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Why people abroad choose Lithuania for orthopaedic surgery?

Modern and innovative treatment methods, professionals had undergone specialization trainings either in Western Europe or in the United States, costs that are much lower than in Western countries and a place which is easy to reach by plane from anywhere in Europe – these are only a few answers to the question - why you should choose Lithuania.

Orthopaedic surgery abroad Lithuania


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Orthopaedic surgery abroad Lithuania


Lithuania is a country of lowlands and highlands, noted for a number of lakes and rivers making their way through tranquil landscapes. Lithuania is great for sightseeing as it shares rich history and unique artistic and cultural heritage. Read more

Easy to reachOrthopaedic surgery abroad Lithuania


Lithuania is located in the geographical centre of Europe thus it is easy (1-2 hours) to reach by plane from any European country. Direct flights from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and other European regions to Lithuanian airports in Vilnius and Kaunas are available. See the list of European cities and flight duration. Read more


Orthopaedic surgery abroad Lithuania


Nord Orthopaedics is a private clinic offers world class treatment. Professional English speaking surgeons have up to 20 years of experience. We offer surgery of European level at affordable price. There is no unnecessary obstruction caused by waiting lines thus a surgery can be done whenever it is convenient for you.

CredibilityOrthopaedic surgery abroad Lithuania


Since regaining its independence Lithuania has successfully made its way into Western family nations joining the EU in May 2004. Moreover, Lithuania was accepted into NATO in March 2004 and has been effectively participating in a number of operations. Today Lithuania is efficiently developing relations with its neighbours and other countries greatly contributing as a member of various organisations.


Orthopaedic surgery abroad Lithuania


Health is the most valuable possession we have, naturally it is essential to think carefully before choosing the place to have your treatment in. It is natural to have doubts and concerns when you have not seen the actual place therefore the most common questions regarding orthopaedic surgery in Lithuania and our services may be of great help. Read more

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