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  prices in GBP:   from 2.000 £  
  prices in USD:   from 3.150 $  
  prices in EUR:   from 2.500 €  

TO COMPARE: Average achilles tendon repair price in the UK 7.400 £; price in Ireland 7.600 €; price in the USA 26.000 $.

The price includes:

  • consultation with the surgeon
  • necessary health tests
  • surgery
  • anaesthesia
  • hospitalisation (1-2 days)
  • 24/7 personal assistance during your stay
  • transfers to / from the airport, hotel and clinic
  • all documents translated in English, Russian or German
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  • More than 10 years working experience
  • 500 surgeries per year
  • Fluent in English
  • UK General Medical Council certificate
  • Training abroad: the USA, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Sweden, France, Germany
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What sets us apart from other clinics
Achilles tendon repair surgery includes Highly skilled surgeons: have 20 years of experience in knee, hip, shoulder, foot and ankle surgeries. Each surgeon performs over 250 surgeries per year.
Achilles tendon repair surgery includes UK certified surgeons: all our surgeons have the United Kingdom Certificate of specialist in orthopaedic surgery
Achilles tendon repair surgery includes Half the price of Western clinics while equal medical materials and facilities are used in Lithuania and qualifications of medical personnel in most cases are even higher than in the UK or the USA. The price difference is only based on significantly lower average salary and taxes in Lithuania.
Achilles tendon repair surgery includes Modern clinic: our clinic is equipped with up-to-date medical facilities. As we are a private clinic we are eager to provide you with the highest quality service. Contrary to some public hospitals we offer the most experienced surgeons and up-to-date materials and equipment. Learn more about achilles tendon repair Lithuania
Achilles tendon repair surgery includes All English speaking personnel: from the customer service desk to nurses, assistants and surgeons. All medical and assisting staff speaks fluent English. In most cases it is a great surprise to all our foreign clients.
Achilles tendon repair surgery includes 24/7 assistance: is provided during your entire stay in Lithuania. We will take care of transportation, nursing and guidance in and outside the clinic. Learn more about achilles tendon repair Lithuania
Achilles tendon repair surgery includes Easy to reach: we are 2-3 hours away if you take a regular flight from all main UK & Ireland airports: Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool and Dublin. Learn more about achilles tendon repair Lithuania
Achilles tendon repair surgery includes All inclusive price: the package price for the achilles tendon repair includes all necessary medications, consultations, surgery, hospitalisation and transfers to/from clinic/hotel/airport.
Achilles tendon repair surgery includes Credibility of country: Lithuania has been a part of the EU and NATO for already 8 years. Lithuania is one of the fastest growing countries in the whole region. It already has the second fastest internet speed in the World. Lithuania is also well known in medical field since it has trained many medical professionals who are highly appreciated and employed by many hospitals aboard including the UK and other countries.
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What is Achilles tendon?

Achilles tendon is a strong tissue that connects the muscle of the calf with the back of the heel bone. Achilles tendon is essential for walking, jumping, running and extending the leg.

When Achilles tendon rupture surgery is required?

Achilles tendon rupture repair

The surgery is performed when Achilles tendon is torn into two pieces. Such tendon tear is common in sports which require constant running, jumping and sudden stops and turns, for instance in basketball, tennis, football or jogging.

Ruptured tendon may be treated without surgery but it was observed that with non-surgical treatment the full muscle and tendon strength cannot be fully restored because Achilles tendon rips in irregular way and the calf muscle pulls the tendon towards itself whereas the end of the torn tendon is drawn back into the leg.

That is to say, tendon stretches out and cannot function well because the strength of the muscle depends on the right tension between the tendon and the muscle. If the tendon gets fully retracted then achilles tendon repair surgery becomes the only efficient solution.

Achilles tendon rupture repair surgery

There are two types of surgeries to treat achilles tendon rupture. The first method is open surgery during which a large incision is made in the back of the leg. The second technique is arthroscopic.

Recently open surgery is getting more and more criticism as the risk of the skin infection is rather high compared to the new, arthroscopic method which requires a few minimal incisions instead of one large. Through the incisions surgeon inserts medical instruments and arthroscope which a tiny viewing tool and stitches Achilles tendon together. Such surgery is believed to be more accurate and easier as the possibility of complications is significantly lower.

Rehabilitation after achilles tendon surgery

During the first week patient should not to place any weight on the leg thus no walking is allowed. However, later on walking in removable boots is encouraged instead of wearing a leg cast which weakens the muscle. Physical therapy is extremely important for the full recovery thus patient has to follow rehabilitation programme carefully. Read more about rehabilitation after tendon repair in Lithuania

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