained physio, massage and electronic stimulation on my thigh’s. Again the staff were brilliant and very friendly they made my stay relaxing and pleasant. I would highly recommend that anyone going forward for hip or knee replacement should have at least one week rehabilitation. On the Friday when I was leaving I was collected and brought to the airport safely by the staff of Nordorthopaedics.

Over all I would highly recommend Jurate and the staff of both Nordorthpaedics clinic and the staff of the rehabilitation centre for their proficiency, friendliness and professional manner and experience that they provide. I would like to thank them all for everything they have done in helping me to get back to my normal life again.


Darren and Laura, Essex

I would like to thank yourself and all the staff at the clinic for their expertise and professionalism, especially as we were very wary about travelling such a distance to carry out the ACL reconstruction but we need not have worried. As soon as we entered the reception we almost forgot we were in a foreign land and could have been inside any private hospital at home, but with more access to the surgeon and nurses if needed. The language was not a problem either as all staff knew enough English to get by and some were fluent.

While under the instruction of the clinic nothing was too much trouble, the girls driving us back and forward to the clinic were superb and when we had a problem with the knee brace after the operation because of swelling of the knee, the clinic had a custom knee brace measured up and fitted by the next morning.

All in all if any of my family needs this type of surgery in the future, or other procedures that you partake in then your clinic will be the first one I look at.


John Holstead, Ireland

It is now 2 weeks and one day since my hip was replaced and today I returned to my home.

Some 4 days after the operation, I left the clinic and spent a week at the rehabilitation centre in Druskininkai before flying back to Ireland and spending a couple of days with my daughter. From here on, I’m on my own.

I have just driven my car to my local shop without any problem. Two weeks and a day ago it was agony just getting into the car.

The crutches have been replaced with a single stick. I seem to be getting most of my exercise walking around the house trying to remember where I left the stick. I wonder if Prof. Tarasevicius does memory replacements?

Himself and his wonderful staff certainly know what they are doing when it comes to hips!! My thanks to all.


Leigh Whiting, Kent

I had been waiting five months for an appointment to see a triage nurse who would access how urgent it was for me to see a consultant. The ex rays already showed that my hip had deteriorated and my GP said that I needed a full hip replacement.

I was already on crutches and in constant pain. Every time I moved I felt a sharp knife like pain in my groin. My knee was painful and my leg ached from the knee to my ankle. I saw my G.P again and asked if she could please get me an appointment. She agreed to write again requesting an urgent appointment but suggested that I should try to go privately as I was likely to have to wait a long time.

My toe nails and nails had gone yellow as a result of the anti inflammatories and I was constantly nauseous from the pain killers, despite taking something to protect my stomach.

The cost of a hip replacement was financially out of my reach in England. Consequently, I went online to research other possibilities.

The hospital in Lithuania was by far the cheapest. Approximately three and a half thousand euros plus the price of the implant, which varied.

Fortunately I had a Doctor friend who worked in the private system and I asked him to check out the hospital and the surgeon, Professor Sarunas Tarasevicius. My friend already knew of the hospital and said he wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to me. He then later reported back that the surgeon had an excellent record and was well known in the medical word.

Without hesitation I contacted the hospital and sent off my x-rays.

I was given an operation date within the following two weeks. I spoke to Jurata Seskaite, who answered all of my questions, stayed in touch with me and ensured that I was happy with my procedure and following treatment.

The day before surgery I flew with Wizzair and was met at the airport. I was taken to my hotel and later had new X-rays taken and met Professor Sarunas Tarasevicius, who explained the whole procedure to me and what to expect afterwards. I also met with the anesthetist who explained that although I would sleep and not know anything about the operation, I would be given an epidural and not a general anesthetic, because he considered it a safer procedure.

Everything went fantastically. I received continual care and attention from the nursing staff and the surgeon saw me every day. The day following the surgery a physiotherapist came and watched me walk with the crutches, to ensure I used them correctly and gave me exercises to do.

The whole experience was a good one and I must say the quality of the food and the extensive menu was the best I have ever had in hospital.

I chose to go to on rehabilitation and left the hospital three days later and was driven to Druskininkia, to a purpose built rehabilitation centre.

I felt as though I was on holiday instead of post operative especially as the rehabilitation center was set in the midst of a forest. My room was large and specifically designed to cater for my needs post hip surgery. I saw a doctor and nurse daily and there was twenty four hour nursing available I only had to press a buzzer. One day I missed my physiotherapy because I was feeling tired and immediately a doctor and nurse appeared to check if I was ok.

During my time in rehabilitation I received one to one physiotherapy, cryotherapy treatment and a massage daily. After physiotherapy a nurse would give me ice packs to place on my wound. Also in the morning a nurse would put on my white surgical stockings and remove them at night before bed time.

I simply cannot praise the surgeon and all the staff involved enough as it was a very professional, pleasant experience. Without a doubt I would confidently recommend the surgeon and hospital for a hip replacement.


Rosemary, Ireland

We got off the plane in Kaunas a lady was waiting to taxi us to our hotel, which was really comfortable & very nice.

Everybody spoke English in the Clinic and all around the hotel, shops etc.

Before my Shoulder Replacement we spoke at length to the Surgeon about my op & he answered all our questions. All the staff in the clinic from the surgeon to the cleaner couldn’t of been nicer or more helpful. The whole clinic was perfectly clean. The food in the clinic was lovely offering a great variety of foods.

Having woke up from my operation to find I was pain free, & still am a month later, after 4 years of constant pain.

We couldn’t fault our stay, only wish I had found this clinic much sooner.  Thank you for everything you did for us, you made everything so easy & hassle free, one things for sure we will never be sat on a waiting list again.

I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone.


Saqib, Oxford

In the beginning of September 2016, I suffered a bucket handle tear of my medial meniscus. I sustained the injury whilst doing my hobby and passion of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, of which despite training several years,was my first requiring invasive action. Relying on the NHS and the expected wait was more discomforting than the tear itself. After having a private MRI and report, it was clear i needed an arthroscopy. Having obtained the report, and then pursuing  the NHS the earliest appointment for an assessment, i was offered, was November the 18th. I couldn’t walk properly due to the locking and was constantly limbing. The idea that my much needed arthroscopy would most likely happen in January 2017, was very depressing. Given my lifestyle and work, I’m constantly on my feet and an active person. Therefore I pursued the private route, the cost of which i was willing to bear through loans, if it meant I could get back to normal functionality. On researching this option I came across Nordorthopaedics website. I throughly browsed the website and felt confident from the information offered to call the free 0800 number.

The voice on the end of the line was more than relieving. As I explained to Jurate my circumstances, I couldn’t believe the efficiency, be that replying to my emails, or answering a phone call or getting back to me, was being done within hours of correspondence. That alone gave me a lot of confidence. When speaking to Jurate, at the end of Sept, I literally had a five day window for everything to be arranged. I would start back at university lecturing within a week, my next break would then be in December. I explained this to Jurate and she spoke with Dr Pocius and who had viewed my MRI’s and said that it can be done over 3 days. I also had a Skype consultation with Dr Pocius before flying out.

I was given clear explanations of what to expect and felt l could ask anything that concerned me or felt unclear and that they were there to support me as an individual, and not just another patient who had torn his meniscus of whom, they have seen thousands. That for me was most amazing, the level of care by all those at the clinic and Dr Pocius, a consultant knee and foot specialist for his realism, encouragement, and being highly professional.

It has now been over 2 months since the arthroscopy and my rehab has been great so far, I was back at training after a month, and gradually building it up. The guys at the academy can’t believe how quickly i’m back at training albeit very measured.

I can’t thank all at Nordorthopaedics enough, especially Jurate and Dr Pocius. An amazing clinic and can only hope they always hold themselves to the standards they have set, and always look to improve.

Thank you for a great service.

I couldn’t recommend this clinic enough.


Thomas Eric, N.Ireland

I was at my wits end with lying awake suffering from extreme pain and after being told that my local health service could offer no alternative or no date despite being on a waiting list for months I discovered Nordorthopaedics Clinic through searching the Web.

From my first e mail enquiry I was impressed with the very professional and swift answer to my questions from Jurate who put me very much at ease and also the details of the surgery from my surgeon Professor Tarasevicius and type of implants which he recommends.

My surgery and after care was beyond my expectations and four weeks after my surgery I am walking unaided and pain free with the exception of my other hip which I will have replaced when my body has sufficiently recovered from my first surgery.

I would recommend anyone who is in the same situation that I was in not to hesitate travelling to Nordorthopaedics for their surgery.



Whilst visiting with my daughter and her family in Ireland, I decided to take advantage of her fast internet and google where the best place to do Knee replacement surgery in Europe was. Having been diagnosed with severe arthrosis in both knees over a year ago the pain had become overwhelming, especially in the left knee. Nordorthopaedics was among the many clinics offering less expensive knee replacements. However value for money and the credibility of the surgeon was high on my list of priorities as I live in Libya where war has been raging and the economy has all but collapsed, meaning that access to foreign currency has become very expensive for everyone. Therefore how it is spent matters. After a lot of consideration I decided to go with Nordorthopaedics. From the offset their online representative Jurate was very easy to deal with answering all my questions in a concise and reassuring manner. They are very upfront with the background of their surgeons and it’s easy to check. Everything took place just as they had planned. Although I had sent ahead recent X-rays. More were taken in Kaunas before my consultancy. Both the Surgeon Dr  Belikas and the Anesthesiologist  were very reassuring and happy to answer all my queries, the operation went well and the nursing care was second to none! All the clinic staff spoke excellent English which was a tremendous help as I was traveling alone.  From the airport to my hotel, to the clinic, and later to the rehabilitation center which I booked for a week but is two hours drive away and then seeing me off  from the Airport again, a pool of educated young drivers fluent in English, took turns at driving me to each point in my journey. The whole trip was meticulously planned from A-Z. I’m truely grateful to all the people who were a part of my experience in Lithuania which is a Gem hidden in the heart of the Baltics waiting to be discovered. It fact it would be nice to return just for a holiday. Many thanks!


Sonya, Bristol

I had been in a lot of pain for 8 months or so when I decided, due to having to wait so long for knee replacement surgery; I would start to explore the idea of having it done overseas. I was very hesitant in making the decision because of a very complicated medical history.  I thought this would exclude me automatically. I’d seen my  Orthopedic consultant and had already 2 steroid injections to help pain – after he refused to do another (and did explain why) I had to go off sick from work which was very frustrating! I read thru lots of clinics in Spain and France even considered India but the best testimonials/ and experience of the Consultant; kept coming up as Nordorthopaedics in Kaunas, Lithuania.  A few enquiries later via email I got very excited and decided this was for me! No waiting 9 months  just a matter of few weeks!! Jurate and her team promised all the ferrying around, booking hotels, English speaking staff- a lovely clinic. And it all went exactly as promised.

The Surgeon and Anaesthetist asked for plenty of detail before my trip about medical problems which reassured me. I provided test results etc. The dates and flights were booked within 2-3 weeks and I was going to get my new knee.

I cannot praise ALL the staff enough and Dr Belickas was wonderful. My partner came with me and was so impressed (& needing a new knee also) he wants to have his done there. When I was in pain a nurse was there immediately- my room was big and charming and food very good. The Surgeon often stopped by to chat, checking all was OK. Showed me the xrays of the implant aswell.  After 4 days I was moved to the Rehabilitation centre in Druskninikai, I didn’t have to worry about a thing like transport or comfort or anything, and I stayed there a week. I knew I’d made the right decision as soon as the staff explained and answered my  queries. And I asked a lot!

At the rehab centre I had my timetable of physio Doctor consultations, massage and other treatments which were amazing! The centre was beautifully done set in pine forests, competent staff &  food of a very high standard. I could feel myself getting stronger in such a good environment. It really was an amazing experience added to which Lithuania and it’s people are also a delight.

I highly recommend the whole experience of going to Nordorthopaedics clinic. I’m 3 weeks post op now and taking less painkillers than before, I can walk a couple of kilometres slowly with a sit down also I feel ’well’ and rested I can attribute this to doing rehabilitation at the Spa over there.

I’m happy to speak or email anyone who may be considering surgery overseas.

Please just ask lovely, helpful Jurate for my details!


John, Ireland

There is no point in me going on about the reason why anyone needs a hip replacement because if you have experienced the pain then you will know. I needed a hip replacement and with the public health service in Ireland I was placed on a waiting list as I didn‘t have health insurance. I phoned the hospital that I was on the waiting list for to be told it could be 24 months before I even got to see a consultant. I started looking on the internet and I found a clinic in Lithuania called Nordorthopaedics. I read some of the testimonials and they were very impressive and like a lot of stuff on the internet this looked too good to be true. Anyway I decided to contact them and got a prompt reply which was a good start. I was applying for the Cross border directive scheme and needed help getting the forms filled out and The Lady I had contacted in the clinic Jurate is her name was very helpful with this.

When I got confirmation on the 12th of September that my application for the CBD was approved I contacted the clinic right away. They got back to me and asked if I wanted the procedure done soon or if they would look for a later date. I told them that I would like it done as soon as possible and they came back to me with a date for the procedure to be done on the 28th of September. This date was confirmed and I organised flights and accommodation. Because of flight dates I decided to fly out on the 25th of September and come back on the 9th of October.

Like previous testimonials have said I was picked up from the airport and brought to my accommodation. I was picked up from my apartment on the Monday and brought to the clinic, as I have a stent they did an ECG of my heart and blood tests. They also did x-rays and I was introduced to the surgeon who was a true gentleman and made me feel at ease about what was ahead of me. A time was set for the 28th as arranged previously.

On the day of the procedure I was picked up from the apartment and brought to the clinic where I was introduced to the anaesthetist and some of the other staff. I had the procedure and was returned to my private room. The surgeon came to see me later that night and the following day the anaesthetist visited to make sure I was okay as he had to give me an epidural. Later that day I was out walking with a frame on the instructions of the physiotherapist who also gave me some exercises to do in the bed. The next day another physiotherapist came and got me walking with two crutches and also gave me some other exercises to do out of the bed. The next day I was out walking up and down the corridor with one crutch. I left the clinic a couple of days later and I am now home and doing very well and have started rehabilitation back home in Ireland.

I cannot praise and thank everyone enough for all their help from initial contact with Jurate to the surgeon Professor Sarunas Tarasevicius and all the nurses and staff.  Like some of the other testimonials my family and friends were sceptical about me going to Lithuania for this procedure but I can personally verify that there is no need to be concerned about this as this is a truly professional facility and if anyone has to use this route and have any reservations about going ahead with it I have given full permission for the clinic to use my personal phone number to contact me.


Ian Ewbank, UK

Being incompetent with computers it was pleasing to be able to speak directly to Jurate – language being no barrier – who was able to put all my concerns to rest. The friendly efficiency she showed was reflected throughout the organization. It was particularly re-assuring that the brilliant surgeon, Mr. Sarunas Tarasevicius wanted follow-up X-rays at 3 months, 1 year and 3 years to ensure that the hip replacement operation  was healing satisfactory. I also felt that the 5 days I spent in rehab. was very beneficial towards  the healing process.  I have no hesitation in recommending Nordorthopaedics to fellow sufferers.


Mary, Ireland

I was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon by my GP in May 2015 for review of the severe osteoarthritis in both my hips. I was called up by the hospital in May 2016 assuming it was to see the surgeon about a hip replacement. It was a physiotherapist who sent me for further x-rays, which confirmed the chronic state of my hips. She put me on a priority waiting list which has a minimum waiting time of 18 months. I was sent home with 2 crutches feeling very deflated.

It was then in sheer desperation I started looking at treatments abroad on the internet. I came across Nordorthopaedics clinic. I could not believe the differentials in the cost of private treatment in Lithuania compared to private treatment in Ireland. Lithuania is about 60% cheaper. After reading all the testimonials on the website and speaking with a gentleman who had a hip replacement at the clinic I rang the clinic in late July. From that first telephone call with Jurate (Customer service representative) who provided me with all the answers with great efficiency my operation was booked for the 12th September 2016.

I was taken to the clinic early morning to have the usual blood tests and x-rays. My operation was scheduled for 2.00pm. I cannot thank enough Professor Sarunas Tarasevicius , the anaesthetist, all the nurses and the staff who chauffeured us around and of course Jurate who made all the arrangements. I spent 3 nights in the clinic. On Thursday 15th September we were taken to the Rehabilitation Centre in Druskininkai for 10 days rehabilitation. It was a beautiful place beside lakes and pine forests. My partner availed of all the tourist things while I was having physiotherapy, polarized light therapy and topical cryotherapy and electrotherapy and therapeutic massages to help with the healing process. Again all the staff including doctors and nurses and physiotherapists were amazing with their invaluable help in getting me back to full recovery.

I am back home now 3 days and regretting not finding out about treatment in Lithuania much sooner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nordorthopaedics Clinic and their Rehabilitation centre to anyone considering going to Lithuania for treatment. The EU cross border directive came into force in 2011 which allows for reimbursement for people who have to avail of treatment in another EU country because of long waiting times in their own country. The Nordorthopaedics clinic helped with all the necessary forms required by the Irish Health Service Executive. This clinic is one of the most efficient organisation I have ever had to deal with.

Many thanks to all.


Gurdip, UK

I had a very bad knee pain and upon private MRI scan it was diagnosed as Medial Meniscus tear and required surgery.As i was in so much pain and could not wait for my turn through NHS i decided to go private,and started searching on line. I came across Nordopaedics clinic in Lithuania.After reading the reviews and getting in touch with one of their clients i decided to go for it.

I got in touch with Jurate who is a customer service representative.Jurate and her team were very informative right the way from start to after surgery. I was picked up from the airport in Vilnius (included in the price even though Kaunas airport is local as the clinic is in Kaunas) on time and taken to the hotel in Kaunas which is one and a half hours drive.

I was picked up the next day for initial consultation,blood tests and surgery.Dr Belickas and his team were exceptional always wearing a smile and very warm. i was kept fully informed about the procedure,anaesthetic and what to expect after i come out of the theatre. The team was by my bedside when i came out of the effect of anaesthetic. I was kept in the hospital for a night with regular blood pressure checks and medication as required.

I was dropped back to the hotel next morning. Two days later the doctor saw me again and informed me all was well as he had expected,and explained the after care. My whole experience about the surgery was way beyond my imagination. The hospital for me was 5 star. The whole team from admin to surgery and after care are an asset to the profession.

Thank you very much to Jurate, Dr Belickas and their teams and all the best for the future. Please do get in touch with me if need can request my telephone number and email address from Jurate.


Robin, Wales

It’s now a month since my hip replacement, I have waited until now to give you some feedback so that my experience to date would be more informative.

Firstly my reason for making the decision to come to Nororthopaedics in Lithuania was that after considerable research and feedback from one of your previous patients,  I felt there was no better alternative in all of the other areas in Europe that I had initially considered.

Like I would imagine, so many people in my position, faced with extended delays in treatment and surgery in the UK, enduring pain, lack of mobility and the psychological distress with a almost hopeless feeling of no positive outcome for considerable time without great expense.

I am pleased to say that as I was so desperate I started to research the alternatives and thank heavens I came across Nororthopaedics.

Your service from the start of my initial contact, the quality of your information, the promptness of your reply to all my many questions over the months before my procedure, the detail of your information, was and is outstanding and like my whole experience was to the highest possible standard.

The extremely high standard of service in taking me, a nervous apprehensive candidate, from beginning to end of my experience made me at ease and confident that my decision to go Nordorthopaedics in Lithuania, was a sound and ultimately life changing positive decision.

Your whole team from being greeted on arrival at the airport, to your accommodation arrangements, your receptionists, your nurses, my Anesthetist and Professor Tarasevicius, for whom I have the highest regard, an amazing surgeon performing my Muscle Sparing Minimaly Invasive total hip replacement to the highest possible standard and then my post operative care all of which was first class at an unbelievable value for money cost.

I know from friends who have recently had hip surgery in the UK that their experience did not compare in operation technique, standard or quality of care and recovery time to myself and these friends are ten years younger than myself and are fit active sportsmen.

I will be only too pleased to speak to anyone considering Nordorthopaedics and traveling to Lithuania a hospitable, clean and pleasant country, where English seems to be a second language.


Sharon Doherty, N.Ireland

I am in my late 40’s and was on the waiting list with my local NHS hospital since November 2014 for 2 urgent hip replacements. I had to go off work at the end of June 2015 because of the excruciating pain and the lack of mobility I had.

Having waited with no appointment forthcoming (and none still to date) I found out in November 2015 about the European Directive for cross-border Healthcare – where EU citizens can go to another EU country, if you have been on a waiting list for an inappropriate amount of time, and get your surgery done there.

I found Nordorthopaedics and Jurate contacted me very shortly afterwards. I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with this clinic. I sent my medical details off with an online form and was given a Skype consultation with the surgeon Professor Sarunas Tarasevicius (who has more than 10 years experience in the field of joint replacement surgery) who assured me and answered all my questions in a very professional and caring way.

Every query I had regarding the travel, payments, surgery etc was answered by the very helpful and friendly Jurate and so I booked my second hip replacement with Nordorthopeadics for 1st June 2016.

I was met at the airport and welcomed by the lovely and friendly Victoria who brought me to the Hof hotel where I stayed for the first night.

I was brought to the hospital the following day for all pre-op tests and xrays, and the surgery was the day after. Professor Sarunas Tarasevicius and all staff were all so friendly and helpful so reassuring, the hospital has all the up to date modern facilities of any in the West of Europe.

The hospital room was modern and immaculate, and the food – you could pick from a menu both lunch and dinner times which included fresh sea bass, salads, vegetables, fruits deserts tea and coffee – it was very delicious and nutritious after surgery and most welcome.

Professor Sarunas Tarasevicius came in every day and actually sat down for a chat with me – reassuring and informative. I was up standing the next day and walking with one crutch the day after up and down the hospital corridor.

I then spent a week in the absolutely beautiful rehabilitation facility – which was more like a five star hotel.

The journey took 2 hours but I had pain killers and it was definitely worth it.

The centre is in the South of Lithuania in a beautiful forest by a river and you are met with the doctor who makes out a personalised rehab plan for you. Each floor is staffed by nurses who are on call 24/7 which to me was so reassuring at night time if you are in pain and can’t sleep.

The treatments were scheduled all day but with breaks in between: physiotherapy, heat treatment and cryotherapy (cold) treatment for the wound, electro-magnetic therapy to help balance the bodies‘ systems again.

You could also avail of their ’salt room’ which was so relaxing for a half hour listening to beautiful sounds of nature.

The food again was amazing. Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the healthiest of fresh fruits, cereals, yoghurts, salads, roast/steamed veggies, salmon stir-fries, chicken casseroles, fresh fish with delicious sauces, not to mention the delicious fresh croissants for breakfast, fresh coffee and hand made cakes, cheesecakes and mousses every day – all served by the loveliest women who will help you down with your plate if you look like you can’t manage it all!

I cannot speak highly enough of the Lithuanian people, soft spoken, caring, helpful, friendly, with integrity and humour.

Within 5 weeks I had stopped using the crutch, was off all the pain medication, and starting to go my walks again.

7 weeks on and I’m swimming every day to build up my fitness to return to work.

Don’t hesitate or sit on a waiting list in agony thinking that these countries are of a lower standard of care than ours – it’s the opposite they are of a superior standard and less than half the price – one hip surgery alone in our local private hospital costs £10,000, one hip surgery plus the weeks rehabilitation with therapies in Nordorthopaedics cost me £5,737. It’s a no brainer.


Geraldine, Ireland

I made my first contact with Nordorthopaedics Clinic in Lithuania on the 2nd August 2016. Their website jumped out at me late one night after weeks of web research. When I sent my first email I was in near despair with crippling knee pain that was making life hell for me, and my ability to do my job. I had been on a public waiting list and unlikely to see any consultant for another year. I received the first of many positive and informative emails from their customer service representative Jurate and so began a rapid exchange of emails which gave me the courage to travel abroad to have my knee replacement on the 14th September. Nordorthopaedics took care of everything including hotel booking, transport to and from the clinic in Kaunas and the Rehabilitation Centre. The day before the knee operation I was brought to the very stylish clinic at Kaunas, examined, bloods taken, X rays made and had a consultation with Dr Belickas who is charming and the most accessible consultant I ever met. This was done so efficiently that I still had time that afternoon to have a walk around the old town and medieval castle in Kaunas, which is a must see.

On the day of the operation I was brought to the clinic and given a lovely big room with its own bathroom. The operation was clearly explained to me by the anesthetist and Dr Belickas so I felt reasonably calm about the process. I was then sedated and given a regional anesthetic. Following the operation I received around the clock nursing care with daily visits from Dr Belickas who encouraged me to use my new knee. The food was fabulous and for each meal I was asked to select from a huge menu. When I did start walking around I got a lot of encouragement from the nursing staff whom seemed as happy as I to see me up and about.

I booked five days in rehabilitation centre in Druskininkai and am so delighted that I did this. I would not have felt strong enough to have taken an international flight after the operation and would not have had the confidence to go home and sort out the physio myself. So my advice to anybody thinking about having treatment here, please include some rehabilitation. The rehabilitation Centre is a newly built, four story building with a red brick façade in a pine forest by a lake. It is very impressive with a large foyer tastefully furnished in a Finnish style with modern sofas and armchairs and a reception desk. My large room was bright and airy with views onto the pine forest. We were brought to the in-house doctor when we arrived. After our consultation we were provided with a programme of treatments for the time we were there. These treatments included hot and cold applications, physio, massage, dressings, and relaxation, which kept me very busy for the five days I was there.  We got to know all the wonderful staff, Greta, Tamara, Alma to name just a few. The food was awesome there, everything made with the freshest of ingredients. Everyday there was freshly baked breads, salads, soups, pork or chicken stews, lasagna and fish. For desserts there were a variety of freshly made cakes and buns that were delicious. I really appreciated that the Lithuanians are as mad about potatoes as the Irish.

I am back at home now and can hear Greta’s voice in my head as I work my way through my exercises. I consider myself very blessed to have chosen Nordorthopaedics for my knee replacement. Lithuania is a beautiful country with very caring people. There will always be apart of me now that is Lithuanian. I look forward to returning there as a regular tourist.


Sevil, Canada

My mother was diagnosed with a severe hip arthritis and was required to have a total hip replacement surgery. After searching through Internet for private orthopedic clinics in the US, Europe and Turkey and contacting some of them I came across Nordorthopaedics website. It almost looked too good to be true. I was impressed with positive testimonials provided and the prices quoted were very reasonable in comparison with the ones provided by other clinics. Also, availability of the rehabilitation centre following surgery was another deciding factor for us as my mother’s physiotherapy choices post-surgery back home would have been limited.

We were provided with impeccable services from the moment I contacted the clinic all the way through planning a surgery up to the surgery itself and spending time in the rehabilitation centre. Without exaggerating we have not had any glitches prior or post-surgery and everything went according to the plan. I cannot say enough about Jurate who was very helpful and efficient in helping us to plan our trip, the surgery itself and time in the rehabilitation centre. My mother had great reservations about surgery and travelling abroad to have a hip replacement surgery. However after the surgery she was thankful that I insisted on having a surgery in the Nordorthopaedics. My mother was very pleased with the treatment provided by Dr Sarunas Tarasevicius and would like to thank him once again for all his help and support before and after the surgery and his professionalism. The Nordorthopaedics staff was also very helpful. My mother was also impressed by the level of service provided in the rehabilitation centre (staff was very nice and attending to my mother needs, the centre itself looked like a brand new one and very clean, the food was very good). It is such a relief for our family to know that our mother is on the way to her recovery and will be able to return to her normal life without pain and regain her previous mobility. Big thanks for that to Nordorthopaedics and in particular Dr Sarunas Tarasevicius. I would highly recommend Nordorthopaedics if you are looking for a hip replacement surgery.


Mike, Ireland

The waiting time for a hip replacement in Ireland can be as long as 12 months and may be as long as 14 months.

Having been told about the Cross Border Directive I started to look around on the internet for alternatives, and came across Nordorthopaedics’ website in Lithuania.

An initial inquiry was immediately replied to by Jurate, who requested that I send a copy of my most recent X-ray for assessment by the surgeon, Dr. Tarasevicius. Following his review, Jurate sent me a quotation for the cost of the implant and the hospital stay. This turned out to be slightly more than half the cost of having the surgery done in the Republic of Ireland.

Surgery was scheduled for 1 June, a Wednesday. On arrival in Kaunas the fantastically efficient system kicked in; I was met on arrival and taken, at no charge, by taxi to my hotel.

On Tuesday morning I was contacted by the clinic and collected at the hotel. The driver drove me to the clinic where I had an introductory meeting with Dr. Tarasevicius, following which I had blood samples drawn and then an X-ray. After that I was taken back to my hotel.

On Wednesday I was again collected from the hotel and taken to the clinic, where I was shown to my own private room which would be home for the next few days. I hardly had time to unpack before I had a visit from the anaesthetist who explained what procedures would be followed prior to surgery. Within the hour I was in the operating theater and, by 6pm, the job was done and I was back in bed.

I cannot say enough about the nursing care at the clinic. From the uber-efficient Jurate handling all the administration to the nursing staff, everything was nothing less than superb.

When I was released I was taken to the airport by taxi, again at no further charge, and the driver helped me into the terminal.

This was my second hip replacement so I doubt that I will need any further attention to that area, but if it was ever necessary I would have absolutely no hesitation in contacting Jurate and getting it set up.

Well done to all the staff at Nordorthopaedics.


Ron, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am a 62 year old who was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left hip in the spring of 2009.  I was a long distance runner, and I continued to run moderate and then shorter distances up to about 3 years ago when I could no longer run, hike or walk a golf course without pain.  Over the last 3 years my exercise has been reduced to indoor training and over the last 5 months even this reduced training brought on pain in the hip, glute and outer leg.

The medical advice I received was to delay a hip replacement as long as possible as the life expectancy of a new hip was thought to be limited.  For about 2 years I have been seeing an Orthopedic Doctor who assured me a total hip replacement can be performed in a private clinic in Canada, and it can be scheduled within 6 weeks of pulling the trigger with the cost around 10,000 to 15,000 CAD.  The other option is to go through the Public Medical System in Alberta, which my General Practitioner Doctor advised would take over 1 year to obtain an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon and eventually undergo hip replacement surgery.

In April of this year the pain became too much to endure and the Orthopedic Doctor prescribed a cortisone injection.  Typically cortisone injections last 3 months, but in my case it lasted 8 days and the pain came roaring back preventing me from walking even short distances, standing for short periods, sleeping fitfully and in addition, needless to say, lots of limping and favouring of the left leg.

The Orthopedic Doctor agreed to refer me for a hip replacement and he advised someone would get back to me with private options in Canada.  Around May 19th I was contacted with the news that private total hip replacements are not available in Canada, however he did have an option of going to Whitefish, Montana, about a 4 ½ hour drive from Calgary.  The fee for the surgery only and a 3 day stay in a clinic would be 22,000 USD, approx. 32,000 CAD.

My wife Lynda and I started to search for other options. We found Nordorthopaedics to be the most attractive option as the clinic is certified by the UK NHS; the surgeon’s resumes are impressive; Nordorthopaedics could also arrange for an optional stay at a Spa/Recovery Center; and in addition the costs in Lithuania were very attractive.  None of the other options for surgery offered a stay at a recovery center and we would be on our own to travel home to recover or find some place local to the clinic to recover.

We contacted Nordorthopaedics on May 24th by e-mail and we promptly received a detailed response from Jurate outlining the costs; the services Nordorthopaedics provides; the services available from the Spa centre; the name of the surgeon, Dr. S. Tarasevicius; tentative dates for surgery, June 27th and July 4th; and costs of surgery along with the stay at the Spa.  Jurate asked me to send an X-ray of the left hip so Dr. Tarasevicius could determine the make and type of hip implant to be used along with cost of implant.

We had issues e-mailing the X-ray files and instead we sent the large files by FedEx to Jurate who received the X-rays on May 30.  The same day Dr. Tarasevicius reviewed the X-rays and Jurate got back to us with the make and type of hip along with cost of implant.  We had some questions regarding the implant and again Jurate promptly and professionally sent detailed responses.

During the planning and arranging logistics Jurate kept us informed of the arrangements and responded extremely promptly whenever we had questions. Jurate also sent us instructions for pre-surgery and post-surgery readiness and recovery in addition to a schedule for our stay in Lithuania and also with a medical questionnaire.  The continuous communication from Jurate and responsiveness gave us great comfort and reinforced our decision to have the surgery in Lithuania.
We arrived in Vilnius On July 2nd and a driver from Nordorthopaedics logistics was waiting for us in the arrivals exit.  We were driven the 96 km to Kaunas and checked into the Kaunas Hotel in the downtown.  We explored the area around the hotel on July 2nd and 3rd, there is a pedestrian boulevard along with numerous restaurants and coffee shops along with large park areas. We found Kaunas to be very clean and scenic.

On July 4th a driver picked us up and we were driven to the clinic where the staff registered me, new x-rays were also taken along with blood tests.  I was taken to my room which was a one bed ward with attached bathroom, the room was very nice and modern.  The anesthesiologist talked to me then I was escorted to the operating room at 13:00 and awoke a few hours later with a new hip.

The day after surgery they had me walking laps in the hallway with the use of 2 crutches.  The second day after surgery I was walking laps in the hallway with one crutch. Dr. Tarasevicius visited me both days and stated the surgery went very well and he expected I would be fully recovered within six weeks.
The nurses at the clinic were excellent, responding promptly to any requests including ice, or pain killers or fluids.  Lunch and dinner were ordered from an extensive restaurant menu.

On the third day after surgery, July 7th, we were driven the Spa in Druskininkai.  The drive was a little tough, I should have taken additional pain killers. Druskininkai is a spa town in a scenic pine forest with extensive walk paths and green space, and once again very clean.

Over the 10 days we spent at Spa centre I had four consultations with an Orthopedic doctor and each day included a 20 minute physiotherapy session; 20 minute back massage; electro stimulation; and cryogenic session.  I had two different massage therapists and four different physiotherapists and they were all outstanding. The physio’s emphasised to go slow on recovery and stop if there is pain, they were all very patient.

Within a couple of days upon arriving at the centre I was slowly doing laps, using one crutch, around the outside of the building.  On the fifth day I was walking without a crutch and going for short walks on the pathways around including down to the lake not far from the spa.  My stitches came out July 15th and to celebrate we went into Druskininkai for a walk around the park and also for supper. Before leaving the Spa centre I was walking 2 km and also able to walk upstairs, very slowly.

My wife Lynda also enjoyed the stay there by taking treatments three times and also by going for long walks into Druskininkai.

The focus on recovery and attention by the centre’s staff was extremely beneficial to my recovery and I would unquestionably recommend it to anyone recovering from orthopedic surgery.

It was a bit of a leap of faith to have the hip replacement surgery at Nordorthopaedics in Lithuania, however during the planning and continuous communication with Jurate we became more and more comfortable with our decision.  In the end we were not disappointed and the care, attention, responsiveness and professionalism of staff at Nordorthopaedics and Spa exceeded our expectations.  We would not hesitate to recommend Nordorthopaedics or Spa resort to anyone seeking orthopedic surgery and recovery.


John Webster,

In December 2013 I visited my GP with groin pains and difficulty in walking and cycling. He sent me for an x-ray and on my return visit he informed me I had severe osteoarthiritis of the hip joint and it would need a replacement in the near future but carry on until things became unbearable.

A year later in January 2015 I visited my GP again as I could hardly walk more than 100 mtrs, he sent me for another x-ray and the results were worse so he referred me to the orthopaedic consultant. An appointment came through in July 2015 only to be cancelled the night before because the consultant could not see me the following day. Another appointment came through for Sept 2015 and when I walked into the consultants room he was studying my 9 month old x-ray, he confirmed what I already knew, I needed a new hip and he would speak with his colleague to get his opinion on what type of prosthesis would be the best for me. I asked the consultant how much longer I would need to wait, he replied 18 more months. It is now 3 months after the consultancy and I have still heard nothing.

By now I was very annoyed and frustrated with the NHS as my lifestyle was very restricted and life was a misery so I decided to surf the internet for private treatment even though throughout my working life I have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax and NHI contributions, the system had let me down in the hour of need !

I contacted  a clinic in Cardiff, two clinics in France, one in Spain and Nordorthopaedics in Lithuania. Prices ranged from £14000 in Cardiff, £12000 in Spain £10000 in France and a stunning £4750 in Lithuania.

Out of all the clinics I enquired I found Jurate the customer services representative from Nordorthopaedics so very efficient and helpful, she answered all my queries within the hour and gave me so much confidence I decided to take that option and undergo surgery in Lithuania. At first my family and friends were very apprehensive about going to Lithuania but I had already made up my mind. Jurate gave me a firm appointment for surgery within one week of confirmation  I booked in for 7th December 2015. From that point on Jurate took over all arrangements from pick up at the airport to drop off on departure including hotel the night before surgery, it was flawless and everything happened as per plan almost to the minute.

On arrival at the clinic on 7th December I was taken to x-ray then to my private room which had its own WC and wash room as well as TV and room service, in fact better than most hotels. In the afternoon I was prepared for surgery by the very friendly and competent nursing staff then visited by Jonas the Anaethesist and Professor Tarasevicius the surgeon, they filled me with confidence. I was taken to theatre and for surgery and I can honestly say I felt no pain whatsoever and 3 hours later I was sat up in bed eating a hearty meal with one of the nicest Tiramasus I have ever tasted, in fact the food was excellent chosen from a daily menu of your choice.

The following morning the Physiotherapist visited and had me walking the corridors on two sticks plus exercises which I strictly adhered to throughout the day and evening. The surgery was on the Monday night and when Professor Tarasavicius saw me on the Wednesday he was so pleased with progress he said I could go home next day on the Thursday (just 3 days in the clinic).

Before my flight home I stayed in beautiful Kaunas Old Town for a couple of nights and during the day time I actually walked 2 miles each day with my sticks buying souvenirs and calling into coffee shops on the way, that is really making the most of health tourism. I must stress there was still no pain and the joint stiffness was easing because I did everything I was told by both the Physiotherapist and the surgeon and kept excercising.

I have been home now for 3 days and I have already discarded one stick aiming to discard the other within a week from now. This morning I have taken the dog for a short walk and am about to carefully wash my car on the driveway. I am amazed myself at the speed of recovery which is of course due to the skill of the surgeon with his tissue preserving technique. I can honestly say I wish I took this route for treatment a long time ago, Nordorthopaedics were just fantastic and I cannot thank the whole team enough for their work and care during my stay.

I would recommend Nordorthopaedics to everyone, they are a 1st class private clinic as good or maybe better than any other you will find in Europe. Any future patients contemplating going to Lithuania for treatment are welcome to call me for a chat and ask any questions. Just ask Jurate for my phone number.


Anthony Kempton, Spain

My decision to go to Lithuania for knee replacement was influenced (although many doubted) because of the option of a rehab facility ,and of course the confidence of all I had dealings with. The cost of the operation alone would cost Euros 13,000 – 14,000 in Spain.

Everything from being met at the airport until being taken to the airport for my return was well planned.

I cant praise enough the care I received for the whole time I was in your care.

The operation has been good for me so far, still have work to do, walking unaided and swimming for exercise.

The facilities at the rehab centre, accommodation, food etc., very good and the staff very professional, they did a lot to ease my discomfort and help my recovery.
I may in future require the same in the other knee, in which  case I would be confident to return.


Kenneth King-Smith, Ireland

I have just returned to Ireland from shoulder replacement surgery with Nordorthopaedics in Lithuania and firstly and foremost I would like to thank all of the staff from the Nordorthopaedics clinic who looked after me so well during my stay.

In 2013 after having pain in both shoulders for a long time I decided to get something done about it and attended my GP. Eventually I had X-rays and an MRI scan which confirmed that I had arthritis in both shoulders. I was told to take pain killers and continued with this until 2015 when I asked to be put on a waiting list for a shoulder replacement. In response to this I received an appointment with a physiotherapist who would assess my condition and evaluate my need for an appointment with an orthopaedic consultant. Despite never having seen me, the consultant decided I should continue with the pain killers and physiotheraphy, the physiotherapist said it was unlikely that I would ever have a shoulder replacement due to the cutbacks in healthcare funding.

At this stage it was March 2016 and I was in a lot of pain and getting about 2 hours sleep a night, the response to this was to double the painkillers if I wanted 4 hours sleep a night. As I could no longer continue with this I had no option but to look for shoulder replacement surgery abroad and began to search the internet to see what was available. I found the information on Nordorthopaedics in Lithuania and also a clinic in Budapest and contacted them both by e-mail. Within a couple of hours Jurate from Nordorthopaedics had replied to my e-mail with all of the information I needed. I decided to go with them and from there on Jurate looked after everything for me. I e-mailed my medical records, the surgeon reviewed them and we set a date for the surgery for the 23rd May 2016. Jurate looked after all of the arrangements, booked the hotel etc. My wife travelled with me and we were met at the airport as arranged and brought to our hotel. The following morning Monday 23rd May I was collected and brought to the clinic for blood tests and other pre-op tests and then back to the hotel. I was collected again at 2.30pm and shown to my room in the clinic, had an X-ray , met with the surgeon Dr. Juosponis and was brought to the theatre at 4pm. I was back in my room at 7pm and feeling fine. During my 3 night stay I was looked after very well by all the medical team ,the nurses were fantastic, the surgeon visited every day to see how I was feeling and to inspect the wound and have the dressing changed. The physiotherapist also came to see me each day for a massage. I was discharged back to my hotel on the Thursday morning feeling great. On Friday I was collected and brought back to the clinic for the dressing to be changed and also on the following Monday to see the surgeon before I left. We had a lovely few days in Kaunas, its a beautiful city with plenty of restaurants and bars and parks for walking in and the sun was shining every day.

So to anybody considering Nordorthopaedics I cannot recommend it highly enough. From the first contact with Jurate, who is so professional and efficient it gave me the confidence to go ahead with the surgery. Everything ran so smoothly, it was like clockwork and before I knew it I was back home and for the first time in years I have no pain whatsoever and I am gradually getting the movement back in to my arm. I will be returning to Nordorthopaedics to get my other shoulder replaced by the end of this year.

So thank you to all the staff at the clinic, to Dr. Robertinas Juosponis who performed the surgery, to Jurate who made everything happen, and to all the nurses, administration staff at the clinic who looked after me so well.


Ursula, Ireland

All I can say from my own experience to Lithuania is, I have never encountered such professionalism from the moment I landed at the clinic on day one where I was met by friendly helpful English speaking Receptionists who immediately called Dr. Belickas for my First consultation. My husband and myself  were informed about the operation and asked us had we any questions he immediately ordered another X-Ray and bloods to be done his reassurance to both of us was very much appreciated indeed. His parting words were I will see you in the morning at 8a.m. Ursula. Dr. Belickas opted for an epidural which I was very glad of as he explained recovery time would be so much quicker and I was sitting up in my bed by 10.30 a.m. He visited me twice daily always checking I was ok I must say I felt safe and very well cared for at all times in the clinic. Then onto rehabilitation centre for rehabilitation there I was met by the trauma Physician who worked out a schedule of therapies for me these helped me to get more mobility tough going but very necessary. I would have liked however if there was more English speaking nurses there like at the clinic. All in all I had a very positive experience and would certainly recommend Nordorthopaedics to anyone who is contemplating a knee replacement starting with my G.P. where I was singing your praises. I want to thank Jurate for such a seamless and extremely well planned Trip which was faultless from start to finish.


Patricia Withey, UK

I had a hip replacement four weeks ago and am getting on very well.  I strongly recommend this clinic as they certainly have the whole package. Arranging transport, operation, and rehabilitation.

After having suffered a lot of pain for the last year and not being able to have much quality of life I went to see my doctor and after having an xray was told I would very likely have to wait about 10 years for a hip operation. I left the doctor in shock. My husband then said as the NHS was not going to help we would look elsewhere for treatment. What a good decision that was.

We found the Nordorthopaedics clinic when looking on line, it looked almost too good to be true. There was so much information on the site. Friends and family were very surprised at our decisions but we had made up our minds and by then we had spoken to Jurate and been reassured that we had made the right decision.

A date was set for 30th June and Jurate arranged everything from flights, to the transport when we arrived in Kaunas airport. From the moment we arrived everything went like clockwork. Meeting Professor Tarasevicius made me feel confident about the operation.

Before I knew it my operation was over and I was tucked up in bed in my private room. The care was excellent as were the staff. The whole clinic was immaculate as was the food supplied (not that I always did it justice, just after the op). I had no pain at all I couldn’t believe it. The following day I was out of bed walking on my new hip with the aid of a frame. The next day I was given a crutch to use. I spent five days at the clinic before being taken to the rehabilitation centre. Jurate recommended a stay of ten days which I highly recommend to anyone.

The people at the centre were very kind and caring. There were five treatments every day that I fitted in along with a very nice buffet style restaurant.


Danielle Edwards,

I am eternally grateful to your wonderful staff and how they looked after me during my stay in Lithuania.

When I travelled to your clinic from the UK , I was very anxious and in much pain and really did not know what to expect.

My experience has been very good with such a high standard of care.

It really helped to be guided through the whole process from start to finish which really took a lot of the stress away.

If I ever need to consider treatment again in the future I will be making your clinic my first choice.

Thank you so much.


Sandra and John, Ireland

Firstly let me congratulate you on a very well organised trip.  From my first contact with you on the 12th May until we left Lithuania on Thursday 7th July – everything was organised like clockwork. The transfers, accommodation, clinic where John’s operation was and then onto the rehab centre. That is a fantastic place with all the sessions were executed and thankfully without any hitch. Your drivers were brilliant and went far and beyond their duties to facilitate us. Many thanks. The weather unfortunately you didn’t have much control over however overall it wasn’t too bad.  Every detail was just as you said it would be – no hidden surprises.

The food in the hospital and the rehab centre was excellent and there were great choices each day – and there should be no excuse why anyone should be hungry. Well done.

Overall thank you for a wonderful experience and thankfully John is on the road to recovery without pain and I have recommended your clinic already to a few of my friends.


Anthony Saul, Ireland

From the first phone call I made  to Nordorthopaedics till now. Their expertise has shown through in everything they do. I would have no hesitation recommending my friends and family to use Nordorthopaedics for whatever procedure they need. This has been a wonderful experience in something I was afraid to do. ie. having my hip replacement surgery.  Thank you Nordorthopaedics for this experience.


Chris and Diane, Suffolk, UK

My wife had a knee replacement in Lithuania all organised by Jurate at Nordorthopaedics. This is our experience.

After mix up with the nhs we found my wife had been taken of the waiting list for a knee opp with the nhs,this was after 12 weeks of a 18 week waiting time. After it was sorted we were back on the list, but we were told it would be another 18 weeks from then befor the opp. My wife could hardly walk, couldnt get in a bath or climb stairs, so had to sleep downstairs on the sofa. So we looked on the net for private treatment. the cost was way above our means,until we found nordorthopaedics in Lithuania.

Being a bit apprehensive we got in touch with Jurate. What a great decision this was. Everything was explained to us in great detail.

So we decided to go for it, and to say everthing went smoothly is a understatement. After a 2 hour flight from the uk we were in Lithuania,we were met at the airport and transfered to our hotel,then on to the clinic where we met the surgeon who put my wifes mind at rest with his consultation. Then some x-rays and pre-opp tests prior to the opp next day.

Next day of the opp we were picked-up from our hotel and off to the clinic. After settling in to her private room, which boasted everthing a top hotel room has she was taken for her opp at 4pm. At 6.30pm she was returned to her room. I left at 7pm for my hotel. Next morning at 9 when i returned she was siting up in bed and had a good breakfast. She told me a nurse had sat with her all night in case she needed any pain relief etc.

We cant say enough about how well she was took care off, the food, drinks were first class. the nurses were brilliant and the surgeon mr J.Belickas visited her every day of her 5 day stay. Even on Sun morning, his day off, I met him in the lift at 9am going to visit my wife.

Then we went to a rehabilitation centre in Druskininkai which was part of the package arranged by jurate. what a lovely place set in a pine forrest by a lake.

This was a 5 star spa centre. My wife had 5 different precedures a day which included massage, physio, cold and warm treatments to her knee. We had 3 meals a day of multi choice. A nurse visited her 3 times a day to make sure her knee was healing correctly. 3 weeks after my wifes opp and back in the uk we are going for long walks everyday. when befor we went to Lithuania she couldnt walk up the garden without exreme pain in her knee.

So for the price of a good holiday, my wife had a new knee and 15 days of top notch treament.

I cant praise Jurate enough or the clinics where my wife was treated in. This is a first class package by this company. Evey small detail is taken care of. If anybody is thinking of doing this, I have no hesitation in saying go for it, you wont regret it. In fact we were so impressed that if anyone would like more infomation they can get in touch with me via Jurate who i would allow her to give my email addy or phone number to you.



I  would like to start this testimony by advising anyone contemplating hip replacement surgery that the Nordorthpaedics clinic and its superb staff surpassed all my expectations.  In a word all the staff were brilliant. I read John Webster’s testimony and concur with everything he said.

After many months of suffering with groin pains i made a decision to see a GP in October 2015.  The GP sent me for an x-ray and carried out a number of medical checks. The report on my left hip showed severe osteoarthiritis on the hip joint and bone on bone contact. My Gp promised to make an urgent appointment with the orthopaedic consultant. Having pushed them again and again for an appointment i had still heard nothing by March 2016. The pain by then had became unbearable and resulted in many sleepless nights. I decided to look locally in Spain the consultant I met was very professional but the location of the operation and the minimum pre op checks did not fill me with any confidence indeed a perusal of the hospital and patient testimonials convinced me that i had to look elsewhere.

I looked at a very promising site and was very impressed by what i saw. I decided to make an enquiry on the 3rd March 2016.

Within minutes of making the request i had a detailed response from Jurate outlining the procedures i needed to carry out and offering me an operation slot for the 14th March! Unfortunately i could not make the 14th March but Jurate rescheduled my operation for the 30th March. I have to say that during the course of our e mails and conversations i was so impressed by Jurate’s professionalism and her superb customer service skills. This combined with the comprehensive pre op checks convinced me that I had made the correct decision. The services and attention to detail I received from Jurate and all the staff associated with the clinic was impeccable.

I arrived  in Vilnius on the 28th March. I was met at the airport on time and then taken to my hotel in Kaunas which had been pre booked from a selection of hotels provided by Jurate. Arrangements were made for me to be picked up in the morning to attend the clinic for various pre op checks. I was given a blood test, cardiograph analysis and an x-ray of my hips. I then met with my surgeon Sarunas Tarasevicius who explained in detail the operation procedures to be carried out the following day. I had my operation on the 30th March. My accommodation in the clinic was superb as were the nurses and food. Following my successful operation i was visited daily by my Surgeon Sarunas Tarasevicius who was such a professional caring and kindly gentleman. After 3 days i was advised that i could now start my rehabilitation in Druskininkai which was a relaxing and beautiful area. I returned to Gibraltar on the 12th April feeling totally rejuvenated and most importantly pain free. I have still not met or had an appointment with my Surgeon in Gibraltar!! 🙂 In summary: The cost of the operation was a factor but i am convinced that the expertise and professionalism (the brilliant Surgeon Sarunas Tarasevicius) i received could not have been matched by any other clinic. This coupled with the friendly and extremely competent administrative staff (the irreplaceable Jurate and her colleagues Paula, Victoria and Renata) made my stay more like a vacation. Thank you all so much for everything.


John G, Belfast

In December 2015, 18 months of acute pain and a final x-ray confirmed what I already knew: I urgently needed a hip replacement. The long UK NHS waiting lists precluded ’hanging on’ as a solution while, without private medical cover, the cost of ’going privately’ – circa £11k – was prohibitive. Extensive research of an alternative solution, quickly brought Nordorthopaedics in to my line of sight and from a cost (circa 60% cheaper), customer care and surgical outcomes aspect, I could not be more delighted that I found them.

I have now just returned from hip replacement surgery with Nordorthopaedics and can not speak highly enough of the professionalism of all the staff at the Clinic. Equally important, the surgery has been a great success and the ’additional’ 8-day rehabilitation package I also arranged (through the Clinic) has put me well on my way to a speedy recovery; indeed, after a post Op period of just 11 days, I did not need to book ’special assistance’ for the return flight  to Ireland!

Nordorthopaedics have a winning formula and team: from first contact with the incredibly efficient/helpful Jurate in Client Services (who promptly answered every query), to Professor Tarasevicius, my surgeon, ’Jonas’, the anaesthetist, and all of the nursing staff, I simply could not have had better treatment. With the contact I had throughout, any initial fear I had of going overseas to the Clinic were quickly allayed, and the surgical outcome/recovery has been way beyond expectation.

Should circumstances demand, I would have no hesitation using the services of the Clinic again.


Alan, UK

Like other people before me i needed a hip replacement, but didn’t relish the prospect of waiting up to two years on the NHS or having the operation in just a few weeks by paying £10,000 or more  So i decided to look at other alternatives of hip replacement in the E.U., and i am pleased to say  came across Nordorthopaedics.  I did my research and read all the testimonials i even spoke to a patient who had his hip replaced just 3/4 weeks prior who was delighted with his out come, and so eventually plucked up the courage to phone them. (being a 73 year old clearly the prospect of going to a country i know nothing about,  for a major operation on my own, was quite daunting).

Jurate answered my call who was my first line of contact, a very professional and helpful lady who answered any question i put to her and has been supportive throughout my experience. As my questions were being positively answered i felt my initial fears begin to dissipate. I then had a phone consultation with Professor Sarunas Tarasevicius the highly qualified and experienced surgeon performing my operation, who explained everything to me in detail including the technique of muscle paring (as apposed to muscle cutting) which aids in recovery and what type implant would be the most suitable for me, but that  would be finalised after my consultation in Lithuania.

So armed with all this information i decided to go ahead and set the date, this is where Jurate stepped in and organised everything from help with hotels and all free transfers,i spent 4 days in the clinic which had a great menu and was cared for by professional staff who could be at your side within seconds. I then elected to go for rehabilitation for 7 days to aid my recovery and followed a program of physio therapy which i can recommend, again i was well looked after. The whole experience went very smoothly, especially in the knowledge that Jurate was at the end of a phone to help if i needed it.some friends came out on the weekend to aid my return journey home.   In conclusion if i needed my other hip replaced i would return to Nordorthopaedics again, and the icing on the cake, the NHS has decided to fund my operation. (requires a lot of form filling).


Mariana Okam

Because of my condition I started searching the internet for a place to do my hip replacement since january 2016. I made inquiries and during my search one day came to me boldly hip replacement surgery with only 3500 Euros in Lithuania. I told myself that the offer was interesting and I should find out more about Lithuania.

My search brought out only good and flattering things about your country, and I remembered that some time ago I followed a documentary describing Lithuanians as disciplined and hard working people working selflessly for the improvement of their economy.

And so I contacted your clinic and you followed the request so closely and meticulously, I was impressed and so with my husband’s consent I made up my mind.
And we finalised things, as you know, and now I have no regret whatever for choosing your reputable establishment.

This is my little story about a successful endeavor and surprisingly high quality medical care for which I can reccomend you to any one that requires your services.

My sincere gratitude to every member of the medical team that took care of me during my stay and especially to Doctor Tarasevicius Sarunas for his expertise.


Philip, Spain

Well darlings I am back in Spain after stopping off in England to visit the children (Well there was tears all round as I showed off my walking skills). I think when you operate on someone and it is so successful who is so well loved, it brings pleasure to his or her loved ones who have watched that person who has turned into someone who is always in pain or on another planet because of the pain killers NOW it is smiles all round.

We sat in our beautiful garden yesterday with friends with music playing, lots of smiles and laughter. Hey we even had a little dance.

I was worried coming over to Lithuania as I did not know it or the people, well now I will sing to the treetops how great you all are and how beautiful your country is and how safe I felt being on my own. Also how good the shopping is ha ha. The staff at the hotel were all very nice and caring also your hospital could not be more attentive and kinder.


Bunyod, Amsterdam

My name is Bunyod and I live in Amsterdam. I’ve arranged the knee replacement surgery for my mother from Uzbekistan, 63. Mr. Juozas Belickas has done the surgery who is a very kind person. He showed the full proficiency before and after the surgery. Now it’s been almost 2 months and my mother is recovering very well.

In terms of arrangement, Jurate, customer service rep, has been helpful from the beginning until the end. In terms of 1-10 grading scale, I would put 10 for all the organizational arrangements by Jurate and transportation team.

The clinic itself is very clean and patients get quality service in all aspects. Overall I am happy with the decision we’ve made regarding the surgery in Kaunas and rehab procedure in Palanga. After the full recovery, we are planning to have the second knee operated by Mr. Belickas.


Mark H.,

I tore my Pec Major Tendon towards the end of 2015 whilst training. I left it for a couple of months before finally I deciding to look into having it fixed privately to miss out the NHS waiting times.

I went to a well known clinic near Manchester who quoted £5000 and who seemed to me to not have the ‘personal touch’. I went home and decided to look into going abroad to have the treatment and through my research found the clinic in Lithuania.

I corresponded with the clinic and, Jurate Gedeikiene, (clinic customer services representative) was amazingly efficient with replying to all of my questions about the surgery I was looking for and gave me a quote of 2600Euros.

I decided to get the surgery done and flew to Lithuania where I met my surgeon, Liudas Bazaras. He was also extremely professional and explained about the surgery and made me feel very comfortable.

The surgery was a success and throughout the whole process I was always kept informed and never waited around longer than about 20mins before someone was dealing with me.

Before I went to Lithuania I had a lot of people at home being sceptical about where I was going to have surgery. However, I am glad I kept an open mind as they couldn’t have been further from the truth which is that the clinic and personnel in Lithuania are equal, if not better, than those I encountered in the UK.

I would not hesitate in recommending people to go to Lithuania for their medical treatment.


Tiago Higgs,

Nordorthopaedics is like I have found Gold. I had this injury for 5 years (meniscus tear) which prevented me from doing all the things I like such as hiking, running etc. I as well was questioning such decision of flying abroad for surgery but with NHS constantly rescheduling my appointments due to strikes, an average 12 month wait for surgery and a ridiculous price in private…it was a no-brainer to me that Nordorthopaedics would be the way to go.

I was impressed from every point of view, clinic is good and quiet, the planning of every day was carefully put together and agreed by me at every stage and this is from Jurate’s amazing hard work, the nurses were smiley and interactive even on a working sunday, the ladies from the main desk are quick with the paperwork and look like super models, my driver Paula is beautiful and always happy and was there when needed always 5 minutes before the agreed time and to close the compliments…Dr Bazaras is absolute class!

I felt like everyone was working towards my well being and somehow no one felt like a stranger to me.

I don’t want to get another injury!! but if I do…I am super happy to know I always have Nordorthopaedics just around the corner.


Robert Dowling,

I was very impressed with the service as I booked everything just 2 weeks in advance. I had a small meniscus tear which needed minor arthroscopic surgery.

I was picked up from the airport at 11pm and taken to my hotel. I was picked up the next morning and taken for an MRI, followed by a consultation with the surgeon and finally surgery that evening. I stayed overnight in the clinic which was excellent. I was driven back to my hotel the next day and picked up again 2 days later for a final consultation with the surgeon before being dropped off at the airport.

I was snowboarding 5 weeks later. I would definitely use their services again.


Julie Brookes,
UK / Spain

I am British but live in Fuerteventura after having a few problems with my hip l had an x-ray, l was told that my existing hip which was replaced 16 years ago was near to collapsing so l needed an urgent replacement. They don’t do this locally so l flew to Tenerife but was not happy with my consultation. I also got a price from Nuffield in England where l had my first hip replacement but it was too expensive. I learnt from my research that not every surgeon does revisitation surgery.

I started to do some research and came across Nordorthopaedics clinic in Lithuania, l sent a few e-mails to make enquiries and was answered by Jurate within the hour,  all my other questions were answered quickly and professionally which helped make my decision easier, l forwarded my x-ray for the surgeon ( Professor Sarunas Taraservicius) who confirmed again it was urgent, the reassuring part is he wouldn’t even consider surgery without first looking at my previous notes, only then would he give me a price which varies depending on what type of hip he recommends and the price was very reasonable, he even rescheduled his surgery to fit me in because it was urgent. I did a lot of research into the clinic and surgeon and finally contacted the British embassy in Lithuania who confirmed that the clinic was genuine and properly regulated by the state and is a member of the association of Lithuanian private healthcare organisations and Professor Sarunas Taraservicius also worked at the main university hospital.

It was a big decision but finally l decided to go even though l had to get 2 flights, l was met at the airport and taken to my hotel and the next morning collected and taken to the clinic, I had another x ray and pre med checks, a meeting with the anaesthetist and a consultation with the surgeon which were all reassuring and then finally the operation. The operation went really well, l saw a physiotherapist briefly for the first 2 days, l was only in hospital for 4 nights then went to a hotel, l was in Lithuania for 2 weeks because l had 2 flights to get home. I am home now and after 2 weeks walking really well with one crutch climbing stairs and feeling really well, all l can say is a big thank you to professor Sarunas Taraservicius.


Jen Coppock,

4 months after dislocating my knee I finally had an MRI in the UK (Wales) and the NHS told me my ACL was severed and I had a 12 month wait for surgery making me miss the national team tryouts at the start of next year. After desperately attempting to get on the urgent list without success I messaged Nordorthopaedics. Within a fortnight I had flown out to Lithuania and had surgery. It’s a beautiful country and the people were really friendly. The clinic itself was nothing like the hospitals here in the UK, it was like a 5* hotel with surgery on offer. The surgery itself was straightforward, the surgeon spoke fantastic English and the staff were brilliant. My GP saw me when I returned and took the stitches out, he was very impressed with the quality of the surgery. I’ve seen my physio and progress has been fantastic. It’s just 9 weeks on and I’m feeling better than pre surgery, I’m cycling and jogging, and I’ve done a bit of skating again (taking it easy). I cannot thank everyone at Nordorthopaedics enough for giving me my life back.



I am so pleased I found the Nordorthopaedics Clinic in Lithuania. I fell injuring my shoulder, which was subsequently diagnosed as a torn tendon, a very painful condition. In the United Kingdom I would have to have waited three months for surgery on the National Health Service, or a minimum of one month for surgery paid for privately. I contacted the clinic by email who dealt with all my questions very quickly and courteously, giving me complete confidence. I arranged the visit one week and had the surgery the following week, which was both much quicker and much – much cheaper than paying for it in the Uk, ( even with air fares and hotel bills taken into consideration!) Dr. Bazaras is obviously very good as since coming round from the anesthetic after repairing three tendons three weeks ago I have suffered no pain, and the small cuts for the key hole surgery have just about disappeared.

All in all I would thoroughly recommend Dr. Bazaras and this clinic for this type of surgery.


Tamer, Italy

My experience with Nordorthospedics April/May 2015:

I found out about Nordorthpaedics through internet research.
I started by sending them an email and in less than 5 minutes I received a very professional detailed answer.

Jurate was the person who contacted me and she always answered in a professional way and in a timely manner.

She asked me more detailed questions about my case and once I answered and forwarded my MRI to her, she responded with the Doctor’s evaluation of the situation, and we started talking about details.

I was given all the help and support in organising the trip.

The airport pick up was excellent and the person who was in charge of that (Victoria) was very professional and she was in charge of taking me to the hotel back and forth to the hospital for post-operation check.
Always on time and always customer oriented.

The reception desk was aslo very professional and customer oriented.

I had a knee arthroscopic intervention to repair a meniscus tear and it went well. The medical team was very professional and caring, whether it was the surgeon or the anesthetist, the nurses, the physiotherapist.

All of them were more than caring and took care of each and every detail.
I spent two days at the hospital, the room was very comfortable, food was great and always on time, free wi-fi was available.

I am now following the post-operation physiotherapy and all seems going well.

Last but not least, the rates are very reasonable compared to what I get in my home country -Italy- or to other places that have been recommended to me. And once again, the service is impeccable.

Kaunas is a very nice town, with lots to offer, offering EU standards at very reasonable rates.

I highly recommend Nordorthopaedics to anyone.



As I sat at home contemplating a minimum 18 week wait for total hip replacement on the National Health Service and a further 8-12 weeks recuperation expected after the same surgery some 4 years ago,  I was left with no medical or financial recourse but to find a private solution. The cost in the U.K was too expensive an amount I could afford against the shorter period out of work. After some friend asked if I had thought of going to Europe for surgery, which I admitted I had not, I started to look. I was fairly surprised at the cost of the surgery and implant as it was less than half of what the cost in the U.K. As a general rule if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

However after much research of the clinic and implant suggested in Lithuania, I came to the conclusion, that not only were the facilities excellent, the surgery proposed was equal in every respect as I would receive in the U.K.

Then the only decision to make was if I was brave enough to travel alone to a former soviet eastern bloc country. I certainly was nervous and as the time approached anxious and self- doubting of my decision. However I decided that in the end the risk, in my circumstances, outweighed the prospect of being in a much weakened state both physically and financially had I waited to have done on the NHS.

Now at just over one week after surgery and a very pleasing stay in both clinic and hotel in Lithuania, I am ready to give my verdict.

I am walking in a normal fashion, without any aid and was able to comfortably drive from the airport home. The medical procedure and after care, as far as my experience allows, has been excellent. The recovery, despite not taking up the extra cost of stay at a physiotherapy clinic, has been so far more rapid than my first hip replacement 4 years ago. I put this down partly to the skill of the surgeon and possibly advancements in various drugs used and partly to having it done before it had degenerated both joint and muscles to a low level.

The first hip replacement undergone was at that lower level and recovery was nearer eight weeks to the same level I expect to be at after only two weeks. I now expect to be fully fit for work on a building site within a matter of one month from the operation as opposed of still rotting away at home for a further 4 months or so at best.

This experience not only allayed all my anxieties felt before I left, but also vindicated my research and original decision made.

My personal thanks to everyone both at the clinic, and indeed to people of Kaunas I had the pleasure to come into contact with during my stay.


Kayo, Canada

After tearing my ACL here in Canada and looking for surgery abroad I had many options to choose from. As a resident from Canada people and friends were skeptical of me travelling to Europe for surgery. I have to say I am beyond thankful for your clinic, your staff and the surgeon who made this surgery a success. Your professionalism and excellence were way over the top. Everything from booking through email to the last day of being driven to the airport I felt very cared for. In Canada we do not offer the kind if service I recieved in Kaunas at your clinic. Informative, caring and genuine are only some the words I would use to explain my experience. If there are any skeptics out there about surgery abroad I would put your fears to rest and choose your clinic hands down out of all the places in the world we were looking at. The drivers were professional, the surgeon was a professional and all the staff were amazing. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back. I have been telling all of my friends and people on my travels about your clinic and your beautiful city. I believe people all around the world should know how top quality your services really are. So again thank you, while I still have a road to recovery on my ACL. You made it possible.


James, Thailand

I am an Australian Musculoskeletal Management specialist who has practiced in Thailand a medical tourism hub for 20+ years. So how did I come to do a total hip replacement in Lithuania. Firstly, the surgeon was the best qualified and experienced in the procedure I wanted/needed. Secondly, after reviewing my case data he proposed what I considered the best possible intervention, albeit technically difficult. In fact several orders of magnitude more difficult than a basic hip replacement, using the highest quality large diameter components fitted  via a tissue sparing approach designed for small components that is already much more difficult than classic non-tissue sparing approaches.

Once in Lithuania the service and communication kept me at ease and the procedure went like clockwork. 3 hours after surgery I could move and feel without experiencing much pain or sensory deficit, the next day I  could walk using 1 walking stick only and within a week all swelling/bruising and pain were gone despite not taking any pain or inflammation medicines. At this time I rated the operation a total success despite not being able to walk without a walking stick, this was not due to a failing of the surgery but was caused by pre-existing  weakness and damage to soft tissues caused by my prior severe hip derangement. 2 weeks post surgery I recommenced full time practice despite this involving prolonged standing and bending that certainly would not be possible at this time after a less sophisticated intervention.  Now 3 weeks post surgery I can walk/run, climb and descend stairs unaided, and are beginning to restart an active life that I had not really experienced for nearly 2 years prior to the surgery. I am very thankful that I travelled to Lithuania and had Dr. Sarunas and Jonas apply their skills to my needs. The rest of the team, food and general experience of Lithuania was also positive.


Kevin, Ireland

My experience with Nordorthospedics clinic September 2014:

From my first contact with Jurate from the clinic until I was boarding my flight back to Ireland I cannot recommend Nordorthospedics enough.

Contact from email to phone conversations was excellent, pick-up from airport, clinic and hotel and return by the lovely well spoken Karina was super, Jurate organised my hotel accommodation which I was given a choice of where to stay.

The clinic itself is first class, the doctors right down to receptionist all spoke perfect English, the private room was perfect.

Surgery on my shoulder worked out fine, the doctor has many years experience and was more qualified than the doctor here in Ireland. I save a lot of money by choosing here.

If I need anything else surgery related I would not hesitate to go back.


Steven, UK

I would like to thank the clinic and staff for an excellent service for my orthopedic treatment. I attended the clinic for ankle arthroscopic surgery and had reservations in what the quality of the surgeon, staff, clinic and level of care I would receive.  The level of communication and information I received prior to my decision to choose your clinic made it far easier. From when I was collected from the airport until I was dropped off again, I found the level of care was excellent. Karina, who was the main person who looked after me during my stay was great. She collected my medication for me and meet all my needs and was most helpful. The surgeon and clinical staff were excellent and I believe I was receiving the same standard (if not better) level of care than I would of received in the U.K. Also all questions I had post op after returning home a few weeks later were answered quickly. I would highly recommend having treatment in Lithuania and would definitely come back again if I needed to.

Only further advice I would give to anyone is if you need a wheelchair on your return flight, then you need to arrange this yourself with your airline.


Alberto, USA

When looking for a place to have my hip-replacement operation done, Nordorthopaedics was one of the first clinics I came across. The Baltics seemed like a great option as I was in Finland at the time and the flight was short. I got a prompt and friendly reply from the staff, and they were able to schedule me in the next week already which was my requirement due to staying in Europe on vacation only. Although the price was a very important factor for me, I did really want to know about the surgeon beforehand as well and I did find all of his qualifications on the clinic’s website. Dr. Tarasevicius did a fenomenal job and the result is just what I had only been able to dream about. Now it has come to reality. Thank you so much for your care!


Tomas, Sweden

I had a torn Achilles tendon and needed fast access to surgical assistance since Swedish general hospitals do not operate these injuries any more. To achieve good results a ruptured tendon needs to be operated as soon as possible (2-5 days). In my case Nordorthopaedics was the only caregiver I found that could provide an operation within this time limit. Nordorthopaedics provided fast professional assistance with a personal touch. I felt they both listened to my input as patient and  provided a qualified independent assessment.

I had the opportunity to discuss the operation beforehand both with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist.

The operation wound has healed very nicely with no infection and little scaring. I feel I am on the way to a good recovery and want to thank all who made this possible.

Best quality service with fluent English speaking staff and Swedish translator.

I warmly recommend Nordorthopaedics.



Well, I was living with torn ACL for a year and a half, but one day it struck me with idea to make an ACL reconstruction. So i started searching for a clinic. There were two main criteria for me: surgeon and price. I looked through different options in Lithuania, Poland and Germany, but was mostly impressed by Dr. Belickas portfolio. Besides, prices were also surprisingly low (compared to those in Poland and especially in Germany). Having made up my mind, I contacted the Nordorthopaedic Clinic… and here’s the moment the awesomeness begins! Yes, everything starts from the brilliant work of customer service. I got fully arranged surgery less than in a month. This includes: preparing documents for Visa (invitations and stuff), scheduling every day of my stay, booking hotels, arranging transportation, answering all my questions and etc. After my arrival to Lithuania they kept on fulfilling all my needs.

Then comes the day of surgery and I have to point out professionalism of the staff: everyone seemed to be a master of their business. Perfect anesthesia, caring staff and skillful hands of doctor Belickas made my surgery fast and painless. And from month perspective I should say it was successful. Have to mention, that I haven’t felt any pain during surgery and afterwards. Literally, no pain at all.

Summing up everything said, I believe that Nordorthopaedic Clinic was the best choice I could made. And I’m happy I’ve made it. Once again, thanks everyone who took care of me, you guys and girls are awesome!



I badly damaged my shoulder rotator cuff whilst at my house in Crete. When I tried to arrange a consultancy when I got back to England, I realised it would take months waiting for surgery there. By accident I came across Nordorthopedics clinic and it was the best accident that has ever happened to me!! They were able to fit me in for surgery just a week later and there I was on a plane from Crete to Lithuania worrying that I may have made a big mistake. I really need not have worried! My surgeon was first class and highly experienced and did the surgery arthroscopically. My anaesthetist used the ”gold standard” shoulder block plus sedation technique. The nursing staff was very caring and competent and the patient relations staff were very farming and looked after all my non-medical needs very efficiently. After a 4 day stay I came home to England a totally satisfied customer and saving the best thing to last, for everything including my flights, hotel, food, surgery and hospital stay it cost me about £2000 rather than the £6000 plus (just for the operation alone)! And by the way, Kaunas is a great place to visit with a lovely old town and it is incredibly cheap to eat and drink. If this is what medical tourism is all about, I am a dedicated convert!


Jefrey, UK

I`m 59 and had my left TKR 5 months ago. Before I felt so dreadful getting up from sitting position, I could bend like 100 and felt like 90 and am not even 60…  Was told by Dr. Belickas it might take 1 year to fully recover.  I feel now it`s getting better, after therapy in Lithuania I bend 130 – strenght is coming back!


Anna, Ireland

Half a year my struggle with knees had become a daily battle. I could only remember what it meant to walk without pain and tried many treatments like injections, physical, therapy… Nothing helped thus it became obvious that solution is a surgery.  It might be difficult to accept that you really need it, for me it was a challenge, not even considering going abroad.  Now I only can be grateful I chose this clinic.  Many thanks to surgeon Juozas who calmed me down before the surgery and explained what’s going to happen. Now after half a year every day feels better and better, I can even ride a bike again.


Nancy, Ireland

About two years ago I noticed I might have problems with bunions, especially on right foot. Soon it was clear my toes were being pushed outwards. It became difficult to keep on foot for longer time, the right foot started having a huge impact on my life quality –  not only a pain there was, I could not find myself even decent pair of shoes…  When I started looking for a good clinic, I found a possibility to have the surgery done abroad for an amazing price. I felt I was in very good hands, thanks for surgeon Gintautas Pocius. Now it has been 3 weeks after op, I am wearing  a special postoperative shoe which protects my toe and feeling already much stronger. I think I will be absolutely healed in 1 month and will begin a new life!


Michael, Ireland

I like sports, I am active man and I remember the morning when suddenly heard strange popping sound in my knee and felt the pain. It happened when I was running, slipped and somehow put down my left leg at wrong angle… Pain has not disappeared for a couple days. In the hospital I was told  I  had torn my anterior cruciate ligament.  Soon as I started looking for a good clinic to have the surgery I was fond of Nordorthopaedics. So I went there and now I can only be grateful for the whole service, especially attention by surgeon Juozas.  I know, rehabilitation requires much patience, it takes several month of intense physical therapy to restore the ACL and is the same important as the surgery. If it wasn’t for Nordorthopaedics I would definitely had to postpone the surgery because I would’ve had to save a lot of money to cover the surgery cost at home. Here I managed to save my time, to save great deal of money and what it most important, I restored my health.


Alexandra, Russia

I had total right hip replacement 3 months ago. The immediate relief from pain was amazing. I felt some discomfort, but nothing that I would call pain. I quit using the cane after one month, and now I walk normally. I can climb stairs, drive a car and get dressed without any help. I no longer have such pain that I had before the surgery and I am totally pleased with the results. Moreover, the service was splendid and everyone was really helpful and kind.


Andrey, Ukraine

I had right hip osteoarthritis for several years. The pain was horrible so I decided to have a surgery. I had a total hip replacement 2 months ago, and let me tell you it was the best thing I could have done. No more pain, no problems after the surgery. I was back to work in about 2 months. I had rehabilitation in Lithuania as well. I think it helped me a lot.


Wendy, UK

I first found out about Nordorthopaedics Clinic by doing a Google search as I was looking at options for having a Hip replacement privately.    I was initially looking at options to have the surgery in the UK and the thought of travelling outside of the UK having only vaguely crossed my mind.   On seeing the cost of the surgery in the UK and realizing that it was not an option for me financially I decided to “just look” at what it might cost elsewhere.

Nordorthopaedics literally was the first website that I found and jumped out at me on the google search.   I was very skeptical I have to say as although I had heard of Lithuania, I really didn’t know anything about the country or exactly even where it was to be honest and it wouldn’t have been somewhere that would have instantly come to my mind when thinking of surgery abroad, not like France or similar for example.

I took a look anyway and have to say I must have spent ages trawling through the pages of the website and reading the reviews and testimonials and eventually then followed the link to the client-based Facebook page.   This was the best decision I made to do just that. I couldn’t believe what people were saying and instantly had “a good feeling” about this place. So, I joined the Facebook page and then started to follow it and read what others were saying about their experiences of surgery.  It was all good and I just couldn’t find anything negative at all to be honest.

My next step was to send an email to just ask about the initial details and to find out how long the waiting times were for surgery for a Hip replacement.  I got an instant reply from a very nice lady called Aurelija who couldn’t have been more helpful. She informed me that the current wait time at that point was about 4 weeks.  So, I went away and had a think about it and what to do, I didn’t go straight back to her as I was struggling to sort out the finances to be able to do this and explained that I might be interested but wasn’t sure of when it could happen.  She was totally understanding and wasn’t pushy at all about my delay and said to simply contact her again as and when I wanted to. I liked this approach.

In the mean time I then started to chat to people on the Facebook group and get some first-hand accounts of what people were going through and what they thought of both the Clinic and then UPA the rehabilitation Spa.  This again was so encouraging and positive that I just knew that this was going to be a good decision for me to go here.

I made contact again with Aurelija about mid-January 2019 and again asked about the waiting times and when I could get a date for surgery.   She came back to me with a date of 9th February as there was “1 space” left on that date.   I didn’t hesitate I just went for it.   

From that moment onwards we must have sent back and forth nearly 40 emails between us organzsing the trip, she did absolutely everything apart from book my flights, that was all I had to do.

From the moment I arrived in Lithuania, which was quite a late flight in at 10pm, I was totally looked after and felt safe.  I was picked up at the airport and taken to a hotel and then the next day picked up by a very pleasant young lady who took me to my pre op appointments and then back to the hotel.

The time at the Clinic having the surgery and then 2 days recovery were faultless.  At this point also I would like to say that the Clinic and surroundings were spotlessly clean.   I was very nervous and apprehensive because I had travelled alone on this journey so had no one I knew around me at all, but this didn’t matter, the nurses, the surgeon and everyone were just so friendly and reassuring to me.  It was over and done with so quickly I didn’t have time to worry!

On day 3 I got transported along with 4 others to UPA Medical Spa in Druskininkai.  I decided on a longer stay at UPA because I was able to and recognized the importance of having rehab time straight after surgery.   This was the best decision to be honest. If I say one thing that is please if you are going to go to UPA, stay for as long as you can afford to because it makes a huge difference to the whole recovery process, with the cutting-edge treatments that you get given at this amazing facility.  All the staff here were again extremely friendly and helpful and it was just like walking into a 5* hotel facility. The rooms were nice and spacious and the food excellent. I decided also to pay extra for treatments and the quality was just outstanding, I had 2 facials!

I have absolutely no regrets about doing this and would 100% recommend that anyone who is currently in pain and suffering waiting on an NHS list that they strongly consider making the investment to go to Lithuania and get the surgery done by a top class surgeon in the field of Orthopaedics,  get 1st class treatment and service and value for your money.  The whole process for me has been seamless and pain free, and I would do it again with no hestitation if I had to.

In fact, I enjoyed the whole journey to Lithuania that much that I am considering going back there at some point as a fully fit and healthy person to UPA to enjoy all the facilities that I couldn’t this time around and get to see the beautiful town of Druskininkai a bit more as I hear it is amazing in the summer months.

A big heart felt thank you to everyone at Nordorthopaedics and UPA for your outstanding service and attention to detail.


John, Canada

In January 2017 my family doctor recommended me for a replacement hip (right leg) due to the deterioration of my osteoarthritis, a condition that had been gradually getting worse since 2014.

By early December I was still waiting to see a surgeon and was told it could be another 10 months until that happened and up to five months after that before the subsequent surgery. Quality of life, not only for me, but also my family, is very important and as I could not face another year or more suffering loss of mobility, we decided to look for alternatives to having surgery in Canada.

A friend had his hip replacement at the Nordorthopaedics clinic several years ago and had told us to look into this option.  Also, a local neighbour had hip surgery there last year and was planning to go back to have her second hip replaced. They both spoke very highly about the organization, facilities, clinic, surgery process and rehabilitation.

Our biggest concern, apart from the cost, was the travel distance and time involved but we decided to contact the clinic to see what was possible.

My initial contact was by email with Jurate who was very informative and advised that there was an opening at the end of January, which was less than 6 weeks waiting time. 

When Jurate went on leave Aurelija became our contact, she completed the final stages of the arrangements and everything went like clockwork. All emails were answered in a timely fashion and every detail was explained beforehand. There were no surprises or unanswered questions.

The process, from pick up at the airport, being taken to the hotel (HOF), to the clinic for the pre-surgery consultation and medical tests, followed by surgery and initial physiotherapy was excellent.

At the clinic we were impressed by the amount of support we were given, the nursing staff were very attentive and the surgeon and the anaesthetist explained the procedure clearly and answered any questions we had.

On the second day after surgery we were taken to the UPA rehab centre in Druskininkai, about 90 minutes by car for nine days of rehabilitation.

The rehab at UPA was excellent and consisted of therapeutic massage, physical therapy, polarized light therapy and topical cryotherapy all on a daily basis.  There was also nursing support for pain control and dressing changes and regular visits from the doctor to check on progress.

Everything about our experience was positive, the only thing we had to do ourselves was book our flights, every other detail was taken care of. We highly recommend the excellent services provided by Nordorthopaedics Clinic and the UPA Medical Spa.


Barbara, N. Ireland

My name is Barbara Carlisle and I was on a waiting list for a hip replacement in Belfast Northern Ireland I was initially told 1yr then 18mts then 20 mts. I am 68yrs old and lead a busy life always on the go and the prospect of a long wait and my pain and mobility getting worse was beginning to affect my mood.. I happened to be out one day using a walking stick and I met a former nursing colleagues daughter who is a general practitioner and she informed me of the EU Directive so I decided to look into it.. When I heard about Lithuania from a friend who was going I’m sorry to say my first thought was WHERE??.. my daughter wanted to be with me but has a terrible fear of flying but we decided to look into it and my friend talked us through it and she emailed Jurate who said to forward an xray and consultants letter… I did so and with in 12hrs she had everything organised for us.. I have never experienced efficiency like it in all my life…. We didn’t have to do a thing bar book our flights and I think Jurate even does that… We arrived in Vilnius Airport and were met with a car that took us for an x-ray then on to meet the professor for our pre op.. A lovely gentleman who speaks perfect English.. We had bloods taken and an ECG done… We then were taken to our hotel for the night.. I was 2nd on the list so had to be at clinic for 10 am and I was allowed a coffee and glass of water at 8 am… On arrival at the clinic I met the lovely anaestist who put me totally at ease and then the lovely head nurse Oshra ( not spelt right. Apologies) she was an absolute gem an also spoke perfect English… I walked to theatre at 11am… And the next thing I knew I was awake and on my way back to bed… My daughter was informed by Dr of my progress.. Within 6hrs I was on my feet and was doing the stairs. The next day with the help of the physio… On sat we were transferred to the rehabilitation unit UPA where we had nurse on duty physio massage and heat treatment to wound daily.. Bliss.. Well apart from physio which requires a little bit of work..

I have to say to anyone thinking about going abroad for surgery Nordorthopaedics in Lithuania don’t hesitate it’s an amazing experience from the minute you contact Jurate until you arrive back home.


Eric, Scotland

Hip replacement in Lithuania. Most people asked me “where?” when I spoke of travelling to the capital Kaunas for a hip replacement operation at the Nordorthopaedics Centre. What made you choose Lithuania and this clinic I was frequently asked? Setup looks and is very modern, well equipped and the surgeon and the nursing staff were both highly qualified and experienced and meeting him in person was a delight “no stuffed shirt” or “red tape nonesence” just good advice, guidance, knowhow and most importantly, information which was transparent and jarjon free even went into the new hip components available and their advantages over older components. Everything laid on a plate from being picked up at hotel to clinic to transit to the wonderful Re-Hab centre UPA which you would be foolish not to attend as this is the start of your 5 star rehabilitation process (a cost you will have to find but not expensive), if your willing to put in some effort these people will have you up and going very quickly under the careful eye of physio’s, massagers and nurses who change dressings everyday. On release from the Re-hab the doctor asked me how I felt, one word sums up the experience I encountered for my trip to Nordorthopaedics/UPA – WONDERFUL.


Elizabeth, Scotland

I was in pain for over 2 years with my hip, the waiting time for a hip replacement was too long for me to suffer any longer. I went on the internet and found Nordorthopaedic clinic, I read everything about the surgeon and watched videos from patients who had this done, after reading all the reviews it took me 1 day to contact them, Jurate, who is shining star dealt with everything but the flights, within 3 weeks I arrived at the clinic and met with Professor Taraservicuis who explained the procedure to me, one day later on the 19th July I had the operation, next day I was on my feet and pain free!I would like to thank everyone at the clinic for their professionalism and kindness which I received during my stay.This was a difficult decision to go abroad, but after the operation I wish I had done it sooner.


Janet, West Yorkshire

I had excellent care throughout my stay in Lithuania. The surgeon Dr Surunas Tarasevicius is highly professional, approachable, knowledgeable and expert. He talked through the procedure with myself and my husband before the surgery and saw me three times in all.

The nursing care was so good; Raisa my nurse looked after me and helped me get up and walk with a frame about 4 hours after the surgery. She was very kind and again professional. In my room I had a TV with BBC world service (!), charging point for my phone, toilet and washbasin. The food was delicious-who ever heard of salmon in hospital!

We were met at the airport, I felt like a VIP! Transport was in larger vehicles, so plenty of room for sticks, crutches, and the drivers were all young men and women who spoke very good English and enjoyed telling us about their country. 

The rehabilitation centre near Druskininkai was excellent! Our taxi driver back to the airport, who had grown up in the town, said it was the best in the country and I wouldn’t doubt it. The modern centre is set in the forest, surrounded by paths for walking. There was lovely food, all buffet style, 3 meals per day, all included! Fish, meat, salads, small pieces of cake and fruit (so you don’t feel too guilty)! I developed a taste for green tomatoes, gherkins and cherry/apple juice! You get intensive physiotherapy from Karol, he’s quite firm but with a wonderful sense of humour, so you just have to do what he says! He gave me exercises to do at home and really got me walking again. Amazingly, the day before we left I did 1 km on the exercise bike. 

I’m now 2.5 weeks after my hip replacement surgery. My stitches are out, (My nurse was so impressed with the cleanliness and tidiness of the wound). I’m mostly walking with 1 crutch, but for longer walks and outings further afield, I take 2. I’m just sending off my EU Directive form to the NHS to claim the money back. I’m more or less pain free; any ‘pain’ isn’t from the hip itself but from the muscles in my (bad) leg trying to remember what they were there for!  A paracetamol can solve that. I’m trying to walk between 1 and 2 km a day. I stand straighter, look better, I can laugh again-and it’s thanks to the capable surgeon and all the team.

So, why did I choose Nordorthopaedics in Lithuania?

My first contact with the NHS for a problem hip was in mid 2015, by late 2017, my hip had undergone extensive degeneration and the arthritis was ‘vast’. I was in constant pain, and could barely walk or drive; I was unable to swim which I loved and couldn’t walk without a stick. At 57 my life had become very small, I had to give up my teaching job and my family had become increasingly concerned. A hip replacement was the only option. The NHS however kept putting me back, first I was told to lose weight which I did, then saying I was too young (yes!) and lastly that it was a funding issue. It was now midsummer 2018 and my next hospital appointment was the beginning of August. Would I meet the criteria this time, be put on the 3 and a half month waiting list, get to winter and be put back again?? I decided not to even try and started looking at going private in the UK, but found it too expensive.  And then I found Nordorthopaedics! I couldn’t believe it at first, glowing testimonials, an excellent surgeon, and a realistic price for an all in package. By using the EU Directive route, some or all of the cost can be claimed back. After much research and deliberation, I decided to email Jurate and the rest as they say is history! I am so glad I did! 

Things I found useful:

Take someone with you. I took my husband, and although at first, he wasn’t sure he would find enough to keep him busy, he did! He enjoyed sightseeing in Kaunas on the way to and from visiting me at the clinic and hiring a bike at the centre to cycle round the (flat) forest paths. He was good for moral support and encouragement to complete the walks that Karol (physio) had recommended. We walked in the evenings, through the forest as the days were too hot and found a route which included a supermarket to stop off for ice cream- my treat for getting that far! 

Go out for an afternoon to Druskininkai, the nearest town. We took a taxi, the centre rang the taxi company for us and we were free to explore! This was near the end of our stay and whilst I found it tiring, it was great to get out and see the surrounding area.  We found a lovely Russian Orthodox Church, beautiful Baltic amber to buy and sat by the river watching the world go by

Be prepared to have a go! I was so happy to be walking again and just walked and walked. It’s worth it as you see little improvements every day. It was tiring and sometimes I just wanted to sleep in the comfy beds. But each time I walked, it was a little bit further than the last–and I now begin to see the benefit. The amount of physio you receive is much more than anything you would get on the NHS, it’s intensive and tailored to you. But you then have to be prepared to do the exercises and go for a little walk.

I have no complaints whatsoever! OK it’s not like a holiday but it’s not that far off and you get a new hip out of it! We were really impressed with Lithuania and hope to go back and explore more fully in the future. The level of care was outstanding; the physiotherapy was many times what you would receive in the UK. The nursing care was excellent and the surgeon, Dr Surunas Tarasevicius was a total professional. I had absolute faith that he would do the best job he could for me. Lastly of course, Jurate deserves a special mention. She is so efficient, professional, knowledgeable and well organised. So thank you to everyone who took part in my care and rehabilitation, I will continue to walk and remember your suggestions and hope my new hip will last for many years, giving me the opportunity to start a new chapter of my life


Elizabeth, Scotland

Upon arrival at Kaunas airport I was met by a representative who took me to my hotel. From there all my pick ups and drop offs were catered for. My pre-op tests were done and I had my hip surgery the following day. The operation was a success and later that afternoon was walking with crutches. The consultant, hospital staff and physio were excellent and looked after my wellbeing whilst there. I had a private room, 24/7 nursing care and medication. I was discharged after two days and was transferred to a rehabilitation clinic. I stayed for one week and received daily physiotherapy, daily massage and a daily heat treatment to assist in the healing of my operation scar. There were nurses available around the clock to assist with pain relief, treatments and food were excellent. I left the clinic using one crutch and on no medication, I was pain free apart from obvious bruising.

I would advise anyone who is waiting for surgery in this country to consider this option. I was told prior to making this decision I had up to an 18 month wait with my Health Service provider. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough, Jurate made the booking process simple and stress free, doctors, nurses and physios spoke excellent English and explained all procedures to me.

Eight weeks down the line I am completely pain free and back in work. Don’t wait in pain, I would urge anyone who is anticipating a long wait on the NHS to consider this. The service is second to none.


John, N. Ireland

Having been waiting two years for a new hip and with the prospect of another three or maybe four year wait my  consultant recommended the EU Cross-border Initiative route. A friend of mine had been to Nordorthopaedics for her replacement and highly recommended it.

From my first contact their coordinator, Jurate,  could not have been more helpful, replying to emails promptly and answering what sometimes I considered trivial questions with grace. Having sent my x-ray and blood test results and selecting a date offered all I had to do was book my flights. From then on it was all Jurate, booking hotels, my stay at rehab, transport to and from the airport and hotels and clinics and then providing necessary paperwork.

Two days before surgery I had a further x-ray  and blood tests. I had my consultation with the surgeon two hours before surgery followed by the anaesthetist who were both extremely nice. I was on the table at 3pm and at 5pm was talking to my wife on the phone. The nurses who cared for me at the clinic could not have more caring and kind.

Two days later I was transferred to the rehabilation centre to continue my recovery. There are not enough superlative to describe UPA. The centre itself, the surroundings, the treatments, the food.

Everyone I dealt with was friendly, helpful and caring including the staff in the restaurant.

My friend had told me that the experience ”was like going on holiday in Lithuania and coming back with a hip”. I couldn’t agree more. Of course everyone must decide for themselves on treatment options but I certainly don’t regret the decision I made.


James, Canada

Once arriving in Vilinus, my accommodations and transportation was waiting for me. The clinic had organized this for me, on my behalf. I arrived at the hospital, mid-morning (approximately 9:30 a.m.), I met my surgeon and I was operated on shortly thereafter. I spent two days in the hospital. The nursing staff and the doctors were  professional, helpful, encouraging and spoke English.

The next 10 days I spent in the clinic’s recovery spa, which was also well-run and very professional. During my stay at the spa, I met fellow patients from the British common-wealth, with similar medical issues and treatment as myself. Given that my family was in Canada, I socialized with these patients and they were very friendly to me. This made my stay quite pleasant.

I am fully recovered and walking better than I have for a long time. I would recommend anyone interested in accessing this clinic, to do so. The clinic and their staff live true to their statements as posted on their website.

Had I not completed this surgery in Lithuania and waited for an available Canadian surgeon, I believe that I would be in a wheel chair by now, and still waiting. Approximately 6 weeks post-operation, I am fully employed and remaining very active. I sought the services of a physiotherapist who taught me exercises to assist in my recovery. Furthermore, I incorporate weekly swimming exercises into my routine. Both of which have helped me recover.

I would like to thank the nurses and the doctor who helped me.


Norman, N. Ireland

Just returned from hip replacement surgery in Kaunas, Lithuania with Nordorthopaedics Clinic. This is a centre of excellence for hip, knee and other orthopaedic surgeries. My experience was much better than I could have imagined. I had been on the NHS waiting list since Feb 2016 and had been advised that December 2019 would be the earliest surgery date that I could expect. I found out about the EU directive which allows a patient who is on the NHS waiting list to get the surgery elsewhere within the EU. In Northern Ireland HSCNI are the people to contact. I would particularly like to thank Declan Deery for his help with this matter. Basically the patient is recompensated for their outlay to get the operation done. In my case it will cost me a few hundred pounds extra of my own money. In the light of the pain I was in I considered this money well spent. The surgeon Prof Taraservicius was great, he explained the procedure prior to the op and after the op made sure he spoke to me. This man has conducted over 1500 hip operations, that speaks for itself. Gunter administered the anaesthetic. He explained anaesthetic type and why. He came to see me after the op also. The nurse Oshera could not have been more caring and attentive. After two days in Kaunas I was taken to UPA rehabilitation centre where I spent the next week. Daily treatments and physio ensured that I left for home almost brand new. Twelve days after the operation I had the stitches removed and walked around the old city walls. Derry / Londonderry. To anyone on a long waiting list and wishing to be free from pain, empower yourself. You won’t regret it. Finally I would like to thank the star of the show, Jurate, who organised everything from the moment I stepped off the plane until I landed back in Belfast on Sunday 14th October. Her control of all processing was fantastic, she truly deserves a medal. Thank you.


Carol, N. Ireland
My name is Carol Spiers and I live in Belfast Northern Ireland.
When I found out that I needed bilateral hip replacements and the waiting time for surgery was at least 2 years I knew I would need to have surgery quicker than that as I had no mobility and was in constant pain.
I first heard about someone going to Lithuania through a friend but I thought there’s no chance of me even considering going so far away for surgery.
I had already applied for approval under the EU Health Directive but thought I would have the surgery in the EU but a bit closer to home.
Another friend told me that her sister knew 2 people who had been to Nordorthapaedic clinic for their hip replacements and were delighted with their outcome.
I checked out the clinic on the net and was very impressed with the information and the testimonials.
I was able to speak to one of the patients from NI and he spoke so highly of the treatment at the clinic and assured me the whole experience was seamless from getting off the plane in Vilnius, having surgery, rehabilitation and returning home.

I contacted Northopaedic Clinic and Aurelija gave me all the information I needed, answered all of my many questions and  made all the arrangements for me. On 31 March I flew to Vilnius for hip replacement surgery on 1 April, I was a bit nervous because I was going alone however I need not have worried, I stayed in the Airport hotel that night and a driver came to collect me and take me to the clinic the following morning.

After a preop assessment and meeting with the surgeon I was taken to my room. A little later the anaesthetist came to talk with me. I felt that I was kept very well informed as to what the operation entailed, I had all my questions answered and felt very well supported.
I was in the clinic 2 nights, the nurses were fabulous, my pain relief was controlled, I didn’t have to ask for pain relief at any time. The surgeon came to see how I was, the physio came to help me get used to the crutches so that I could be discharged to the UPA rehabilitation.
My experience at UPA was equally as good. The physio sessions are invaluable to aid recovery. There is a nurse in attendance 24/7 so your well-being is a priority.
I returned home 6 days after the operation and within a week I had made arrangements to return to the clinic in September to undergo my second hip replacement surgery.
I can not recommend Nordorthapaedic Clinic highly enough. I was so well looked after from stepping off the plane in Vilnius to returning the following week. I am so glad that the clinic was recommended to me and that I took decision to have my hip replacement surgery there.


Frank, UK 

I had my operation (full hip replacement) at Nordorthopaedics Clinic in Kaunas, Lithuania on Monday 4th March 2019.

The operation was a complete success and following a meeting with my surgeon Dr Teresevicius, my wife and I were driven from Kaunas to UPA Spa in the small town of Druskininkai about one and a half hours away, to begin a week of rehabilitation. The Spa is modern, well-equipped and staffed by well trained and enthusiastic masseurs, physiotherapists and medical personnel. I found the extra week spent on rehabilitation very worthwhile and would recommend it to anyone considering Nordorthopaedics in Lithuania for a knee or hip replacement operation.

At the end of the week we were driven back to the airport armed with a video-based comprehensive programme of exercises to hasten full recovery on return home.

I cannot improve on the testimonials you will have read elsewhere on this site, but what I will say is that they are all accurate and I would have no hesitation in recommending a trip to Nordorthopaedics Clinic to anyone requiring knee or hip surgery.

Unfortunately, with the UK about to leave the European Union the option of using the European Healthcare Directive route to have the National Health Service pay for the surgery will be discontinued. However, anyone wishing to have the operation carried out privately because of the length of waiting lists at home will find that there is still a saving to be made of up to 50% on the cost of a private operation in the UK.

Nordorthopaedics have my email and telephone details. I have authorised them to release them to any person interested in travelling there for surgery and will gladly discuss my experiences with them.


James, N. Ireland
I first came across Nordorthopaedics when researching for a hip replacement surgeon in Northern Ireland. It came up in one of the Google Ads and I promptly dismissed it thinking it would be too high a risk to have surgery in another country – where would I stand should things not go according to plan?
While getting quotes and information from clinics in Dublin, Nordorthopaedics was mentioned by some other folk I knew and they asked me if I was considering going there. With not too much enthusiasm I decided to make an initial contact with Nordorthopaedics via email and was very surprised by the speed of their response, the short lead times for surgery, level of detail in their reply and the indicative costs. They also suggested, should I chose to have surgery in Lithuania, remaining for post op rehab in a specialist Medical Spa which was run by a third party. To cut a long story short, after carrying out a lot of further research, I decided to chose Nordorthopaedics as it gave the best value for money with an experienced set of surgeons. I was delighted with every aspect of the way I was treated at the Clinic and in the Spa. This was also an excellent thing to do as it greatly aided in my recovery as I had a specialised program while I was there. My wife accompanied throughout the trip. I would fully recommend it.


Brian, N. Ireland
As a Christian, I like to be ”led.” That means in decision-making I need the right facts and I need to have a sense of peace in my heart about any decision I make, especially one as big as having a total hip replacement!
I heard about the EU Cross Border scheme and Nord Orthopaedics the same week. After speaking to a friend who runs a private Orthopaedic Surgery here in N Ireland, he said he would introduce me to someone who just came back from Nord Orthopaedics. Well, this person had just come back after receiving a total knee replacement and raved about the professionalism and care he had received there. He confirmed I should take advantage of the opportunity as quickly as possible.
I had done my own research in regard to the implants used and how they had performed in the UK National Joint Registry. Nord Orthopaedics had already chosen the top device with the lowest revision rate for my implant, a Smith & Nephew, ceramic to highly cross-linked polyethylene implant. This was exactly what I expected and again let me know Nord Orthopaedics was not cutting any corners.
The operation itself appeared flawless in every way only taking 1/2 hrs. I opted for total anaesthetic even though I was advised in generally it can carry a greater risk of complications as opposed to only epidural anaesthetic. I was given the anaesthetic and the next thing I know I’m being offloaded onto my bed in the single room accommodation being told how successful the operation went. I’m sorry, you can’t beat that! Lol
The room with my own toilet/ shower and digital climate control was only surpassed by the button for 24/7 nursing care by the nicest nurses I’ve ever met! They were amazing and would do anything for you.
I opted to go home early after staying in the clinic for 2 1/2 days where I received physiotherapy instructions, but I would encourage anyone to stay at least 3-5 days in the state of the art rehab facility to make sure your looking after yourself before travelling home.
I couldn’t say enough about Nord Orthopaedics, their staff and helpfulness


John, N. Ireland
Hello I’m John Mccready from county down in Northern Ireland. I was told at my local hospital Musgrave Park in Belfast that to have surgery on my knee I would be put on a waiting list that could be anything from 18 months to 24 months. I am a postman so walk over 10 miles daily. The pain in my right knee got so severe that last November I had to get indoor work. The next step was to get onto NHS list for surgery which took about 4/6 weeks. After seeing a consultant at knee clinic his secretary gave me different options. Some where expensive that I couldn’t afford. Then I heard about people going abroad to get operations from adverts in papers. After trying different clinics and looking at prices my sister told me her friend went to Lithuania a few years ago for knee surgery and was well pleased I decided to look more into this. Also a local sports journalist Liam Beckett also wrote that he had knee surgery in Lithuania the same place as my sister’s friend. He said he was delighted the way things went. This was just after Christmas 2018. My mind was made up so I got in touch with the clinic Nordthopaedics. From day one they explained everything. My wife had to get off work so I tried different dates that where available to us and eventually got flights booked in February for 6th April. We where met at airport and taken to hotel and told time on 8th that they would collect us to go to hospital. My surgery was at about 2 pm on 8th and everything went great. We where taken to a spa rehabilitation center about 90 mins away in a taxi. The treatment I got there for next 8 days was fantastic. I got 4/5 treatments, physio daily and my wife was able to use swimming pool at any time plus have treatments at good prices. We also had 3 meals a day and both of us stayed in a lovely bedroom. I would recommend you stay for at least a week after surgery. When you are ready to go home you receive your invoice which you have to pay upfront. In Belfast our NHS head quarters is in Linehall street where you go and get forms for European directive. You send in your receipt and are entitled to cost of surgery to be reimbursed. I would recommend Lithuania to anyone waiting on surgery, most of the people are all English speaking and so helpful. I’m home nearly 5 weeks and my knee is starting to feel good again.
Sue, N. Ireland
I first came across Nordorthopaedics when researching for a hip replacement surgeon in Northern Ireland. It came up in one of the Google Ads and I promptly dismissed it thinking it would be too high a risk to have surgery in another country – where would I stand should things not go according to plan?
While getting quotes and information from clinics in Dublin, Nordorthopaedics was mentioned by some other folk I knew and they asked me if I was considering going there. With not too much enthusiasm I decided to make an initial contact with Nordorthopaedics via email and was very surprised by the speed of their response, the short lead times for surgery, level of detail in their reply and the indicative costs. They also suggested, should I chose to have surgery in Lithuania, remaining for post op rehab in a specialist Medical Spa which was run by a third party. To cut a long story short, after carrying out a lot of further research, I decided to chose Nordorthopaedics as it gave the best value for money with an experienced set of surgeons. I was delighted with every aspect of the way I was treated at the Clinic and in the Spa. This was also an excellent thing to do as it greatly aided in my recovery as I had a specialised program while I was there. My wife accompanied throughout the trip. I would fully recommend it.
Darren, Wales

Having been diagnosed with severe hip arthritis in September 2017 I was told I would have a 50 week wait before surgery. In a relatively short space of time my condition deteriorated and I could only walk with the aid of crutches and was being prescribed morphine based painkillers. Having tried with my GP and local Health Board my attention was caught by an article in a local paper whereby a gentleman had gotten his knee surgery abroad. I decided to look into this alternative route for surgery.

I downloaded the relevant application form for the EU Directive, completed the relatively simple questionnaire and sent it to my local Health Board, within two weeks I had received prior approval for my surgery. I then contacted Jurate at the Lithuanian clinic and she couldn’t have been more helpful. The whole process from choosing an operation date, to booking flights and hotels was made stress free with Jurates assistance.

Upon arrival at Kaunas airport I was met by a representative who took me to my hotel. From there all my pick ups and drop offs were catered for. My pre-op tests were done and I had my hip surgery the following day. The operation was a success and later that afternoon was walking with crutches. The consultant, hospital staff and physio were excellent and looked after my wellbeing whilst there. I had a private room, 24/7 nursing care and medication. I was discharged after two days and was transferred to a rehabilitation clinic. I stayed for one week and received daily physiotherapy, daily massage and a daily heat treatment to assist in the healing of my operation scar. There were nurses available around the clock to assist with pain relief, treatments and food were excellent. I left the clinic using one crutch and on no medication, I was pain free apart from obvious bruising.

I would advise anyone who is waiting for surgery in this country to consider this option. I was told prior to making this decision I had up to an 18 month wait with my Health Service provider. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough, Jurate made the booking process simple and stress free, doctors, nurses and physios spoke excellent English and explained all procedures to me.

Eight weeks down the line I am completely pain free and back in work. Don’t wait in pain, I would urge anyone who is anticipating a long wait on the NHS to consider this. The service is second to none.

Ronnie, UK
When I first heard of the Cross Border Directive Grant and research where I would travel too I never thought I would go to Lithuania. The more I looked at the options I was more drawn to the Nordorthopaedics Clinic in Lithuania
It was a final wise decision. Within a few weeks I had booked the Clinic and 4 days rehab at the Rehabilitation Centre. Aurelija was my point of contact at the Clinic. Her emails with information and guidance made it all so easy.
I was in Lithuania for 7 days (Wednesday to Wednesday) with direct flights with Wizz air from Belfast. My wife came with me and the support of a companion was invaluable particularly after the operation. I had an Oxford Uni partial knee replacement of my left knee and even a week later I feel good
We were collected at the airport taken to the clinic, I had my pre op tests and on Friday had an uneventful operation. All had been explained in detail by the surgeon so I had no surprises. After some excellent hospital after care, including food selected from a menu, my wife and I were taken to the Rehabilitation Centre on Sunday
The Rehabilitation Centre was five star and my wife and I shared a room. The restaurant food (2 restaurants) was excellent and varied, there was even a bar – what more can an Irish man ask!
I had a daily programme of activities to assist my rehabilitation. There was a swimming pool, sauna and a wide range of beauty treatments for my wife to enjoy.
I met other people from all over Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Portugal. Indeed there were people of all ages having hip and knee surgery. I met some lovely people and would never had such a wonderful experience if I had my surgery at home
We fly back to Belfast on Wednesday evening and I feel so valued by the experience. I would recommend anyone to have surgery in Lithuania. If I had stayed in Belfast I would have had to wait 2 years or pay £10,000 to go privately
Lithuania is a beautiful developing country with friendly people. My wife and I are thinking of going back again for a holiday so we can see more of Lithuania .
I would be happy to speak to anyone who is thinking of having surgery in Lithuania – go for it!
Robert, N. Ireland

I had a partial knee knee replacement 5 years ago in a local clinic. In those days the waiting time was not too bad. When my other knee started to give me serious pain I could not wait for 18 months (the current waiting time for knee surgery) for operation to be carried out locally.

I was recommended to contact your clinic website by a man who had just come back from having a knee replacement 3 months ago. He called with me and explained everything in detail and made it sound so very straight forward. I contacted your website, as advised, and my first contact was Agne who handled my case from beginning to end. She answered all my questions usually by return. She really was most helpful and put my mind at ease from day one. Any doubts I may have had quickly went.

Within 12 weeks I had my surgery completed. I took my daughter Lynn with me and she was terrific not only helping me but anyone else who required help especially in the restaurant.

Agne was superb. She arranged everything except the flights. People at home ask me why I went to Lithuania but when I explained how all went and how I was treated now they know the reason. I may have to go back again for a full replacement on my other knee. If the waiting time is as it is right now I will have no hesitation going back.
My whole experience was first class and all went like clockwork. All I had to do was to be in time for each therapy. I was happy with the whole experience and would, without hesitation, recommend the Nordorthopaedics Hospital to anyone requiring surgery.

Sincere thanks to Agne, Dr Juozas Belickas, and all the staff at the hospital and the rehabilitation centre. The rehab centre was in fact more like a hotel than a hospital. Should anyone have any doubts or questions at all I would be only too glad to help.