Nordclinic medical cluster

UAB “Artmedica” is implementing a “Nordclinic medical cluster” project, which aims to provide medical services to Patients from abroad; to search, identify and investigate new export markets; as well as to arrange other activities related to the search for new export markets and new Partners. This cluster has been formed for the aforementioned purpose, composed of the members below with the following responsibilities. 

The medical services include: patient consultations, examinations, medical tests, x-rays and evaluations, patient diagnostics; orthopaedic, plastic and bariatric surgeries. 

The partners of this cluster are obliged to pool their respective resources: professional and organisational knowledge; labour; premises for providing medical services; formal status; professional skills and other resources necessary for the provision of Medical services. 

The members of “Nordclinic medical cluster”:

Cluster coordinator UAB “Artmedica”:

Provide answers regarding the provision of Medical services in the most prompt manner possible; coordinate dates and times of procedures or surgeries in accordance with the principles of cooperation of the parties in the agreement; conduct Patient examinations and perform surgical or necessary procedures; conduct necessary medical examinations before surgeries or procedures; perform surgeries or procedures on Patients. 

Partner no.1 UAB “Donlora”

Provide facilities and equipment necessary for the provision of Medical services.

Partner no.2 UAB “Medicinos turizmo paslaugos”

Provide quality patient transportation and personalised services to Patients. 

Partner no.3 MB “Minimaliai invazyvios chirurgijos paslaugos”

Conduct thorough and effective Patient health checks, diagnose current and/or potential health issues and recommend necessary surgeries or perform procedures; consult patients regarding surgical weight loss treatment, as well as surgical treatment of the oesophagus, stomach, intestines, gallbladder and bile ducts, and surgical abdominal wall hernia repair; diagnose illnesses and potential health issues; recommend means of medical prevention.

Partner no.4 MB “Anesteziologo konsultacija”

Provide preoperative and postoperative consultations; evaluate a Patient’s health state and provide written recommendations regarding procedures performed on the Patient based on the material accumulated during Patient consultations, medical questionnaires filled out by Patients, as well as any tests performed; issue sick notes at the request of the Patient, issue referrals for medical rehabilitation or medicine prescriptions. 

Partner no.5 MB “Baltic Aesthetics Clinic”

Perform initial procedures and gather information on the Patient’s condition; prepare medical questionnaires to be completed by the Patient and issue them to the Patient, receive the questionnaires completed by Patients and evaluate the preliminary health condition of the Patient based on the information provided; draw up a preliminary examination and treatment plan.