Hand & Wrist Rehabilitation After Surgery

Why rehabilitation is essential?

hand and wrist rehabilitation abroad lithuaniaRehabilitation is important component of the overall orthopaedic hand and wrist treatment process since the surgery repairs damaged tissues but it is during the rehabilitation a patient recovers the strength and the motion of the affected area. The success of the recovery greatly depends on how attentively will you follow the rehabilitation. Rehabilitation plans are arranged in a discussion with patients because each case is highly individual.

Rehabilitation in our clinic

hand and wrist rehabilitation abroad lithuaniaThe rehabilitation programme may be followed in our clinic where a patient receives 24/7 care of experienced and highly motivating professionals working to achieve rapid recovery. It is a modern well equipped private clinic where each patient is treated with warmth and support.

Rehabilitation in Druskininkai health resort

hand and wrist surgery rehabilitation abroad lithuaniaPatients may carry on with rehabilitation in a premium health resort Druskininkai situated in the Southern part of Lithuania. Druskininkai is appreciated for its high quality therapeutic and recreational treatment facilities, natural resources such as water and mud that due to the distinct composition have remedial qualities. In 2003 Druskininkai resort was granted membership of the International Climate Therapy and Hydro Therapy Association, the organisation which unifies prominent resorts in different countries worldwide.

How long does it take to recover?

Recovery time varies since there are many factors contributing such as the type of the surgery and to what extent area was damaged. Physical shape and overall health state also should be taken into the account.

Rehabilitation after carpal tunnel surgery

Physical therapy starts immediately after the surgery thus at first basic exercises are introduced which with time will progress. It usually takes up to 1.5 – 3 months for the hand to fully recover.

Rehabilitation after Dupuytren contracture surgery

It is recommended to start physical rehabilitation as soon as possible. During the first week a patient wears a splint and in around 2 weeks stitches are removed. Usually, full recovery is achieved within 4 months.

Rehabilitation after wrist fracture

Usually wrist heals in 2.5 months. It is recommended to start basic exercises while the cast is still on so that the muscle would not loose its flexibility. When the cast is removed rehabilitation aiming to restore previous strength and range of motion begins.

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