Our clinic and patients in the media

Linda's story on BBC Disclosure

Linda’s hip replacement story and our surgeon’s comment on patients traveling to have their orthopaedic surgeries at our clinic featured in BBC One programme Disclosure.

Linda opted to have her hip replacement surgery done in Lithuania instead of waiting for the procedure in her country.

Der Spiegel visited Nordorthopaedics to showcase the journeys of our four patients Liz, Susan, Derek and Elizabeth, who underwent orthopaedic surgeries at our clinic.

Hazel travelled to Lithuania for the first of two hip replacements after being informed that she would likely face a three-year wait for surgery in the UK.

Bronwen's story on ITV

On ITV programme Tonigh our British patient Bronwen shares her hip replacement story, while our surgeon comments on the flow of patients from the UK having their orthopaedic surgeries in our clinic. 

Three orthopaedic patients share their stories of coming to our clinic together with hundreds of other patients from the UK.

Our patient David traveled from the UK to have his hip surgery, after he received the news that waiting time to meet a consultant is two years.

Our patients Birte and Lesley traveled from the UK to have their hip surgeries, after facing many delays in their home country waiting list.  

Jill travelled to Lithuania for a hip replacement because the NHS in Wales faces such huge waiting lists.

Two of our patients Dawn and Glenn who underwent successful hip replacement surgeries at Nordorthopaedics and shares their stories on The Sun.

Four of our patients – Eleanor, Moira, David and Bobby shares their stories of coming to Nordorthopaedics for their joint replacement surgeries.

John shares his positive experience about hip replacement surgery and aftercare service in Lithuania.

Thomson couple from Mold opted for hip surgery in Nordorthopaedics due to extended NHS waiting times.

Bronagh from the UK traveled to Lithuania to have her hip replaced to skip the 3 year waiting list in her country.

Peter traveled from the UK to Lithuania to have his hip replaced because he feared to face waiting 80 weeks waiting line in his country.

Sean from Swansea travelled to Lithuania for a knee surgery instead of Waiting for surgery in Wales.

Several patients awaiting treatment on the Welsh NHS have turned to surgery in Lithuania as waiting lists hit record levels again.

Kevin from the UK traveled to Nordorthopaedics to have his knee replacement surgery.

Trevor flew to Lithuania to have hip replacement surgery after getting the news that he would need to wait for this surgery for more than two years in Alberta.

After being on a waitlist in Winnipeg for more than a year Max traveled to Lithuania to have his knee replacement.

Max Johnson flew to Lithuania to have knee-replacement surgery because of the elective surgery backlog in Manitoba.

Mark was diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis in Canada and decided to fly to Lithuania to have his hip replacement surgery.

Nordorthopaedics representative shares clinic’s opinion on medical travel and on cases when you cannot postpone a surgery.