11 reasons that make us the most popular orthopaedic clinic abroad

1. We are the leading medical tourism clinic in the Baltic region with over 10 years of experience. We are proud of the fact that around 90 % of our patients travel from the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and other countries as far as the United States, Canada, Asia and the Caribbean.

2. A 5-star clinic. We are trusted by our patients and we appreciate all the reviews and feedback collected over the years. Find more than 150 testimonials here or on Google. 

3. Community of our patients – Already more than 1.500 of our former, current and future patients joined our online community with the aim to build a space for opinions and mutual support. Members are welcome to share experiences about their visit to the clinic and to discuss all surgery-related matters. No other orthopaedic clinic can offer such group support.

4. A team of highly professional and educated surgeons. Our team of 5 orthopaedic surgeons has 10-20 years of experience in the field in total performing over 1.000 different orthopaedic surgeries per year. Moreover, our surgeons are members of various prestigious surgical societies both Lithuanian and international. Our leading joint replacement surgeon S. Tarasevicius is an author of 150 scientific publications in different medical journals, who has performed more than 3.500 joint replacement surgeries during 15+ years of his professional experience. 

5. Center of excellence. One of the world’s leading medical technology companies and orthopaedic implant manufacturers, Smith & Nephew, have chosen Nordorthopaedics as Center of Excellence in the Baltic States.

6. Our clinic uses implants based on their performance in international registries. Being a true member of the International Society of Arthroplasty Registries, Lithuania is one of the leaders in low joint replacement revision rates, even compared to such countries as the US – only 9% of surgeries require revision in 10 years after surgery, while revision rates in some other Western countries may reach as high as 17% in 10 years after surgery. 

7. Our clinic is seen on different media mentions like: BBC News, BBC Radio, The Telegraph, MailOnline, Winnipeg Free Press, CTV News, CBC, RTE Radio, itv.

8. We are able to offer unique, integrated post-surgery rehabilitation. One of the most important factors for a quick and full recovery after surgery is proper rehabilitation. Usually, clinics are not able to offer this due to costs savings. Our patients can choose between two inpatient and outpatient options: rehabilitation with a physiotherapist of the Lithuanian national basketball team, prof. L. Siupsinskas or rehabilitation at a medical SPA.

9. EU clinic with European standards. Our clinic works according to the highest standards set by the European Union. This helps to guarantee the quality of medical services. We care about the safety, comfort and successful results of our patients from all over the world. 

10. Our European Union patients can get a full reimbursement of surgery costs. The clinic helps patients with the documents needed to claim a refund after following the EU directive route for medical treatment abroad. It applies to patients who are insured under the systems of one of the EU countries and may not get the surgery due to long waiting times.

11. We provide customer service in 9 foreign languages including English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish. Everyone in our clinic speaks English, including nurses, assistants and the surgeon.