Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation After Surgery

Why rehabilitation is important?

Rehabilitation is a critical factor in restoring the strength and the range of movement of the foot. The success of the recovery extensively depends on how carefully will a patent follow prescribed physical exercises and adhere to the rehabilitation programme. Human body heals differently thus physician firstly assesses the health state of a patient evaluating the condition of the area which had gone under surgery and then he develops the individual rehabilitation programme.

Rehabilitation in our clinic

Patients may start rehabilitation in our clinic as it is well equipped to accommodate orthopaedic patients ready for rehabilitation. Clinic has modern facilities and comfortable accommodation. Patients receive 24 / 7 professional care of the nursing staff and constant supervision of the doctors.

Rehabilitation in Druskininkai health resort

A patient may also choose to undergo rehabilitation in a top health resort Druskininkai which is distinguished for the therapeutic and recreational treatment facilities. Here you may consider a wide array of additional procedures that help to speed up the recovery. In 2003 Druskininkai resort became a member of the International Climate Therapy and Hydro Therapy Association which unifies top quality resorts in different countries worldwide.

How long does it take to recover?

The time frame for recovery varies largely depending on the severity and the type of injury as well as  the health state and physical shape before the surgery.

Rehabilitation after Hallux valgus (Bunion) surgery

At first a patient is required to wear a splint that protects and stabilizes the foot and use walking aid such as cane. It is recommended to start rehabilitation a week after the surgery because in this way the patient reduces the risk of possible complications. Physical therapy should be carried on for 1, 5 months and longer, if necessary.

Rehabilitation after Achilles tendon rupture surgery

During the first week no weight placing is allowed on the foot. Then a person starts wearing special removable boots or splints that both protect the foot and prevent muscles from the weakening. Physical therapy starts soon after the operation. Usually, a patient is able to walk in 4 – 6 weeks time. However, long term recovery may take up to 6 months.

Rehabilitation after total ankle replacement

Since it is prohibited to put weight on the foot for the first 1. 5 months, the special walking boots or splints are required for the first 2 days and later on cane or crutches are necessary. A patient has to follow physical therapy and only in 3 months he is able to do low impact activities such as walking.

Rehabilitation after ankle fusion

For the first 2 months patients wears a cast-boot or a cast in order for the fusion to heal. Later he can take up the crutches. At the 6th month after the surgery physical therapy begins since it is allowed to place weight to a certain extent. Recovery is usually achieved by the 7th or 9th month.

Rehabilitation after ankle fracture

Regardless of whether ankle fracture is treated surgically or in non-surgical way rehabilitation is essential in order to strengthen muscles and recover. Walking with special protective aid is encouraged soon after the surgery Usually it takes around 2 months to resume regular daily activities.

Rehabilitation after ankle impingement

Usually  after 1.5 – 2 months a person can place limited amount of weight. However, he still has to use protective aids since it takes around 3 – 6 months to fully recover.


Rehabilitation package in Lithuania – from € 130 / £ 116  per day

  • personalized rehabilitation course
  • room with TV and private bathroom
  • three meals a day
  • all medication needed
  • transportation to/from the rehabilitation centre

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