Revision surgery policy

Terms for payment and compensation for repeated treatment – REVISION PROCEDURES FOR ORTHOPAEDIC PATIENTS REVISION POLICY

Revision surgeries/interventions are normal procedures aimed at improving the result of a previous surgery. Revision surgery is a repeated surgical intervention after the primary surgery. Prior to revision surgery, the patient must attend a consultation by Artmedica UAB’s doctor. Should any contraindication/-s for the revision surgery/intervention be/are established during such consultation at the Nordclinic, the patient’s expenses for travel, accommodation or other relevant expenses will not be compensated

  1. FREE REVISION AND/OR TREATMENT will be provided by the Clinic to patients in the following cases:
  1. TREATMENT AT A FIXED FEE (EUR 200) is provided to patients if restoration of a prothesis is required, for example if, after leaving the Clinic, an accident occurs – the person slips, falls etc. If the prosthesis relocates in the Clinic during treatment, no fee will be charged.
  2. IMPLANT-RELATED WARRANTIES for patients under the terms and conditions specified by the implant manufacturer.
  3. REVISION POLICY SHALL NOT APPLY if the following circumstances have been established. A revision surgery/intervention may be required for reasons beyond control of the doctor. This does not mean that the surgery was unsuccessful or another doctor would have performed it better. Reasons for inadequate outcome of a surgery that are beyond control of the doctor or the Clinic can be the following: