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  GBP:   2.770 £ from 1.320 £  
  USD:   4.290 $ from 2.065 $  
  EUR:   3.450 € from 1.650 €  

*According to Lithuanian law regulations a patient pays an additional 21% VAT on the implant. The tax paid is returned to the patient upon coming back to the home country.

TO COMPARE: Average hip replacement price in the UK 9.500 £; price in Ireland 15.900 €; price in the USA from 24.000 $ - 42.000 $

The price includes:

  • consultation with the surgeon
  • necessary health tests
  • surgery
  • implants
  • anaesthesia
  • hospitalisation (up to 7 days)
  • 24/7 personal assistance during your stay
  • transfers to / from the airport, hotel and clinic
  • all documents translated in English, Russian or German
  Our surgeon has performed
more than
hip replacement surgeries

The price includes Zimmer, DePuy and other highest quality implants. The type of implants depends on each individual case. It will be discussed after review of your medical documentation by a surgeon.


Rehabilitation package:

Palanga resort

After being discharged from the clinic it is highly recommended to go through the physiotherapy course in one of the best rehabilitation centres in Lithuania. The centre is located in the seaside resort called Palanga. The rehabilitation centre has more than 20 years of experience working with people after various surgeries and injuries. The staff in the rehabilitation centre speaks Russian and English.

Rehabilitation in Lithuania - from € 950

  • personalized rehabilitation course
  • room with TV and private bathroom
  • three meals a day
  • all medication needed
  • transportation to/from the rehabilitation centre
Experienced hip surgeon

Our surgeon - Professor Šarūnas Tarasevičius

hip surgeon video

  • More than 10 years working experience
  • Over 1000 joint replacement surgeries performed
  • Fluent in English
  • President of Lithuanian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
  • Training abroad: Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Austria
  • Read more about the surgeon
What sets us apart from other clinics
hip surgery price includes Highly skilled surgeons: have 20 years of experience in knee, hip, shoulder, foot and ankle surgeries. Each surgeon performs over 250 surgeries per year.
hip surgery price includes UK certified surgeons: all our surgeons have the United Kingdom Certificate of specialist in orthopaedic surgery
hip surgery price includes Half the price of Western clinics while equal medical materials and facilities are used in Lithuania and qualifications of medical personnel in most cases are even higher than in the UK or the USA. The price difference is only based on significantly lower average salary and taxes in Lithuania.
hip surgery price includes Modern clinic: our clinic is equipped with up-to-date medical facilities. As we are a private clinic we are eager to provide you with the highest quality service. Contrary to some public hospitals we offer the most experienced surgeons and up-to-date materials and equipment.
hip surgery price includes All English speaking personnel: from the customer service desk to nurses, assistants and surgeons. All medical and assisting staff speaks fluent English. In most cases it is a great surprise to all our foreign clients.
hip surgery price includes 24/7 assistance: is provided during your entire stay abroad in Lithuania. We will take care of transportation, nursing and guidance in and outside the clinic.
hip surgery price includes Easy to reach: we are 2-3 hours away if you take a regular flight from all main UK & Ireland airports: Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool and Dublin.
hip surgery price includes All inclusive hip replacement price: the package price for the surgery includes all necessary medications, consultations, hip surgery, hospitalisation and transfers to/from clinic/hotel/airport.
hip surgery price includes Credibility of country: Lithuania has been a part of the EU and NATO for already 8 years. Lithuania is one of the fastest growing countries in the whole region. It already has the second fastest internet speed in the World. Lithuania is also well known in medical field since it has trained many medical professionals who are highly appreciated and employed by many hospitals aboard including the UK and other countries.
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When Hip replacement is required?

Hip replacementHip replacement surgery is necessary when cartilage is severely damaged, smooth surface is lost and  the bone is left  exposed due to the inflammation of the joint. As cartilage wears off patient suffers from extremely intense pain and discomfort which limits the range of motion making it difficult to walk, take stairs and perform regular activities.

Hip replacement is seen as highly effective solution to fix physical joint damage when physical therapy or other non-surgical methods do not help.

Structure of hip joint

The hip joint is constructed of two bones, the head of femur (thigh bone) and the acetabulum (the socket). It is a ball and socket joint. The ball of the joint is made of the lump placed at the end of the thigh bone, commonly referred to as femoral head. It fits the circle socket of the pelvis, forming a strong and highly flexible construction that supports person's weight and allows him to move easily without any pain or friction.

The socket and the femoral head are covered with articular cartilage, a smooth cushioning material.

The femur is connected to the pelvis with ligaments whereas muscles that surround the hip joint are linked with bones through tendons. The whole hip joint is enclosed in a synovial membrane which generates fluid that provide the joint with nutrients.

Hip replacement surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure when  femoral head and the socket are replaced with prosthetic. Surgeon selects a model, materials and size of the implant according to each individual case.

Hip replacement abroad lithuania

The surgery is divided into two parts. At first, acetabulum (the socket) is prepared. Surgeon removes impaired cartilage and bone, then blood and fat is cleaned and the area is dried. Afterwards cement, (if it is used) is put in the bone and implant (acetabular cap, also called acetabular shell) is inserted.

The second part of the surgery involves femoral preparation during which surgeon removes the femoral head and makes a passage. When the area is cleaned and dried,  2 implants are inserted. Firstly, femoral stem implant and then the ball (femoral head) which is placed on the top of femoral stem. It can be done either using cement or without it, in this case implants are forced firmly into the hollow centre of the femur. As all the implants are inserted, the ball is put into the socket and the hip joint prosthesis is stabilised and secured.

Hip replacement surgeries have very high success ratio and can return high comfort of movement. Immediately after the surgery patient feels great pain relief.

Rehabilitation after hip replacement

For about 2 months you are not allowed to put weight on the hip, it means that you will have to use crutches. When the pain relieves and you are able to move more or less independently you will have to do exercises assigned by the physician. Rehabilitation usually takes 6 months. Read more reabilitation after hip surgery in Lithuania

Hip replacement video


I started looking for a good clinic to to have the surgery, arba to have the surgery performed and was fond of Nordorthopaedics. I arrived here and now I can only be grateful for the whole service, especially attention by surgeon Juozas. If it wasn’t for Nordorthopaedics I would definitely had to postpone the surgery because I would’ve had to save a lot of money to cover the surgery cost at home. Here I managed to save my time, to save great deal of money and what it most important, I restored my health.

Michael, Ireland

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