Outpatient rehabilitation in Lithuania (Kaunas)

Why do you need rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery?

One of the most important factors for a quick and full recovery after joint replacement or ligament surgery is proper rehabilitation. Therefore, after being discharged from the clinic it is highly recommended to undergo a physiotherapy course in one of the best rehabilitation centres in Lithuania.

The minimum recommended length of rehabilitation is 4-10 days.

Rehabilitation helps recover after surgery as well as prevents formation of blood clots and helps avoid most of the postoperative complications and side effects.

Rehabilitation center

The rehabilitation center is located in Kaunas. It is equipped with modern facilities. The professionals there have years of experience working with people after various surgeries and injuries. 

An individual rehabilitation program is tailored to each patient depending on the type of surgery, general patient‘s well-being, health status and other relevant factors.

During recovery period a patient would travel from their accommodation to the rehabilitation center every day for one 1-1.5 hour physiotherapy session.

Physiotherapist Prof. Laimonas Siupsinskas
  • Individual rehabilitation programs are prepared by Prof. Laimonas Siupsinkas;
  • He is a kinesiologist with over 20 years of experience and also a physiotherapist for Lithuanian Men’s National Basketball Team
  • Specializes in: post-traumatic and postoperative physiotherapy, sport injuries, spinal diseases, joint contractures;
  • Member of Lithuanian federation of sport medicine;
  • Co-author of  the book “Sports Injuries: Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Prevention”.

Rehabilitation package in Lithuania, Kaunas:

  • 100 for one 1.5 h physiotherapy session per day.

The prices include:

  • personalized rehabilitation course;
  • all required medication;
  • transportation to/from the rehabilitation centre.
Physiotherapy plan
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